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40 of the Best Travel Destinations in the World
A bucket list can be a tricky beast. What to leave in (or out) is seriously subjective. It holds a ridiculous amount of personal meaning and is often compounded by your... Read More »
Why SLO CAL Should Be Part of Your Next California Adventure
A USA road trip is one of those bucket-list holidays that offer limitless opportunities for exploration and always leaves you wanting more! One of the most popular areas... Read More »
5 Luxury Travel Experiences to Make Your Holiday Extra Special
Whether it's your birthday, your honeymoon, or that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, there's always a luxury travel experience to make those special occasions... Read More »
10 Ways to Know You're in the Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Northwest region of the United States – encompassing Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Oregon, and Northern California – is a region of... Read More »
New Zealand
Top Things to Do in Wellington
Beloved for its delicious coffee, clean air, laid-back culture and Hollywood connections, it’s easy to see why Wellington is beloved by Kiwis and travellers alike. If... Read More »
17 Women Who Changed the World of Travel
Travel is an amazing thing. It broadens minds, borders, and possibilities, but it’s also a realm where we can visibly see people, especially women, changing... Read More »
Your 2022 Travel Horoscope
You know travel is on the horizon. You can feel it getting closer. But where to go? Well, why not let the stars guide you through 2022 and beyond? You can’t argue with... Read More »
What to Pack for Your Australia Holiday
A holiday to Australia is a holiday like no other. It’s got all of the best outdoorsy elements – abundant beaches, the arid landscapes of the Outback, incredible... Read More »
8 Alternative Romantic Spots Around the World
When it comes to romance and travel, the big hitters like New York City, Paris and Venice get a lot of attention, especially for anniversaries, special birthdays and... Read More »
New Zealand
Water and Wine: Tasting my Way Around New Zealand's Landscapes
New Zealand is beloved for its Tolkien-esque topography and endless opportunity for adventure, but it’s the water-rich landscapes and majestic wine regions that... Read More »
Where to Travel for a Winter Olympics Experience
With Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics launching this week, the sporting festivities are beginning once again – and we couldn't be more excited! You don’t need to... Read More »
5 HelloFresh Recipes from Around the World
When we go on holiday, we like to really taste a destination. And, as we’ve been home a lot lately, bringing those flavours to our own kitchens has been crucial for... Read More »
Flight Centre's 2022 Travel Trends
This year is one of revenge travel. Travellers are itching to stick it to COVID-19 and will take great pleasure in boarding a plane and crossing borders in 2022. The... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Guide to Post-Brexit Travel
Travelling after Brexit is certainly different, and it's important for British travellers to know the rules when planning a holiday to Europe. Thankfully, our... Read More »
How to Pack Like a Pro
Surely there’s an easier way to get from A to B without your luggage resembling a bring-and-buy sale when you get there? There is! We’ve got 15 clever ideas to help... Read More »
The Best Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe
Flight Centre's vegan blogger Kirsten Cardrick scours the continent for the best vegan restaurants in Europe.  It might have been slightly slow to get going... Read More »
22 of the Best Places To Visit in 2022
2022 is the year of travel, which is why we’ve put together this list of 22 epic bucket-list destinations that we’re desperate to visit again. So, what are you... Read More »
9 of the World’s Rarest Animals and Where to See Them
All over the globe, natural habitats continue to disappear. Not only does that mean the wondrous sights we travel for are fading, but it also means that the animals that... Read More »
The Best Christmas Drinks from Around the World
IT'S CHRISTMAS! The Flight Centre crew just LOVES the festive period, and what makes Christmas Day even more enjoyable? Why, a seasonal tipple of course! To mark... Read More »
Flight Centre's Christmas Playlist
I don’t know about you, but all I want for Christmas is... a great holiday! After – yet again – not getting our proper travel fix this year, itchy feet... Read More »
What it’s Like to Fly Business Class with American Airlines
If one thing’s for sure in these pandemic times, we all need a little space. Enter: Business Class. If you’re a big social distancing advocate, now – more than... Read More »
5 Reasons Why We Love British Airways
Our friends at British Airways share a very important ethos with our people here at Flight Centre: they just love to travel. But that’s only one of the many reasons... Read More »
South Africa
Why South Africa Should Be on Your Trip 2022 List
Dramatic coastlines, epic wildlife and culture-packed cities – we’re talking about the mighty South Africa of course. And this incredible country is not only full of... Read More »
New York
How to Spend 24 Hours in New York City
So you’ve been to the Big Apple before, and you’ve already ticked off the biggies; the Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Top of the Rock, the works. This time around... Read More »
Your Guide To Travelling With Kids During COVID
Juggling homeschooling, childcare and work? Mums and dads, we applaud you! Noone needs a holiday more than parents right now, which is why we're here to help you... Read More »
100 of the Best Holiday Ideas for Couples
Stumped on where to explore next with your loved one? We’ve got just the ticket. Get inspired for your next couple’s mini-break, bucket-list getaway, or... Read More »
COVID Testing for Travel
The world of travel is a complex one in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. Where’s open, what are the entry requirements, will you have to self-isolate on arrival... Read More »
United States
What to Expect: Everything You Need to Know for USA Travel
It’s been a long 20 months since the US shut its borders to the world. But now it’s time to get excited again, as the States is finally welcoming fully vaccinated... Read More »
6 of the Best Beaches in Phuket
Nothing says Phuket like a beautiful beach. And as the largest island in Thailand, the Pearl of the Andaman has its fair share. But with so many to choose from, where do... Read More »
9 of the Best Fireworks Displays in the World
It's that time of year again – the day of winter thermals, wellies, fairground rides, food truck burgers and of course: SPARKLERS. Yup, you guessed it: it's Bonfire... Read More »
The Best Foods I Ate in the USA
I’ve been a bit spoilt with my USA travels this year. In fact, I’ve spent nearly a month over the pond in total, explored five states, six cities and three national... Read More »
Where is Safe to Travel Now – Updated May, 2022
We couldn't be more excited to see travel back on track. Of course, with some testing and specific entry requirements in place, this new holiday landscape... Read More »
Top 10 Adventure Activities From Around the World
If your ideal holiday is less strolling around a new place taking in the sights and more dangling four hundred feet above them, then this is for you. From coming face to... Read More »
Need to Know: Travelling to Thailand During COVID-19
At Flight Centre, we love all things travel. But even we know that right now, exploring the world can be a bit of a challenge as we navigate different rules and... Read More »
7 Reasons to Visit Singapore in 2022
With the UK vaccine rollout well under way, we’re starting to get excited for the future of holidays. And very top of our list is Singapore. A mix of nature, city and... Read More »
North America
Top Places to Visit in Canada
The second largest country in the world is bound to have a lot to offer visitors, and the 16 million tourists travelling to the USA’s northern neighbour each year are... Read More »
From Switzerland to Italy: A European Road Trip
Most people think exploring exotic places means flying long-haul, but we tend to forget that Europe is magnificent as well.  To prove the point, our Travel... Read More »
How to Discover Boston Like a Local
The Freedom Trail, Harvard, the Red Sox… We all think we know Boston but, in truth, there’s so much more to discover beyond the traditional landmarks. Think vibrant... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Paris
The romantic and magical city of Paris is visited by over 25 million tourists each and every year and is the perfect city to explore, particularly if you’re interested... Read More »
5 Places to Explore with Your Family in Singapore
The Lion City is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Asia, with hundreds of activities, sights and adventures to keep mums, dads and little ones alike... Read More »
Travel News: No Amber Quarantine for Double-Jabbed Travellers
Double-jabbed? Double good to go! On Thursday 8th July, the government Global Travel Taskforce announced that travellers who have had both their COVID-19 vaccinations... Read More »
Introducing the New Big Five
Originally a term coined by hunters, the 'Big Five' once referred to the most challenging species to hunt on foot. However, after British Photographer Graeme Green... Read More »
10 Reasons to Love Barbados
What's not to love about Barbados? As far as Nadine Stewart is concerned,  there's so much to this beautiful island that it's hard to narrow down just ten... Read More »
Scaling the Limestone Cliffs of Malta
The rock climbing in Malta is some of the best in Europe, says Cat Mills. So she jumps at the opportunity to try it.   This might be a misleading title –... Read More »
8 Ways to Deal with Airport Anxiety
Nervous flyer? Worried you'll miss your flight? Here Flight Centre's Lauren Burvill talks us through how she deals with airport stress. I once missed a flight. It was... Read More »
5 Music Festivals You Must Experience
A version of this post originally appeared on our Canada blog. Attending a music festival is a great way to escape the every day, get creative with your wardrobe and... Read More »
How to Take Great Food Photos When Travelling
If you’re a food lover like me, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best things about travelling (and life in general!). A new destination equals a new delicious... Read More »
Ranked: The Best & Worst Cities for LGBT Travellers
When we think of safe cities for LGBTQ+ travellers, it’s easy to get swept up by what destinations hold the best Pride events. But there’s so much more to it than... Read More »
Month by Month: Where to Go in Europe
With crisp snowy winters and glorious sunny summers, our neighbours in continental Europe are always worth a visit. At Flight Centre, we're here to help you find the... Read More »
7 Reasons Why You Should Stopover in Iceland
It may feel otherworldly with its undulating lava fields and walls of waterfalls, but Iceland is one of my favourite places on the planet. So it goes without saying that... Read More »
Souks and Serenity in Marrakech
The air is warm and mysterious, the fading sunlight casts shadows down the dusty, ochre-hued alleyway and calls to prayer resound in the far distance. This is Marrakech:... Read More »
Tiles and Other Things to Do in Lisbon
Here we catch up with the Cortiço brothers - owners of Cortiço & Netos, a tile shop in Lisbon - to find out what they love about the Portugese... Read More »
Where to Go Wine Tasting in California
Considering California is pretty laid-back, wine is serious business here. In fact, tourists love the Golden State vineyards almost as much as they love its theme parks... Read More »
8 Things You’ve Got to Do in Sri Lanka
Flung into the Indian Ocean off the south-east coast of India, Sri Lanka is a truly fascinating place. After all, there aren’t many island nations that pack in... Read More »
Destination Predictions for 2021 by Flight Centre’s Travel Experts
When and where will we be able to get away for that much-needed holiday? That’s the question on everyone’s lips right now. And while we’ve had a bit of structure... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in the USA
Whatever kind of adventure you’re seeking, there's somewhere in the USA that can truly deliver. Whether you’re after an idyllic coastline or bustling... Read More »
Why Booking Your Flights with a Travel Agent is More Important Than Ever
Coronavirus has changed the landscape of travel, there’s no doubt about that. And while, as a tailor-made holiday company, it’s exciting to see airlines and other... Read More »
7 Things to Do in Lisbon
I made my inaugural trip to Lisbon in August this year and I have already booked to go back; that’s how much I love it. And anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact... Read More »
Stop, Wait, Go! The New Traffic-Light System for 2021 Holidays
Ok, so we’re a little bit excited. The UK government has released details of a much-needed traffic-light system for international travel. Countries will either be... Read More »
The Best Adventures in the Caribbean
An idyllic region for millions of holidaymakers worldwide, the Caribbean offers incomparable beaches, warm waters and luxury retreats, but it’s not always the first... Read More »
11 Tips for Planning a Road Trip Holiday
There’s nothing quite like hitting the tarmac. Grabbing freedom with both hands and driving wherever you want, whenever you want, is what makes road trip holidays so... Read More »
Exploring Portugal’s Undiscovered Central Region
“Forward paddle, paddle. Back paddle. Stop.” The rush of water began to reach its crescendo and our little yellow dinghy slipped effortlessly over the edge of the... Read More »
Where to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Around the World
It’s nearly that time again – the one day of the year when dressing head-to-toe in green, donning a novelty hat and raising a toast with a pint of Guinness is... Read More »
Vaccine Passports: Your Questions Answered
At the start of July we learned that, as part of step 4 in the government roadmap, travellers who have been double-jabbed will no longer need to self-isolate on their... Read More »
Why We Love Travelling with our Mums
Travelling with a partner comes easy. Travelling with friends is fun. But travelling with your mum is special. A fleeting chance to relive your childhood and get to know... Read More »
11 Things I Ate in Greece
Before my first visit to Greece, my knowledge of Greek food consisted entirely of taramasalata. No, not the light, white, salty kind they serve in seaside cafés in... Read More »
6 of the Best Wildlife Experiences on the Planet
We don’t call ourselves Travel Experts for nothing at Flight Centre! Our teams have travelled all over the world, experiencing different cultures, cuisines and... Read More »
12 of the Sunniest Spots in the World
Winter, spring summer or fall – no matter the time of year in the UK you can always count on one thing: the unpredictability of the weather. So when you're getting... Read More »
3 of the Best Castles in Europe
With their ethereal landscapes, towering turrets and magical architecture, the most famous castles in Europe could be plucked straight from a fairy tale. And while there... Read More »
10 Foods You Have to Try in Australia
This month marks five years since I packed up my summer clothes and moved to the UK – only to never wear said summer clothes again. To commemorate my anniversary,... Read More »
Coronavirus Travel News: The UK's Red-List Countries
From 15th February 2021, travellers who have been through a 'Red List' country in the last 10 days before entering the UK will be refused entry.  British... Read More »
Top Tips for Travelling During COVID-19
Holidays. Remember those? Your first drink whilst seated in a cool shaded bar as the Grecian sun wraps you in warmth. Or how about a few hours of sightseeing in one of... Read More »
13 of the Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe
UNESCO World Heritage sites are special things. Inscribed to the respected list for their outstanding cultural, historical or natural signifcance, they represent some of... Read More »
The World’s Best Pancakes
It’s that time of year again: the last Tuesday before Lent, Shrove Tuesday, aka, Pancake Day. All across the country, families will be whipping up batches of pancakes... Read More »
The most romantic destinations in the world

