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Anthony Cullen’s story behind the picture: Reunited Bosnian family

Throughout our competition to find the World’s Worst Travel Photographer we’ve been sharing top travel photography tips and stories behind some of our judges’ favourite snaps.

Did you catch Simon Reeve’s alien-looking Madagascan tree? Or Max Wooldridge’s ‘beware of snakes’ shot at Table Mountain? Or Anthony Cullen’s perfectly-timed Tomatina?

Award-winning travel photographer Anthony Cullen has shared a second snap with a rather poignant story behind it:

Anthony says:

This picture is of a Bosnian refugee family who were rescued from the war by the Red Cross in 1994. They're showing me a picture from a magazine they found by accident which is showing their mother, still trapped in Bosnia.  They were showing me pictures of them in the vain hope they would one day be together again. Because of this twist of fate they were reunited.

The photo forms part of Anthony's Observer/Hodge Award-winning portfolio. For more of Anthony's pics visit his website.

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This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way. 

Written by Lauren Rayner

A former Flight Centre UK writer, Lauren Rayner loves to travel! Follow her on Twitter here.

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