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An Expert's Guide to Europe

“From Ibiza’s pink and pretty sunsets to unbelievably good pasta in Italy and historic cities like Amsterdam, Europe is such a versatile destination.”

Ruth Jones has worked at Flight Centre for four years, and loves Europe’s diversity. But, she says, beware the countryside! “I was walking into a village just outside St Tropez and I came across a wild boar, which gave me a fright!” Here she talks us through some of her other top tips about Europe:

Don't forget how close it is!

One of the (many!) great things about Europe is that it’s on our doorstep, with affordable deals and cheap flights available all year round. From any airport in the UK, you can be on holiday in under three hours.

Use all travel mediums

There are so many transport options to help you explore, which all add to the adventure. If you’re heading to cool cities like Lisbon or Paris, take advantage of the public transport, which is affordable, safe and easy to navigate – from the centre of Lisbon you can be on the beach in under an hour. If you’ve chosen a destination like the Greek islands, I’d recommend renting a car to discover the beautiful towns and coves away from other tourists.

Eat 'til you burst

The quality of the food in Europe is incredible. Whether it’s olives and fresh pasta in Florence or a plate of smoked sausage in Munich, the best things to eat are always the local specialities. If there’s a famous market near by – like Mercato di Testaccio in Rome – factor in a few hours to browse.

Visit more than one city

Connections by train or coach are so easy in Europe that you can travel to more than one place in a single holiday. A favourite combination of mine is Munich and Salzburg. They give you such different city experiences, but are only a 90-minute train ride apart.

Pick your accommodation carefully

If you’re aiming for a culture break, research the key attractions and choose a hotel within walking distance, so you can get there early and avoid the crowds. If you’d rather have a relaxing beach break with the option of a tour or excursion to see the sights, pick a beach resort with on-property activities, then plan your trip while lounging at the pool with a cocktail in hand.

Ready to take a European city break or beach holiday? Make an appointment with one of our Travel Experts and they'll do all the legwork for you.

Written by Flight Centre UK

At Flight Centre we are long-haul, tailor-made holiday specialists offering amazing travel experiences. Our lovely humans Travel Consultants have a real can-do attitude, and are passionate about sharing their stories and travel news with you on our blog!

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