Looking to inject some romance into your travel plans this year? Here we explore the most loved-up destinations on the planet...

Read More »
Why Brooklyn Pizza is the Best Pizza
“Today, we’re going to be pizza purists.” Fine by me. If Marc from A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tours wanted us to eat cheese, tomato and bread ‘til our stomachs... Read More »
How to Eat in Japan
The Japanese are strict rule-followers by nature, with signs and rules posted all over the country, varying from how to hold your bag on an escalator to not eating... Read More »
Why You Should Learn the Local Language when Travelling
Parlez-vous anglais? Hablas inglés? Sprechen Sie Englisch? No doubt you’ve learned at least one of these phrases before embarking on a trip abroad. But did you learn... Read More »
A Guide to Virtual Tours Around the World
Being stuck at home doesn't mean you can't explore the world. So whether you fancy some escapism from teaching the kids, or simply want to start planning your next big... Read More »
What it’s Really Like at a Luxury All-Inclusive Resort
Let me begin by saying, up until recently, I’d never been a fan of all-inclusive resorts. I once stayed in one in Europe and found it to be a bizarre experience akin... Read More »
Experiencing the Extraordinary Maldives During COVID-19
Let’s face it, 2020 was an extraordinary year for all the wrong reasons. We all faced unprecedented challenges and for me, one of those was not being able to travel.... Read More »
5 of the Best Beaches in Portugal
If you’re heading to Portugal in the not too distant future then you’re already making a good choice. Fairy tale castles, sunshine all year round and a jaw-dropping... Read More »
Flight Centre’s 2020 Travel Trends Report
There’s no denying it: 2020 was a strange, confusing and challenging year for the travel industry. While some of us were lucky enough to grab short breaks and European... Read More »
6 of the Most Famous Cocktails From Around the World
Taste your way around the globe with these six world-famous cocktails. Whether you like a traditional Margarita or prefer your Sex on the Beach virgin, you can agree... Read More »
Flying with Emirates During COVID-19
With no self-quarantine required at either end of my journey and the promise of 30-degree heat as we shivered into December, it was just too tempting… I was off to... Read More »
A Walking Tour of Old Dubai
“Before 1833, there was nothing here in Dubai. Only camels!” Stood at the edge of the glittering Dubai Creek – with the old-world architecture of Al Seef behind... Read More »
South Africa
5 Incredible Garden Route Experiences
You might have heard of South Africa’s famed road trip – the Garden Route. For many people this fabled journey represents an uncovering of the natural beauty of... Read More »
The Dubai Stopover Guide
If you rise early to wander the streets of Dubai’s old quarter, Bastakiya, with its perfectly preserved merchants’ houses and minarets launching the distant calls of... Read More »
8 Road Trips to Take Before You Die
There’s something liberating about a road trip holiday. Gazing through the windscreen at the never-ending tarmac that’s laid out in front of you, knowing that the... Read More »
North America
Where to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA
The US Thanksgiving tradition is a bit of a mystery to us Brits. It’s just an excuse to don an elasticated waistband, eat turkey and drink eggnog… right? Wrong!... Read More »
Top Experiences in South Africa
South Africa is a vast and beautiful country with contrasting landscapes, an incredible culinary scene, world-class beaches and some of the most fascinating wildlife in... Read More »
Isolation Masterchef: A Culinary World Tour from Your Kitchen
It’s amazing how much of a country you can experience, simply by immersing yourself in its cuisine. And, this year, we've had more time than ever to create culinary... Read More »
Middle East
An Instagrammer’s Guide to Dubai 
If you are travelling to Dubai, you'll surely to want to visit those places that are constantly captured for their epic views, breathtaking backdrops and stunning... Read More »
Bed, Breakfast and Animals: Hotels with Resident Pets
If you’re anything like me, you have to put aside at least 30 minutes to say a tearful goodbye to your pets before every holiday. But, for those who really get... Read More »
The Stargazer's Guide to the World
Amid the frenetic day-to-day of work, bills, taxes and meetings, we sometimes forget how insignificant our lives are in the grand scheme of things. All it... Read More »
How to Discover the World When Self-Isolating...
You've been looking forward to your holiday for months and now, from out of nowhere, a virus has scuppered everything. You were supposed to be on a glorious beach in... Read More »
7 Must-Visit Dark Tourism Destinations
Play it right and travel can be a fun, life-changing, reaffirming experience. But it’s not always about having a relaxing trip. Really getting stuck into a... Read More »
7 of the Most Haunted Places in Australia
Sun, sea, sand and spectacular wildlife. The Land Down Under doesn’t seem overly scary on the surface but, dig a little, and you’ll discover it’s actually home to... Read More »
10 Ways to Travel More Responsibly
Now more than ever, it's important that travellers are more aware of the impact their travels have on our planet. In a post-coronavirus world – after our skies... Read More »
5 of the Best Beaches Near Chania, Crete
When planning my holidays – having never been drawn to beachy destinations – I’ve always preferred culture-filled city breaks or scenic road trips (or better yet,... Read More »
Our Guide to Refundable Airfares
Whether it’s changing border regulations, the introduction of travel bans or a change in your circumstances due to coronavirus, keeping your bookings flexible has... Read More »
7 Things to Do in Tromsø at Winter
Most people who tell you they’re going to Norway have probably booked a trip to Oslo, or are even planning a cruise around the fjords in Bergen. Tromsø, however,... Read More »
Where to Find the Best Cakes in the World
We just love The Great British Bake Off! Weeks of mouth-watering cakes, pastries and, my personal favourite, hot buttery breads. I love discovering a new destination,... Read More »
Whale Watching in the Azores
Here travel writer Ben Whitmarsh tells us more about whale and dolphin watching in the Azores... Did you know the Azores is the most westerly point in... Read More »
Thailand Travel Advice from a Local
At Flight Centre, we love getting under the skin of a destination and seeing it from a local's perspective. So much so that we've partnered with Buffalo Tours,... Read More »
Exploring the Islands of the Bay of Naples, Italy
Slung like multi-coloured pebbles floating in an azure bath, the islands that sprinkle the Bay of Naples are not to be missed. With pastel-hued buildings, lush volcanic... Read More »
Greece: Beyond the Beaches
Think of Greece and what do you see? Perfect white sands, gloriously pink Aegean sunsets and lazy days spent poolside with an iced cocktail? It’s true, Greece does... Read More »
Where to Chase the Northern Lights
The aurora borealis can be a crafty mistress. When darkness descends between September and March each year, she teases the skies with dancing flecks of white and... Read More »
6 Things that Will Make you Fall in Love with Cuba
From the days of the 18th century British occupation, to Fidel Castro and the infamous US trade embargo, Cuba is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating, culturally-rich... Read More »
The Latest Quarantine-Free Destinations
Travel corridors, FCDO advice, quarantine on arrival, testing 72 hours before you fly… knowing how and where to travel right now can be a bit of a minefield, to... Read More »
Why Thailand is One of the Best Places to Visit During COVID-19
We can’t wait to get back to the Land of Smiles again and, with restrictions gradually being relaxed, 2021 holidays to Thailand are well and truly on the cards.... Read More »
A City Break Guide to Budapest
Spend just a few days in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, and you’ll quickly realise that George Ezra’s reference to it being a ‘treasure chest’ was about more... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Europe
“From Ibiza’s pink and pretty sunsets to unbelievably good pasta in Italy and historic cities like Amsterdam, Europe is such a versatile destination.” Ruth... Read More »
Flying Experience: What it’s Like to Travel During Coronavirus
Like most, I had a jam-packed diary for 2020. House move, three weddings, two hen parties and trips to six different countries – to name a few. But then, COVID-19... Read More »
The Ultimate Italian Road Trip
I could easily spend months travelling around Italy, exploring small towns, lying on the beautiful beaches, hiking the mountains and of course, eating all of that... Read More »
What Countries are on England’s Quarantine Exemption List?
St Lucia and the Maldives are in a list of destinations which holidaymakers can visit without quarantining when they get home. The government announced that,... Read More »
Indian Ocean
Paradise Found: A Guide to the Best of the Seychelles
Rising from the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, almost 1,000 miles east of Africa, the Seychelles is a collection of 115 unspoiled jungle-clad islets, some little... Read More »
8 Things to Do in Porto, Portugal
Recently, I tacked some time in Porto, set along the River Douro, to the end of a road trip across northern Spain. Keen to end the trip on a high, I chose... Read More »
Why Japan is the Perfect Destination for Solo Female Travellers
Compared to a decade ago, the number of female solo travellers has skyrocketed amid the many bloggers and influencers flying the flag for female empowerment. New... Read More »
5 of the Best Beaches in Perth
Let’s be honest, we all know Australia is particularly good for one thing: beaches. And with over 10,000 of them stretching over 30,000 miles of coastline, you won’t... Read More »
David Attenborough's Favourite Place On Earth: Your Guide To The World’s Oldest Rainforest
If I asked you what comes to mind when I say “oldest living rainforest”, I’d forgive you for thinking of the Amazon. But it’s actually Australia’s Daintree... Read More »
Where to Celebrate the Summer Solstice
It’s time to dig out the sunglasses because summer is officially here. And whether you see it as the longest day of the year, the start of the sunshine season, or... Read More »
Hoppy Days: A California Craft Beer Road Trip
“The whole modern-day craft beer movement kicked off in California, with breweries like San Francisco’s Anchor and Sierra Nevada in Chico leading the charge. This... Read More »
An Insider’s Guide to Wildlife Photography
Getting the perfect photo isn't easy – and it’s even harder when you’re trying to snap a moving, unpredictable subject. It’s an art that professional wildlife... Read More »
Western Australia
Swimming with Whale Sharks in Western Australia
Whale sharks have been on the bucket list since day dot. In a world of amazing places to go, there are few where the experience accelerates the destination to the... Read More »
The Best Travel-Themed Zoom Backgrounds
We may not be able to explore the whole world right now, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend. Fake it 'til you make it we say! And as a huge chunk of... Read More »
9 Fun Facts about the Great Barrier Reef
Famous the world over for its colourful corals and fascinating fishes, the Great Barrier Reef sits high on the travel must-sees list. Together with Sydney and Uluru, it... Read More »
A Guide to Road Tripping in Oman
A road trip around Oman is a truly adventurous experience. Here we talk to Flight Centre customer Jane McNicholas and her husband Pierre about the outstanding... Read More »
Video Blog: The Best of Asia
Whether it's the fusion of old and new in Japan, the beautiful beaches and up-close wildlife encounters across Thailand, or chilled-out vibes in Bali, we just love Asia.... Read More »
Things to Do in Australia's South
“Friendly people, pristine wilderness, world-class culture, coast and countryside. There’s a lot to love here. And that’s without mentioning the wine!” says... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Austin
Austin is the perfect place to spend a long weekend! Famed for its live music and refreshingly alternative identity, the Texas state capital is also compact and... Read More »
South Africa
In the Spotlight: South Africa
South Africa is one of Africa's most unique and vibrant destinations. To experience the best of it, you’ll need to cover a lot of ground... Experience the... Read More »
East Coast USA
A Guide to a Small Group Journey Through New England
Small Group Journeys through New England’s picturesque villages and historic cities offer more than just a driver, says Ed Pettitt from Back-Roads Touring. Leaving the... Read More »
Discovering the Best Food in Australia's South
Australia's South is full of the freshest, local dishes, bursting with flavour. From hotspots like Melbourne and Adelaide to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island,... Read More »
Indian Ocean
In the Spotlight: Indian Ocean
Treat yo’self! And where better to do that than the Indian Ocean? Boasting a 5-star line-up that includes the likes of the Maldives, Mauritius,... Read More »
Highlights of the Orient Express
The remarkabe Orient Express is an amazing travel experience in itself. “Everything onboard perfectly complements the train’s history…” Flight Centre’s... Read More »
Video Blog: Why We Love Thailand
There’s a reason Thailand is the most-visited country in Southeast Asia. City, jungle and beach: what more could you want from a holiday destination? Immerse yourself... Read More »
Video Blog: Grab a Dose of Canada Travel Inspiration
Here at Flight Centre UK, we just love Canada – it's one of our top places that we can't wait to get back to. Whether you're searching for whales and... Read More »
Where in the World: Places We Can't Wait to Get Back to
Whilst we wait for a time when we can ALL travel again with NO worries, this week we decided to share with you the destinations that our people... Read More »
New Zealand
Discovering the Locals of New Zealand
Meet the locals of New Zealand as they rave about everything the destination has to offer. New Zealand’s dramatic landscape speaks for itself, but it’s the people... Read More »
Travel Blogs to Inspire Your Lockdown Viewing
Our Easter = chasing the sunniest spots in the house, navigating virtual egg hunts with our nearest and dearest and, best of all, one epic movie marathon. Sound... Read More »
Travel Inspiration From Our Favourite Bloggers
Are you finding yourself staring out of your windows these days, bored of the same-old outlook? Are your feet getting itchier by the minute? Are you dreaming of distant... Read More »
Top Tips for Planning Your Holiday With Us

Meet Flight Centre Expert Lucy Rosa, as she explains why booking with us is the best way to travel and experience the world.

Read More »
Let Flight Centre Open Your World
"Open up the world for those who want to see..." Our simple, beautiful purpose is now more important than ever. We know that travel broadens minds, raises awareness... Read More »
Our Stores are Closed, But We're Still Open...
To all our loyal customers, It’s been a tough few months for our people, our customers and the world, and once again I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of... Read More »
7 Active and Adventurous Things To Do in Brisbane
I’m not the type of person to plan an active holiday - one where I’m working out regularly or participating in adrenaline-filled activities each day. I like to relax... Read More »
How to Explore Istanbul Like a Local
When travelling, if you're looking to really immerse yourself in local culture, food, nightlife and other activities, often the best way to do it is to explore like a... Read More »
7 Things to Do Along Montenegro’s Coast
Let’s be honest: not a lot of people know an awful lot about Montenegro. Also referred to as Crna Gora, which translates as Black Mountain, Montenegro sits quietly on... Read More »
The Ultimate Guide to the Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies are a hub for adventure, and its endless offering of impressive glaciers, alpine views and breathtaking lakes make it an explorer’s paradise.... Read More »
St Lucia
7 Reasons to Fall in Love with St Lucia
Before I travelled there, I had wildly underestimated St Lucia. I was completely unaware of the boundless opportunities for adventure: hiking the lush green slopes of... Read More »
South Africa
Discovering South Africa
Discover everything South Africa has to offer. From open roads to old-world trains and luxury camps, South Africa has a Journey for every type of traveller. Here three... Read More »
Top Tips for a Long Layover in Dubai Airport
Whether you’re a newbie traveller, a seasoned tourist or a travel influencer jet setting around the world, there is one universal truth that applies: long plane... Read More »
New Zealand
6 Things to Know Before Campervanning Around New Zealand
Wide-open landscapes, spectacular drives and endless mountains, coupled with a wide choice of campsites and some beautiful wild camping spots, make New Zealand the... Read More »
8 Dishes You Can Only Eat in Bali
Bali isn’t known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ just for the scenery, but because this is an island where the Gods could never go hungry. The island is one of the... Read More »
Discovering Andalucia
Andalucía, with its combination of flamenco, Moorish architecture, tapas, and of course, the siesta, resembles what foreigners think Spain is more than perhaps any... Read More »
6 of the Coolest Things to Do in Las Vegas
Brash, bold and larger than life – on the surface a Vegas holiday can be a bit like Marmite: you either love it or hate it. But there’s so much more to this USA... Read More »
A Guide to a Round the World Airfares Itinerary
Our Specialist Airfares team can turn any itinerary into an awe-inspiring round-the-world adventure of a lifetime. Here, Flight Centre expert, Joseph Campbell, tells us... Read More »
Why You Should Dive in Koh Tao, Thailand
With its wonderfully warm waters, colourful coral reefs and laid-back vibe, Koh Tao, an island on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand, is an amazing location... Read More »
8 of the Best Places in the World to Go Whale Watching
Whales are majestic creatures and there is nothing quite as memorable or magical as witnessing them up close in their natural habitat. If whale watching is at the top of... Read More »
Things to do in Montreal
Montreal is one of Canada’s most unique and inspiring cities. The largest city in the French-speaking Quebec province, it’s a vibrant place with a creative spirit.... Read More »
South Africa
A Guide to the Best Safari Reserves in and Around Kruger National Park
If you’re heading off on safari in South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park, no doubt you'll be wondering where the best places to stay are! Well, look no... Read More »
Top Tips for Walt Disney World First Timers
To me, Walt Disney World, Florida is a homing beacon I always end up coming back to no matter where else in the world I’ve been lucky enough to explore. It’s a place... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver
Vancouver. Where mighty Canadian mountains frame the city and the skyline is peppered with sparkling skyscrapers. Having lived here for a decade, Flight Centre's... Read More »
7 Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Holiday
Reading to start planning your next holiday but don’t know where to start? The endless choice and FOMO can wreak havoc when trying to sort out your next adventure.... Read More »
South Africa
A Guide to Phinda Game Reserve
Recently, I fulfilled a lifelong bucket list dream of flying to South Africa and going on Safari. As a big wildlife lover, going on Safari was a dream come true for me,... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Italy's Food Culture
Nonna knows best when it comes to Italian cuisine. Here we find local dives and city secrets to the best bites in Italy. Pasta buff Vicky Bennison introduces... Read More »
7 of the Best Movies Filmed in Hawaii
With its volcanic landscapes, bountiful beaches and world-class surf, Hawaii is a paradise in many ways. It’s no surprise, then, that the tropical archipelago has... Read More »
What to Take on a Flight to Australia
I have lived on the other side of the world (in the UK) for over three years now and during that time I have had to go home to Australia for a number of different... Read More »
Top Things to See and Do in Bohol, The Philippines
Located just a short ferry ride away from Cebu, the island of Bohol is not only one of the most accessible in the Philippines, it's also one of the most exciting islands... Read More »
6 Undiscovered Beaches in the Philippines
The lesser well-known cousin of big players Thailand and Bali, the Philippines is an untouched beauty and for the beach lovers among us, it should definitely be on your... Read More »
Discover Flying with ANA
Planning a Japan holiday? Consider flying with Star Alliance Member ANA – All Nippon Airways for an authentic experience that offers a warm, comfortable service... Read More »
Adventures in Moscow
Visiting Moscow is like stepping into a history book from childhood, writes Sophie Williams. From navigating the depths of the city’s metro, to high tea with high... Read More »
A Guide to Mexico's Best Beaches
Stretching 80 miles from Cancún to Tulum on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico’s Riviera Maya coastline features some of the best beaches on the globe, the world’s... Read More »
Travel Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
With news around coronavirus (COVID-19) constantly changing, we understand that this is a stressful time for those with plans to travel. We value all our customers,... Read More »
South Africa
A Guide to Discovering South Africa's Marine Big 5
When you think of South Africa, often the Big 5 springs to mind; lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and leopards. But if you dive a little deeper, you'll find there is a... Read More »
Top Tips for Solo Female Travellers Exploring Southeast Asia
Solo female travel is on the rise, with travel having become more accessible, affordable, and arguably safer than ever before – for the most part at least. Sure, it... Read More »
Cape Town
Exploring Cape Town with Urban Adventures
When you travel, are you somebody who seeks to uncover the authentic side of your destination? To discover the local customs, traditions, people and cuisine and really... Read More »
Top Temples to Visit in Japan

Exploring the huge array of temples that Japan has to offer is an integral part of any visit, so here are just a few of my top temple recommendations.

Read More »
South Africa
A Guide to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve
There aren’t many occasions where you are actually excited for an early start in the morning. As a man who values his sleep, I would usually judge anyone that remotely... Read More »
Los Angeles
9 of the Best Rooftop Bars in Los Angeles
Ask pretty much any Angeleno, and they’ll confess one of the best things about living in Los Angeles, California is the weather. No matter the time of year, you’re... Read More »
A Travellers Guide to Japanese Toilets
You’ve no doubt heard of them. They’re weird, they’re wacky, they’re cutting edge technology and they’re one of the most remarked upon things by travellers... Read More »
Meet the Flight Centre Travel Concierge Team
Meet our fantastic Flight Centre Travel Concierge team. If you've booked a holiday with us, and haven't heard of these miracle workers, then read on to find out more!... Read More »
A Guide to Flying in First with British Airways
‘Life is sweet’ when you’re heading to London in seat 1A...   Dedicated Lounge for First When flying from Singapore in First with British... Read More »
South Africa
An Interview with a Safari Park Ranger at Kruger National Park
Ever wondered what it's like to be a safari park ranger? Or just want to know what you can expect when going on safari in South Africa, or more specifically, on safari... Read More »
5 Things You Have to Experience in Oman
Often overshadowed by its glitzy and glamorous neighbour, Dubai, Oman is bursting with lesser-known delights that make it the perfect year-round holiday destination. If... Read More »
10 Things to Do When it Rains in Singapore
With an annual precipitation of around 2,340mm, the chances of getting caught in a shower are high in Singapore. In fact, rain falls almost one day in every two... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend at Spier Wine Farm, South Africa
South Africa is known for its breathtaking scenery, delectable food and wine, unparalleled wildlife and warm hospitality – so if you’re thinking of heading on... Read More »
A Guide to Doing a Road Trip in Oregon
Road trips through the USA are the perfect way to get out and discover what this diverse country has to offer, and Oregon is no different. I spent two weeks on a road... Read More »
An Adventurer’s Guide to Exploring Cebu, The Philippines
Cebu is the perfect destination for adventure travellers because the Filipino island has everything from white sand beaches to crashing waterfalls. It’s the ideal... Read More »
Discovering Puerto Rico: America’s Caribbean Gem
Though not technically a state in the U.S., Puerto Rico dwarfs almost half of America’s other states in terms of population, and, arguably, in terms of amazing places... Read More »
Things to See and Do in and Around Osaka, Japan
Based in the heart of the Kansai region, Osaka has a wealth of things to see and do that will satisfy all kinds of traveller – from excellent street food and teahouses... Read More »
Things to Do in Penang, Malaysia
Penang is an island which lies just off the coast of northern Malaysia. It’s a fascinating place, encompassing a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian architecture, culture... Read More »
7 Star Wars Locations you have to Visit
What better way to celebrate the recent release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, than by paying homage to the incredible locations in which the movies were filmed?... Read More »
Top Ten Ultimate Road Trip Stops in California & Arizona
With their combination of national parks, geographical wonders and intriguing cities, California and Arizona make for the perfect road trip states. After a month of... Read More »
Cape Town
Top Things to See and Do in Cape Town's Waterfront
If you’re headed on holiday to South Africa, you’ll no doubt want to spend some time in Cape Town – and if you do – trust us, the Waterfront is where it’s at.... Read More »
Australian Bushfires: How to Help
We have been sad to hear of the devastation left by the ongoing and seemingly relentless bush fires currently sweeping across Australia, and as the stories and graphic... Read More »
5 of the Best Alaskan Adventures to Try
From bears to ice fields, mountains to moose, Alaska has everything an adventure enthusiast could hope for. Away from the stresses of the city, towns like Homer and... Read More »
A Guide to Dallas’ Trendiest Neighbourhood, Deep Ellum
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the second largest airport in the USA. If you’re in Dallas for a layover, you could easily spend your time checking out the... Read More »
New Zealand
6 of the Best Lord of the Rings Locations in New Zealand
In 2019, it was 64 years since The Return of the King – the third and final instalment in JRR Tolkien’s world-famous fantasy trilogy – first hit the... Read More »
A Guide to Cologne
Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city, is located in the central western part of the country. After a brief visit as part of a German exchange (circa 2005), myself... Read More »
Things to Do on Queensland’s Fraser Island
On a trip along Queensland’s Nature Coast, fellow travellers had repeatedly told me about one particular spot that I simply had to visit. They spoke of a mystical... Read More »
Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru
Peru is unquestionably one of the most ecologically diverse countries I’ve been lucky enough to explore. With its changeable climate, varying altitudes and range of... Read More »
Top 20 Travel Experiences in 2020
Open Your World in 2020 with our top travel experiences from all around the globe. Here at Flight Centre, we've consulted our industry contacts and tapped into the... Read More »
How To Spend A Weekend In Vienna
With Winter comes a total festive takeover. The desire to be cosy and snuggled up with a glass of mulled wine increases tenfold, and you long to be somewhere that... Read More »
Christmas Dinners From Around the World
It’s Christmas time, the stockings are full, the Christmas trees are decorated and the smell of roasting Turkey and honey glazed vegetables is wafting through the... Read More »
Western Australia
5 Reasons You Should Visit Australia’s Coral Coast
There’s no doubt that Australia is one of the most remote and fascinating destinations on the planet, and the Coral Coast in particular highlights everything that... Read More »
5 Family-Friendly Places to Spend Christmas
Christmas is a time we usually associate with staying at home. (How else will we catch the Gavin & Stacey Special?) But what if one year you wanted to shake things... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Chicago
When you think of eating out in Chicago, the first thing that comes to mind is pizza! I certainly had my fair share of it during my visit, but sadly, you can’t eat... Read More »
Hong Kong
A Guide to Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong Lounges
Where to start with this review of the Cathay Pacific Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport? Well first of all, we’re talking lounges. Four to be precise, with... Read More »
Relaxed Luxury Awaits at the Cross Bali Breakers
Relaxing at one of the poolside tables of Point Break restaurant, Flight Centre's Phil Murray caught up with with Komang Artana, Cross Bali Breakers General... Read More »
A Guide to Flying Business Class with Cathay Pacific
When you’re sipping Champagne in slippers and eating smoked salmon and scallops to start, you know this isn’t an ordinary flight. It turns out, in Cathay Pacific... Read More »
Australia Bushfires Information
Your booking is safe with us.  As an Australian company, in this time of need, our love and support goes out to the communities impacted by the bushfires. For... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Seoul
Seoul is the city of K-pop, Soju, and delicious Korean food that you will want to keep going back for. Whether it’s in the beautiful summer or snowy winter, Seoul... Read More »
New York
Why You Should Visit New York in the Winter
There must be countless reasons behind this argument when you consider the fact that this motion is a combination of the ‘most wonderful time of year’ and ‘the... Read More »
Top 10 Reasons to Book with Flight Centre
Whether you're thinking of booking a tailor-made holiday to Australia to mark that special occasion, a short break to Europe with your family, or a couples' beach Escape... Read More »
Washington DC
Things to Do in Washington, D.C. Beyond the Mall
Of all the cities in North America to visit, perhaps none has as many prominent historic locations as Washington, D.C. From the Capital Building to the Washington... Read More »
Discovering the Flavours of Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia: A land of wonderful wildlife, incredible landscapes, magnificent temples, and of course, sensational street food. If you’re a foodie at heart, it’s... Read More »
A Guide to Prague
The Czech capital city has long been associated with raucous stag and hen weekends. But there’s more to the charming city of Prague than budget boozy breaks; discover... Read More »
How to Travel Around The World
Always dreamt of travelling around the world and finally thinking of making that fantasy a reality? If so, we’re jealous - trip of a lifetime alert! Although... Read More »
5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Perth
If when planning a trip to Australia, you automatically think of Sydney and the east coast…well then, where have you been for the last two years?! Roughly around... Read More »
5 Perfect Winter Holiday Destinations
Dreaming about escaping the rain and cold for somewhere warm and sunny? Look no further than our selection of the top destinations for the perfect winter... Read More »
A Guide to Maribor, Slovenia
Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia, often referred to as “the Little Switzerland”: low houses with orange tiled roofs are reflected in the calm waters of... Read More »
The Best Places to Travel to in 2020
Looking for somewhere new to go on holiday in 2020? A destination that offers a wealth of unique experiences and things to do, whether that’s a colourful culture,... Read More »
Western Australia
Discovering Western Australia's National Parks
The diversity of Western Australia’s National Parks really is like nothing I have ever seen before. I had the pleasure of discovering a few of these beauties during a... Read More »
5 of the Best Christmas Lights in the World
No matter where I am in the world, nothing makes me feel more festive than seeing a brightly-illuminated house, a fairylight switch-on, or a national icon decked in... Read More »
How to Spend a Long Weekend in Porto
Porto is one of those wonderful gems whereby you don’t fully understand its beauty until you are smack bang in the middle of it. I had heard a lot about this city of... Read More »
Four Hidden Gems in Thailand
We all know that Thailand is a dream destination with perfect beaches, clear seas, limestone peaks and some exciting hustle in the streets of Bangkok. Areas such as... Read More »
Kuala Lumpur
A Guide to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a vibrant and modern city boasting a fascinating combination of both heritage and innovation. Every year, my family goes... Read More »
7 Unique Things to Do in South Africa
Thought South Africa was just table-shaped mountains and wildlife watching? Think again. South Africa has plenty in the way of quirky/thrilling/fun activities to be had.... Read More »
New Zealand
5 of the Best Hikes on the North Island, New Zealand
New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. With its vast landscapes, snow-capped mountains and endless hidden gems, you could easily spend a... Read More »
Discovering Northern Thailand
Thailand is undoubtedly famed for the beautiful islands and beaches found in the Southern reaches of the country, alongside the vibrancy and religious grandeur of... Read More »
8 Amazing Experiences to Have in Cambodia
I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Cambodia with Intrepid, with the opportunity to learn more about the country, see some of its top sights and experience... Read More »
South Pacific
Top 10 Things to Do in Fiji
Heading for Fiji? There's so much to this South Pacific gem than just beaches and overwater bungalows. Discover what we're talking about with our guide to the top 10... Read More »
11 of the Most Magical Christmas Markets in the World
You know that festive feeling? The one where you crave nothing more than to be wrapped up in furs, a mug of hot chocolate in one gloved hand, and gift-laden shopping... Read More »
Luang Prabang
How to Spend 3 Days in Luang Prabang, Laos
What Luang Prabang lacks in size, it makes up for with enriching cultural experiences, stunning natural surroundings, and flavourful cuisine. People may say you can... Read More »
Cape Town
Top Tips For Exploring Table Mountain.
Of course when you visit Cape Town, South Africa, climbing Table Mountain is more than likely one of the first priorities on your list of things to do. Cape Town is... Read More »
Galapagos Islands
Top Things to See in the Galapagos Islands
For the ultimate wildlife adventure, a cruise on the turquoise waters of the Galapagos Islands is hard to beat. Found 563 miles west of Ecuador, the archipelago is made... Read More »
7 Weird and Wonderful Things I Ate in Cambodia
I recently came across a viral video where a couple of girls fried and ate tarantulas in Cambodia. Although my first thought was ‘why?’, it got me thinking…it’s... Read More »
Costa Rica
Top Tips for Wildlife Spotting in Costa Rica
Boasting an evergreen landscape awash with vibrant tropical jungle, tree-carpeted cloud forests and bubbling volcanoes giving way to idyllic beaches, Costa Rica is a... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Venice
Venice is one of my favourite cities; I have been so many times and I feel like every time I go, I discover something new. There are some attractions that you just... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog
Welcome to the Flight Centre UK travel blog! Home to inspiration, travel tips and a wealth of first-hand advice from our lovely Travel Consultants and writers. Your next... Read More »
A Guide to Planning a Dubai Desert Excursion
No trip to Dubai is complete without a desert excursion, but with so many packages and activities to choose from, organising the ultimate desert safari can be quite the... Read More »
South Africa
A Guide to South Africa's Cape Winelands Region
South Africa’s Cape Winelands are like a patchwork quilt of green and autumnal colours, vineyards and craggy russet mountains. The region lies in the Western Cape,... Read More »
The Best Places in Mexico to Celebrate The Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead is a time when Mexicans gather to remember loved ones who passed away, in a celebration of life and death that lasts from October 31st to November... Read More »
Why Travelling with Intrepid Might Save the Planet... One Community at a Time
If when planning a holiday you hear the words ‘Group Tours’, what springs to mind? A coach crammed with 50 people? A guide holding a microphone sat next to the... Read More »
A Guide to Flying Business & First Class with Lufthansa
Flying to 197 cities across 78 countries, it's hard not to be impressed by Lufthansa's vast network. In fact, our Travel Consultants love the airline so much that, when... Read More »
New York
A Guide to the Best Baby-Friendly Places in New York City
If you were to make a list of the best places to travel with a baby, New York City would likely not make it. The Subway and sidewalks, in particular, can be tricky to... Read More »
5 Reasons You Should Travel Western Canada by Train
Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Canadian Rockies? From the milky blue alpine lakes to jagged, snowy mountain peaks, it’s one of those places where nature leaves... Read More »
A Guide to Flying Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic
I was recently fortunate enough to be invited aboard a celebratory flight with Virgin Atlantic from London to New York, as part of the launch of the latest addition to... Read More »
Things to See and Do in Palermo
Sicily has been on my bucket list for a while now, and although friends of mine had visited other parts of the island, my boyfriend and I thought that Palermo was the... Read More »
7 Things to Eat & Drink in Argentina
As famous for its food as it is for football, frozen landscapes and fancy footwork (Tango, anyone?), Argentina boasts a cacophony of culinary creations that are sure to... Read More »
Why You Shouldn't Miss the Queensland Outback
A Queensland holiday typically consists of adventures in ancient rainforest, lazing on incredible beaches and exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. And it’s... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Johannesburg
If I say South Africa, you say… Safari? Wine tasting? Penguins?  That’s exactly what came to my mind when I realised I would be stuck in Johannesburg airport... Read More »
Discovering Liguria, Italy
It’s hard to say which region of Italy is most packed with things to see and do, and I’ll admit to being partial given I was born here, but Liguria is a real... Read More »
A Guide to Kayaking Down the Colorado River
A US road trip should be on everyone’s to-do list. Not just for the views and the scenery, but also for the off-grid experience. You don’t realise how vast and... Read More »
5 Things to Do in Honolulu
One thing that really struck me the first time I visited Hawaii was just how far away it is from mainland USA. I mean, sure, I knew the state was a group of islands in... Read More »
7 Things to Do in Southern Sardinia
Sardinia has long been an enticing destination for both Italians and holidaymakers alike, celebrated for its glorious white sandy beaches, rugged coastline and hiking... Read More »
Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island vs Daydream Island
When you’re piecing together your itinerary for Australia's east coast, it's pretty much a given that you'll be looking to spend some time in the Whitsunday... Read More »
Top Places to Go for Brunch in Dubai
A trip to Dubai is an assault on the senses and a pleasant contradiction of experiences; from the glitz and the glamour of its 5* hotels, man-made islands and luxury... Read More »
10 Best Beaches in Bali
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog Bali's world-famous beaches lure thousands of visitors to the country’s fabulously sun-kissed shores... Read More »
7 Reasons to Visit Merida
While Cancun might have the beaches and the resorts, it’s in the nearby city of Merida that you can find the best of southern Mexico’s cuisine, culture and... Read More »
How to Spend a Long Weekend in Bilbao
Located in the Basque country along the northern Spanish coast, Bilbao has become popular with tourists for its art and architecture, cuisine, and history. Though still... Read More »
West Coast USA
7 of the Best Pit Stops in Death Valley
Straddling the diverse US states of California and Nevada, it’s no wonder Death Valley is a land of extremes. It’s best known for being the hottest place on earth... Read More »
How to Spend a Week in Gozo, Malta
If you’re looking to spend a relatively affordable week in guaranteed sunshine, in your own farmhouse, with your own pool – then the Island of Gozo in Malta is... Read More »
A Guide to Exploring Japan
If Japan has only just come into your sphere of consciousness then, where have you been?! Visitors will be flocking to this spectacular set of islands for the 2020... Read More »
5 of the Best Wellness Holidays to Try Now
It’s true what they say - there’s something about a change of scenery that is good for the soul. Travel is not only beneficial for your mind, but your body as well;... Read More »
The Best Places in the World to See Wild Dolphins
Everyone loves dolphins. Their friendly smiles and playful nature fast-tracks them right to the top of many a must-see wildlife bucket list, with dolphin-watching tours... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Barcelona
Barcelona is a city that many know well. You’ve probably been once before or know someone who has and have a pretty good idea of its most famous sights. There is... Read More »
6 Things to Do in Miami
With its year-round sunshine, soaring temperatures and miles of glittering coastline cradled by towering skyscrapers, Miami has long held the title of Florida’s most... Read More »
Central America
Discovering Vinales, Cuba
I view a cool and serene-looking Viñales Valley from the Mirador nearby the bright pink Hotel Loz Jazmines. Little homes and grey, palm frond-rooved tobacco-drying... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Byron Bay, NSW
Whether you’re flying in for a couple of days or passing by on a road trip, Byron Bay is well worth a visit. As soon as you arrive, there’s something about the place... Read More »
North America
Things to Do in Utah
From its desert oasis to the snowy slopes, Utah’s natural beauty will surely take your breath away. Found on the western side of the United States, Utah is blessed... Read More »
5 Reasons to Visit Dallas & Fort Worth
If you’ve done the USA’s west coast, and the east coast, or plan on visiting both, Dallas and Fort Worth should also be on your radar. As a three-hour flight from... Read More »
8 Tips for Flying to Australia
Whether you're going for a holiday of a lifetime, or visiting friends and family, flights to Australia aren’t as simple as booking a trip to Europe. There’s a... Read More »
New York
7 Ways to Use Your New York City Explorer Pass
Heading off on an exciting New York City break soon? There’s no doubt about it, the Big Apple is a place like no other; dazzling skyscrapers frame the city, the... Read More »
7 Things you Have to See in Yosemite National Park
Has anyone ever asked you what your favourite place in the world is? It’s a tricky one to answer – there are plenty of destinations I’ve visited and loved, but... Read More »
North America
A First Timer's Guide to Atlantic City
Bursting with amusements and attractions, Atlantic City is a small resort town known for its casinos connected by the world’s longest boardwalk. While this location is... Read More »
Yellowstone National Park
Discovering Yellowstone National Park
Rain poured from my hood, gritty chunks of tarmac dug into my ankles from where I’d been sat on the roadside, and I was desperately trying to keep my camera dry. I... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Brisbane
We’ve just arrived in Brisbane city centre. I check my watch – we don’t need to be at Brisbane International until 9pm – it’s 3pm now. How to fill the time?... Read More »
The Best Boutique Hotels in Toronto
A cosmopolitan Canadian city found on the northwestern coast of Lake Ontario, Toronto should top every traveller’s hit list. With soaring skyscrapers, lakeside views,... Read More »
5 Places to See Orangutans in the Wild
Orangutans may be the largest tree-dwelling primates on the planet, but it’s not their size alone that makes them impressive. It’s a combination of this and their... Read More »
A Guide to Wildlife Watching on Borneo’s Kinabatangan River
During my six-month stint travelling Southeast Asia, few experiences were more memorable than my three-day, two-night safari along the Kinabatangan River in Borneo.... Read More »
Delta Launches NEW Premium Economy Cabin
You’re about to jet off on your dream holiday; a little slice of well-deserved ‘you’ time in paradise. All that stands between you and your destination is that... Read More »
New York
What it's Like to Fly Business Class with British Airways
If I’ve learnt one thing during my many long-haul flights between the UK and my hometown in Australia, it’s that a flatbed is worth its weight in gold. If you can... Read More »
Sri Lanka
A Guide to Exploring Sri Lanka
It is no wonder that Sri Lanka is nicknamed the pearl of the Indian Ocean: it is a land of natural beauty where mountain jungles, beautiful beaches and cultural... Read More »
A Guide to Vis: Croatia's Hidden Gem
Over the past decade or so, Croatia has slowly been gaining a reputation as a hotspot for festivals and its 24-hour party scene. My first visit back in 2012 – to what... Read More »
North America
The Best Things I Ate on a Californian Road Trip
When people asked me what I was most looking forward to on my Californian road trip, I felt like they expected me to say driving over San Francisco’s iconic Golden... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
What to Expect From a Trip to the Great Barrier Reef
When someone tells you “you have to see the Sydney Opera House” you have a pretty good idea of what to expect: You will either; wander around the building’s famous... Read More »
A Guide to Hiking Angel’s Landing
Deep breath in. Grab onto the chains. Pray to whatever divine influence there is that you don’t lose your footing. I’ve never had a fear of heights. At least,... Read More »
The Best Spots for Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is known for being a food and shopping paradise and of course, a trip to the fragrant harbour would not be complete without a dim sum feast. From luxurious... Read More »
South America
Discovering Brazil's National Parks
Quartz trails and waterfalls, caves and topaz-hued swimming holes, sand dunes and oasis-like lagoons. Four of Brazil’s National Parks: Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Chapada... Read More »
San Francisco
How To Spend Three Days in San Francisco
The foggy but beautiful San Francisco is a city boasting a fascinating history, as well as culture and style in abundance. Full of hidden gems and fun things to do,... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
How To Do The Great Barrier Reef Like Sir David Attenborough
If, like most of us, you’re a die-hard David Attenborough fan, then chances are you have the Great Barrier Reef on your bucket list. He’s spoken about the reef many... Read More »
7 Queensland Experiences I Can't Stop Talking About
You know what it’s like. You get back from an incredible holiday and you can’t shut up about it. Your friends are starting to roll their eyes having heard the story... Read More »
How to Experience California in 10 Days
I’ve wanted to hit the tarmac on an all-American road trip for as long as I can remember. It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but roof down, music up, wind in my... Read More »
Why You Can't Miss Barcelona's Park Guell
Sun, sea, Sangria, plus history, art and culture in abundance? Not to mention the food…Who wouldn’t want to visit Barcelona?!My first visit to the city was a flying... Read More »
A Two-Week Thailand Itinerary for First Timers
After multiple holidays to Australia, the USA, and across Europe, my partner and I were left with the conundrum of taking a two-week holiday to somewhere that would... Read More »
6 Breathtaking Places to Practise Yoga in India
India is the land that birthed the more than 5,000 year old spiritual practice of yoga as we know it today. It has become a global phenomenon with around 300 million... Read More »
How to Survive an Aussie Road Trip
Nowhere else in the world is made for road tripping in the same way as Australia. An Aussie road trip is an adventure of epic proportions; the destinations - and the... Read More »
5 Things You Need To Know About Safari Holidays
“Your honeymoon looked amazing” is something I’ve heard numerous times since returning from a week on safari in Kenya. And I can’t disagree. As my first safari... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Rome
We absolutely love Rome: the architecture, the history, the culture – and did we mention the food? Some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste can be found in... Read More »
The Ultimate Way to Explore Thailand in Two Weeks
Thailand may not seem that big on the map – especially when compared to the likes of the USA and Australia – but it’s undoubtedly a cultural behemoth. There’s so... Read More »
8 Amazing Travel Experiences You Have To Do Before You Die
We’ve all got our travel lists. From lists of “must-do-museums” in Europe to lists of “absolute-eats” around North America, but sometimes life calls for a mega... Read More »
An Interview with a Bindlestiff Tour Guide
Phil Murray, who recently joined a three-day Winter National Parks Tour operated by Bindlestiff Tours, interviews his tour guide, Joel Clark.My name is Joel Clark,... Read More »
8 Reasons to Visit Chiapas, Mexico
Chiapas is the final frontier in Mexico. It’s the country’s southernmost state, where dense jungles form the border with Guatemala - a place far removed from the... Read More »
8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Manila
Few travellers hang around in Manila for long. That’s because the Philippines’ capital is not the white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and everything else that the... Read More »
6 of the Best Hikes in Vancouver
Cosmopolitan as it is with its many great restaurants, busy shopping streets and trendy breweries, Vancouver is renowned worldwide as a green city with plenty of outdoor... Read More »
The Ultimate Las Vegas Bucket List
Las Vegas will simply dazzle you with all the entertainment it has thriving through the veins of its city. It is the ultimate playground for adults, known for its... Read More »
A Long Weekend in Cape Town

Huenu Solsona, founder of Cape Town’s Galileo Open Air Cinema, shares her perfect weekend of winelands and waterfronts…

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New Zealand
Top Tips for Touring the Hidden Gems of New Zealand's North Island
New Zealand needs no introduction. With its beautiful scenery, friendly people and adrenaline-inducing activities, it's a dream destination for travellers all over the... Read More »
Zion National Park
Exploring Southwest USA: Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park
I was staring for some time before my eyes adjusted to the light in the narrow sweeping passageway and made sense of what our Navajo guide was saying.“Can you see the... Read More »
Hamilton Island: Queensland’s Answer to Jurassic Park
I visited Hamilton Island for the first time in March this year, based solely on the recommendation of my Flight Centre Travel Consultant. Deciding to keep it all a... Read More »
8 Unforgettable Experiences in Southern Africa

Seasoned Africa visitor Ross Jennings takes us through his favourite eight things to do in southern Africa...

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The Great Barrier Reef: Sea vs Air
The Great Barrier Reef is quite simply one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. But what’s the best way to see this incredible phenomenon... Read More »
How to Prepare for Climbing a Mountain
When I told my friends and family I was planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, they reacted with a mixture of shock, disbelief and mild amusement. While I’m not... Read More »
How to do Dubai differently
Travel blogger Jai Yehai tells us the top things to do in Dubai, whether you want to see the main attractions or see another side to Dubai and do things a little... Read More »
New York
6 Must Eats in 6 US Cities
The diversity of the United States makes for an eclectic selection of culinary delights. No matter which city you visit, you’re bound to find something to tantalise... Read More »
Food around the World: What to Eat Where
**WARNING: THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SEVERE HUNGER** When you go on holiday, chances are you’ll have heard all about your destination’s best... Read More »
7 Things to Do When it Rains in Vancouver
While Vancouver in the sunshine is utterly glorious, the city has plenty to offer on a rainy day too. So when a deluge hits, don’t just sit there getting soggy; try... Read More »
The Best Mayan Ruins In Mexico
For thousands of years, the Mayans carved civilizations out of the dense jungles of Central America, building elaborate cities that could rival anywhere in the... Read More »
4 Animal Encounters on Hamilton Island, Queensland
One of the most amazing things about Queensland's Hamilton Island is its wondrous array of wildlife (for the nature lovers among you, this is definitely the place to get... Read More »
New York
The Best Ways to See New York City
I’m not ashamed to admit that I heart New York – I’ve even got one of those tacky mugs and innumerable NYC-themed shot glasses to prove it. This is surprising,... Read More »
The Gorges of Karijini National Park
Karijini National Park is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, a raw, isolated and untouched world of red rocks, spectacular gorges and natural swimming pools. Found... Read More »
9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went to India
India is an incredible country – but a bewildering, daunting one too. Will you get Delhi belly?  What to wear? How much to budget? This guide will help you... Read More »
South America
Vamos a los vineyards! A guide to Cafayate, Argentina’s Second Wine Region
It’s no secret that Argentina is a major player in the world of wine production. Its most famous wine-growing region, Mendoza, is said to produce a whopping 60% of the... Read More »
10 Things to Do in Seoul
Seoul doesn’t have reputation just yet as a must-travel spot, but once you’ve visited you’ll be singing this underrated city’s praises to anyone who’ll listen.... Read More »
Monument Valley
Yá’át’ééh: Say "Hello" to Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley
Too many years ago to mention, I watched the classic John Wayne film Stagecoach as part of my A-level studies. Directed by John Ford, it was the very first film - but... Read More »
How to Reduce your Plastic Use when Travelling
Plastic is everywhere at the moment, from your cellophane-wrapped lunchtime sandwich to your single-use drinks bottle. And now it’s all over the news as well.Plastic... Read More »
How To Spend 48 Hours In Brisbane
When planning a trip to Australia’s East Coast, Brisbane tends to be cast to the role of the oft-forgotten, somewhat ugly step sister, devoid of things to do and... Read More »
9 Things to Do in Houston, Texas
When you talk Texas, better-known destinations like Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin will no doubt spring to mind before Houston does. Even I admit that, before I went,... Read More »
5 of the Best Malaysian Food Spots
In the Southeast Asian food stakes, Malaysian cuisine often gets lost in the popularity of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese dishes. However, it deserves its place alongside... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Cairns
Queensland’s tropical north capital, Cairns, is known by many as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef--the meeting point of two World Heritage places: the world’s... Read More »
Top 10 Pools Worth Drooling Over
Looking for the perfect poolside retreat? We’ve searched far and wide for the most unique pools that you’ll definitely want to dive into on your next holiday.... Read More »
South America
6 of the Best Foodie Hotspots in Rio
Famous for Carnival, caipirinhas and of course, the Copacabana, Rio is a dynamic, diverse city where tourists and locals mingle against a backdrop of beautiful beaches,... Read More »
5 of the Best Game of Thrones Locations
After nearly a decade of exploring Westeros and hearing the words “winter is coming”, one of the world’s most successful TV shows, Game of Thrones, has drawn to a... Read More »
7 Spanish Destinations You've Never Heard Of
With so many destinations becoming overcrowded, and residents taking a backlash against tourism, more and more travellers are looking for alternative destinations to... Read More »
How to Spend 3 Days in Sydney
If, like me, perfect to you is a big city vibe with golden beaches at your fingertips, then Sydney is your bliss. Australia’s largest and most famous city, the capital... Read More »
How to Spend Four Days in Hong Kong
Hong Kong really is one of those places where there is something new to discover around every corner. For some, this can be overwhelming, so here’s a little guide on... Read More »
New Zealand
The Best Ways to See New Zealand’s Glaciers
New Zealand features on most travel bucket lists, and it’s not hard to see why; with its deserted beaches, winding coastal paths and undulating mountains, it’s a... Read More »
Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon: A Big Statement for Nature to Make
Route 66. The Mother Road. The Main Street of America.Just a few hours after leaving Las Vegas, we were cruising down this legendary highway, heading to Seligman,... Read More »
9 Brazilian Foods You Have to Try
South America boasts a fusion of flavours so unique that no other continent can quite compete. And within that is its crowning glory: a little country called Brazil –... Read More »
7 Reasons to Drive the Great Ocean Road
With spectacular views, winding roads, inland rainforests and beautiful beaches, this 151-mile drive Victorian Drive packs a punch on a small scale (by Australian... Read More »
Top 3 Spots for Brunch in Melbourne (Fitzroy & Collingwood)
One of the first things I noticed upon wandering the neighbouring districts of Fitzroy and Collingwood (besides their clear love of spray-paint cans) was that these guys... Read More »
Touring Morocco with G Adventures
The land of historic medinas, winding souks and passionate bartering, Morocco had been on my travel wish list for some time. Having travelled with G Adventures... Read More »
South America
The Top Free Things to Do in the Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos is a bucket list destination for many travellers worldwide. It is the source of many an Attenborough documentary, a paradise for wildlife and the home of... Read More »
Things to Know Before You Go to Japan
“I’ve always wanted to go to Japan” is a sentence I’ve been hearing repeatedly since I got back from my recent trip. It was my second visit to Japan in a few... Read More »
4 of the Most Responsible Wildlife Experiences in Thailand
There’s far more to Thailand than picture-perfect beaches, ancient temples and outrageously cheap booze. This coastal nation is home to a diverse range of ecosystems... Read More »
Singapore Fling
Joshua Cheung, stylist and former fashion director at luxury mag L’Officiel Singapore, opens up his little black book of boutiques and style... Read More »
Western Australia
8 Reasons to Visit Shark Bay, Western Australia
Long before Captain Cook made landfall at Botany Bay on the east coast of Australia, Dutch explorers had already landed far in the west, at a remote and isolated place... Read More »
Exploring Mexico's Historic Side at Monte Alban
Monte Alban has been bewitching travellers for millennia. Amongst clouds of butterflies, fields of wild flowers, and the odd silver-tongued souvenir seller, seek out... Read More »
A Local's Guide to Melbourne
Earlier this year I took a work trip down to Melbourne for a month and was #blessed by the cultural metropolis that is both unique and eclectic. You have undoubtedly... Read More »
Your Guide to the Best Caribbean Nations for Beaches
The Caribbean is home to the most staggeringly beautiful selection of beaches on Earth. From slithers of sand found in hidden coves to miles-long stretches of coastline,... Read More »
Deep South Dishes: A Food Diary of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida
When you’re whizzing through four US states in less than a week, it’s fair to say that you’re going to see a lot, and that you’re not necessarily going to... Read More »
10 Alternatives to Safari in South Africa
South Africa is well known for its diverse wildlife. Animal enthusiasts from all over the globe jet in to Kruger National Park, armed with monstrously sized cameras,... Read More »
Instatravellers: Phil the Travelling Pizza Eater
Meet Phil Duncan. He's from Liverpool, he loves travel and he, er, loves eating pizza. Need we say more? Well, we do actually, mainly the fact that his love of... Read More »
New York
The Best Boutique Hotels in New York City
There are a million or so reasons to visit New York City, but the question of where to stay can be a littler harder to answer. Most first-timers will head to one of... Read More »
5 Reasons to Visit Cuba NOW
For the past 15 years, I've had a dream to visit Cuba and, with my own eyes, see this iconic island that is frozen in time.Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, has... Read More »
The Future of Travel: Our Predictions
In 1899, French artist Jean-Marc Côté tried to describe what the world would look like in the year 2000 through a series of illustrations. As part of this he actually... Read More »
8 Wild Adventures to Have in Sabah, Borneo
Love fly-and-flop holidays? Look away now. Because while Sabah’s beaches are admittedly lovely, it would be criminal to languish on a sunlounger when its epic... Read More »
South Africa
How to Honeymoon in South Africa
There is one trip you may take in your lifetime that beats any other, the biggest of them all and potentially the most extravagant - your honeymoon. One momentous... Read More »
Tales from the Road: South Africa
Dutch photographer and photo-blogger Water van Zwienen found history, wildlife and raw beauty in abundance on a dream road trip across South Africa...As a child I... Read More »
A First Timer's Guide to Boston
The historic city of Boston is a confection of arts, music, sports and delicious cuisine. Whether you have two days or two weeks in this New England city, here... Read More »
Around the World In Coffee: the Bucket List
I love lists: Shopping lists, to do lists, gift lists (for other people, not me); I would be lost without them all. Some lists are more serious than others but... Read More »
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going to Laos
When I announced my intention to visit Southeast Asia, my friends asked me heaps of questions. Which beaches are you staying at? Are you going to Angkor Wat? How long... Read More »
5 Travel April Fools’ Day Pranks We Wish Were True…
The history behind April Fools’ Day is a bit muddy. Did it stem from the turn of the seasons? Or from the adoption of a new calendar? We may not have the answer, but... Read More »
Your Guide to Exploring Malacca
Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in South East Asia, a true melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and western cultures, but amongst this diversity, the city... Read More »
How to Get Over the Holiday Blues
I think we can all agree: travelling is one of the best things you can do. Whether that's exploring a hidden nook of your own country, a European mini break or that... Read More »
The Best Hotel Room Views in the World
There’s nothing better than waking up on your holidays, a day of excitement ahead, opening the curtains and feasting your eyes on a glorious view of your surroundings.... Read More »
9 Reasons to Visit Broome
Found on the far northern shores of Western Australia, Broome is one of the country’s most remote holiday destinations. This isolated town is over 2000 kilometres away... Read More »
Behind the Scenes: The Etihad Experience
Flying with Etihad Airways can be a pretty otherworldly experience. From Economy to The Residence, every “guest” (you’re never just a passenger with Etihad) who... Read More »
Where To See The Miracle Of Baby Turtle Hatchlings In Queensland
If you’re visiting Queensland, chances are you’re in town to see the Great Barrier Reef (congrats, by the way great holiday choice!). While exploring the reef is a... Read More »
Middle East
7 Reasons to Visit Dubai In Summer
Looking for things to do in Dubai in the summer? You've come to the right place.1. You'll save money on your Dubai hotel... Read More »
New York
6 Adrenaline Adventures in New York City

Forget the traditional city tour – these adventures will give you a whole new perspective on NYC, and get your heart racing too...

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A Foodie’s Guide To Everything Worth Eating In Hoi An, Vietnam
If you’ve ever visited Vietnam, you’ll know it’s home to some of the best food in the world. The infamous Banh Mi, Pho, and rice paper rolls are just the tip of... Read More »
Costa Rica: Go Your Own Way

Go your own way to Costa Rica, says Flight Centre’s Tess Watkins, who hired a 4X4 for this independent adventure.

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Top Scenic Spots to See in the Rockies
The Rocky Mountains is the land of water and rock. Ragged ridges, sparkling glaciers, still waters and cascading waterfalls make up this playground for the intrepid.... Read More »
At the Top of Japan: Climbing Mount Fuji
Arriving at the base of Japan’s highest mountain, we were excited yet admittedly a little naïve of the task ahead, tells James Pierce. We expected to see the... Read More »
Costa Rica
Into the Midst: Costa Rica

An action-packed small-group adventure in Costa Rica comes with invaluable insider knowledge, says Flight Centre’s Phil Murray.

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California Wine Regions: Napa vs Sonoma
Choosing the right wine is a thing of great importance – especially in a grape-loving country like the USA. Indeed, Napa and Sonoma are actually the second-most... Read More »
Live Like A Local in Lisbon
Last summer I headed to Lisbon, Portugal’s coastal capital, a city alive with ancient ruins, white-domed cathedrals and picturesque gardens. While many visitors... Read More »
A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Canadian Rockies Motorhome Trip
Dreaming of something extra-special for your Canadian Rockies adventure? Seeing it by motorhome offers the thrill of the wilderness with some welcome home comforts.... Read More »
South America
Travel Icon: Machu Picchu
Tread lightly on your trail to witness one of Earth’s engineering marvels, the Peruvian sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Photographer Pedro Pulido tells us why its magic... Read More »
Perfect Match: Attending an Indian Wedding
The ultimate celebration of love, a wedding can also show a country’s true cultural colours. Sophie Ibbotson loses her heart to India on a unique adventure...I could... Read More »
The Travel Secrets of Vietnam
Think you know Vietnam? Think again. Angela Griffin uncovers the country’s most worthwhile attractions you’ve never heard... Read More »
Albany: A Guide to Exploring Western Australia’s Oldest City
Tucked away on the south-west coastline of WA, the small city of Albany could well be one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Albany is ‘just down the road’ from... Read More »
Where to See Polar Bears
If you’re into animals, there’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in the wild. Catch a glimpse of even a tiny tuft of that soft, creamy fur, and it’ll feel... Read More »
Queensland’s Most Beautiful Flowers And Where To See Them
Queensland has a reputation for its stunning beaches, ancient rainforest and adorable locals, but it’s not often you’ll hear Queensland being heralded for its... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Emilia Romagna, Italy
Italy is known for its delicious food. But there's one particular region that, even amongst locals, is known as the king of Italian cuisine: Emilia Romagna.... Read More »
How to Survive a Long Haul Plane Journey with Toddlers
Everyone seems to have disaster stories about air travel with their little ones which, combined with a number of horror films set on aeroplanes, instantly makes us... Read More »
The Hong Kong Stopover Guide
A harbour city known for its densely packed streets and soaring skyline, Hong Kong offers an abundance of significant landmarks and exciting experiences in the shadow of... Read More »
Top Tips for Visiting Victoria Falls
When it comes to safari, Southern Africa is the place to go, regardless of whether you have the budget of a backpacker or a Wall Street banker. It’s not all about the... Read More »
Sri Lanka
7 Reasons You and Your Children will Love Sri Lanka
Now is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. It is undiscovered enough that you will find empty beaches, authentic cuisine and low prices, yet tourist-driven enough that... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in Cairns that Aren’t the Great Barrier Reef
Cairns is well known amongst travellers as one of the best places from which to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, but for many... Read More »
The Ultimate Unique Places to Propose
Calling all travelling romantics! Planning the ultimate proposal, but not sure where to get down on one knee? Or no idea how to make your proposal so unique that it... Read More »
Why a Visit to Adelaide and the Barossa is the Perfect Way to Start your Australian Holiday
One of South Australia’s biggest draws is its wine. And with destinations like Adelaide and the Barossa in its repertoire, it’s easy to see why. Known as the ‘Wine... Read More »
Solo Travel: A Group Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia
Ali Cairns heads to Southeast Asia for a much-needed break from reality... I have always loved travelling. But since backpacking in my twenties, I’ve been pretty... Read More »
South Pacific
French Polynesia: An Island Guide
A trip to French Polynesia is a once in a lifetime experience (although after going once you’ll no doubt want to return!). 118 paradise islands, with crystal clear... Read More »
How to Stay Fit on your Travels
Whether you’re travelling for work or play, keeping up with your usual fitness routine is tricky when you’re away from home. But fitting in a workout between... Read More »
South Africa
Discovering the Good Life on the Franschhoek Wine Tram
For centuries, men have pondered what exactly is meant by the ‘good life’. I couldn’t even begin to go into the detail that the likes of Plato, Epicurus and... Read More »
The Best Stops on a Road Trip from Adelaide, Australia’s Vineyard City
Whether it’s your first time visiting Australia or you are a seasoned traveller to the Land Down Under, Adelaide and South Australia have an array of unique and iconic... Read More »
Spiritual Awakening in Bali
Isabel Dexter takes a solo trip to Bali to teach yoga and awaken her sense of adventure...For a long time, I was one of those people who talked a lot... Read More »
Why Now is the Time to Visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Vietnam’s largest island is one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets. The biodiverse destination is a world away from the stereotypes of the mainland, and with... Read More »
Solo Travel: A City Break in Avignon
Chris Butcher gives herself a much-needed boost in France...You either get busy dying, or you get busy living – and I wanted to get busy living! The history of Avignon... Read More »
The Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping to Jasper
If you love the outdoors and enjoy basking in scenery that looks like it is straight out of a postcard, a trip to the Canadian Rockies is a must this summer. Fly... Read More »
Things to Know Before You go to China
“Nǐ chīguòle méiyǒu?” (“Have you eaten?”) seems like an unusual way to greet someone, but only 15 years ago that was a common way of saying hello in China.... Read More »
South Africa
5 Things to Do in Port Elizabeth that You'll Actually Want to Write Home About
I have been visiting my family in Port Elizabeth since I was old enough to get on a plane, filling my days with beach trips and ice creams on the pier, visits to the... Read More »
Festivals Around the World
Stuck for ideas on where to go next? Find inspiration in our month-by-month guide to epic events across the globe in 2019...January: Sydney FestivalWhen: 9th -... Read More »
A Long Weekend in Chicago

Flight Centre’s Alexandra Cronin gives us a whistle-stop tour of the Windy City, taking in food, architecture and lakeside living…

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Eastern USA: Boston to New York and Washington DC
Midway through my plate of delicious lobster ravioli, it starts: “Do you mind if I take a quick picture?” There’s a queue of tourists – writes Clare Thorp... Read More »
This Australian Beach Is Full Of Kangaroos Ready To Hang Out With You
As an Australian, any interaction with a non-Australian tends to centre around kangaroos. Namely, can you see them on the high street or do you ride them to work?... Read More »
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going to Australia
More than four million people visit Australia on holiday every year. And who could blame them? The Land Down Under boasts sun-blessed beaches, epic wildlife and... Read More »
Slice of Sunshine: Queensland's best food
Famed for its incredible coastline, Queensland can also kick it with the best of ‘em when it comes to gastronomic prowess. Ashley Wright – aka Cairns born-and-bred... Read More »
7 Stunning Places You Had No Idea Were In Queensland
When you think of Queensland it’s easy to think of only the bright lights and skyscrapers of Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, but I’m here to tell you that... Read More »
A Stopover Guide to Kuala Lumpur
For an Asian city, Kuala Lumpur is by no means an old city. A town carved out of virgin jungle in the mid-19th century by Chinese and Malaysian tin... Read More »
Rottnest Island: Quokka Selfies and Bike Rides
Waiting off the coast of Perth in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is one of Western Australia’s best getaways, Rottnest Island.This rugged and beautiful island is... Read More »
The Best Foods to Try in Japan
During our short stay in Tokyo, we had quickly come to realise that you can never eat too much of anything in this busy city. Where there was food, we had to try it!... Read More »
12 Queensland Beaches You'd Rather Be At
Hands up if you’re getting sick and tired of this whole winter thing?! There’s something to be said for a British winter—it’s cold, drizzly and not quite like... Read More »
Central America
How to Honeymoon in Costa Rica
“It’s rare to see them moving and eating like that,” said our guide Juan. We were bobbing beneath a tree in Tortuguero’s canals and staring up at a Costa... Read More »
7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mallorca in Winter
Mallorca in winter? "Why would I want to do that?" I hear you cry, "isn't it cold?" Well, perhaps a tad, but the weather's still glorious. Plus, the roads... Read More »
The Best Beaches in the Caribbean
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.Just being surrounded by sun, sea and sand is good for the soul, so why not choose one... Read More »
The Best Ways to Explore Australia
From soaring above the world’s largest coral reef to hiking mountain passes and paddling down majestic rivers, there are as many ways to explore Australia as there are... Read More »
Inside Clubrooms at London Gatwick
If you’re travelling for a special occasion, but don’t quite have the budget to fly Business or First Class and get access to an airline lounge, Clubrooms at London... Read More »
The Perks of Flying Premium Economy

Should you fly in Premium Economy Class? What benefits do you get for the additional cost? Is it worth it? Let's see...

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New Zealand
Inside New Zealand's Weta Workshop
If you’re a film geek like me, the Weta Workshop is a must. I’m not ashamed to say that – from the moment I clapped eyes on its Hobbit hole-inspired exterior – I... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Top 10 Blog Posts 2018
Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back at our favourite blog posts of the year to see what has got you travel-obsessed lot clicking in 2018. Here are our... Read More »
8 Delicious Dishes to Try in Toronto
Canada’s largest city has food aplenty – from swanky restaurants to street food vendors to casual dining. Sophie Hart experienced the cuisine first-hand on a recent... Read More »
8 Must-Do Singapore Attractions for Every Traveller
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog Boasting plenty of high-quality restaurants, trendy new nightclubs and a stunning water-lined... Read More »
7 Reasons Why Northern Spain Should be on your Travel Must-see List
When I announced I was heading to Spain for my summer holidays, most of my friends assumed I meant southern Spain, for the beaches, or perhaps Madrid or Barcelona. But... Read More »
10 Christmas Traditions from Around the World
Not long 'til Christmas now, and you'll soon be enjoying your mince pies and mulled wine while feeling suitably stuffed from far too much turkey. But as you set... Read More »
Boston by Bike: An Interview with Bob Foley from Urban AdvenTours
After a fun-filled day on a cycling tour around Boston, Phil Murray chats to Bob Foley from Urban AdvenTours to see why you too should see Boston by... Read More »
Tales from Western Canada's Rockies in the Winter
“You can drive your car on it,” says a reassuring local, catching my fleeting hesitation as I step out on to the snow-covered ice of Lake Louise. Of course, I... Read More »
A Guide to Airline Frequent Flyer Schemes
If you fly a lot, then you’ll have heard of airline frequent flyer schemes. These loyalty programmes encourage you to book with the same airline time and time... Read More »
A Foodie’s Guide to Travelling Indonesia
Indonesia is a vast archipelago of many thousands of islands, each with its own unique culture, language, history and cuisine. With such diversity to be found across the... Read More »
6 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas Abroad
When it comes to the idea of spending Christmas abroad, most people fall into one of two camps. The first is those who can’t think of anything worse – surely... Read More »
5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Florida Panhandle
When most people are contemplating a trip to Florida, it’s usually the theme parks of Orlando, the Art-Deco glitz of Miami or the poolside living of Tampa that spring... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Travelling Paper Boy
We’re always jealous of people who can combine art and travel, which is why we couldn’t help but fall in love with Rich McCor's incredible cut-outs. His Instagram... Read More »
New Zealand
A City Guide to Christchurch
New Zealand isn’t short on incredible experiences, whether you’re venturing across its undulating landscapes or exploring the unique towns and cities. And no matter... Read More »
Los Angeles
How to spend 24 hours in Venice Beach, California
Venice Beach is one of the most interesting places to stay in Los Angeles. A sleepy beach town that’s anything but boring, there are so many... Read More »
New Zealand
12 Drone Photos of New Zealand That Will Make you Want to Visit Right NOW
Just when you thought New Zealand couldn’t get any more mind-bogglingly beautiful, someone flew a drone over its best bits – capturing those wind-whipped coastlines,... Read More »
Inside the Singapore Airlines Lounge at London Heathrow
Sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal? Look no further. If you’re flying Business or First Class with Singapore Airlines – or one of its... Read More »
New Zealand
The Best Luxury Lodges: Bay of Many Coves, New Zealand
A hush fell over the boat as we rounded the corner and first set eyes on the Bay of Many Coves Resort. It’s easy to understand why though – this was to be the... Read More »
Los Angeles
Why You Should Upgrade to Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch™
Planning a trip to New Zealand or Los Angeles any time soon? Whether you’re travelling with kids in tow, as a couple, or on your own, Air New Zealand’s Economy... Read More »
A View From Above: Queensland's Heart Reef

Take to the skies with Flight Centre's Phil Murray for a bird's-eye view of beautiful Heart Reef...

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A Foodie’s Guide to Travelling Malaysia
Malaysia is quite literally a foodie paradise. Anyone who has ever travelled to the Southeast Asian nation will undoubtedly have come away several kilos heavier than... Read More »
South Pacific
9 Reasons Why Fijians are So Happy
Fiji is the happiest nation on the planet. And no, we’re not just saying that. In fact, according to a survey by the WIN/Gallup International Association – where... Read More »
New Zealand
A Guide to Flying Business Class with Air New Zealand
When you start likening your Business Class seat to your bed at home, the benefits of flying in a luxury cabin soon become clear – particularly when you’re... Read More »
Why California's Joshua Tree National Park should be on your USA Travel List
The California desert is synonymous with the Wild West, cacti and of course, Coachella, but did you know it’s also a hiker’s dream destination? I went... Read More »
New Zealand
Why Abel Tasman is One of the Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in New Zealand
I have to admit, when I first thought about holidaying in New Zealand, beautiful beaches weren’t what immediately sprung to mind. Hiking? Yes. Mountains? For sure.... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
Hawaii: Top Tips from the Locals
It’s where volcanoes rise up through fragrant air, tropical waters teem with wildlife and a traditional culture is treasured – and shared. There’s no place on... Read More »
New Zealand
New Zealand Wine: An Interview with Cameron Woods of Nelson's Kahurangi Estate
There’s a new(ish) cellar door on the block, and its name is Tasteology at the Kahurangi Estate. Located in New Zealand’s Nelson/Tasman region – at the very top of... Read More »
Discovering Seattle’s Craft Beer Scene
Just back from a whistlestop visit to Seattle, Ben Williams shares his experiences of tasting craft beers in the brewing capital of the USA...Not long after touching... Read More »
Epic Drone Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit the Philippines
The Philippines is fast becoming one of Asia’s most popular travel destinations, as visitors are beginning to realise just how much beauty is hidden amongst the... Read More »
Life Below Zero in Antarctica

Wildlife photographer Ginny Scholes fulfilled a lifelong dream when she took her camera on an Antarctic expedition:

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San Diego
Where to Eat and Drink in San Diego
Best known for its beautiful beaches, lush green parks and world-famous zoo, there’s a reason they call San Diego ‘America’s Finest City’. But it’s not just... Read More »
The Scariest Halloween Film Locations to Visit This October
Carving pumpkins, stocking up on sweet treats and watching a horror movie is all part and parcel of All Hallows Eve. Halloween is the perfect time to settle in and watch... Read More »
Spotting Unmissable Wildlife in Malaysia
Malaysia evokes images of postcard-perfection. Think on it for a moment and no doubt your mind will conjure up pictures of breathtaking natural beauty, endless... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Victoria
Flight Centre's Victoria Expert Nikki Metcalfe has been to Australia 10 times and spent three months travelling around Victoria. She says "This small state is so... Read More »
A Foodie’s Guide to Travelling the Philippines
The Philippines’ thousands of different islands and the country’s diverse history have ensured that Filipino cuisine is some of the most interesting in Asia.... Read More »
Road Tripping from Melbourne

A full spectrum of attractions within a two-hour radius makes Melbourne the ideal starting point for a road trip in Victoria, says Kathleen Prior...

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Queensland Gets the Royal Seal of Approval from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Today, Monday, 22 October, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex touch down on the soft sands of Fraser Island – the largest sand island on the planet. The visit is... Read More »
5 Ways to See Seattle
There are many ways to explore Seattle, Washington State’s largest city, and home of the oldest Starbucks. With the city and surrounding area filled with beauty,... Read More »
In Conversation with Sharron Davies
Olympic medallist Sharron Davies MBE presented awards at this year’s Flight Centre Schools Triathlon. Here the former competitive swimmer tells us she still loves to... Read More »
Hot-Air Ballooning in South Africa
It’s a painful 4:30am when I hear the alarm go off and I immediately forget where I am and what I am doing. Why am I waking up at this time?! Oh yeah, that’s right,... Read More »
4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Malaysia
When thinking of holiday destinations around the South China Sea, it’s only natural to consider travel hotspots like Thailand, Vietnam or even Indonesia. But Malaysia,... Read More »
Discover Queensland’s Great Beach Drive
With a sprawling coastline, well connected highway and plenty of icons to see, the Australian state of Queensland is made for driving. But where to begin when planning... Read More »
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to the Top Things to Do in Boston
Planning your trip to Boston? As one of the oldest cities in the USA, there's so much to see and do here. And, known as the walking city, Flight Centre... Read More »
6 Instagrammable Travel Destinations for Autumn
Autumn is a magical season and its beauty always translates on camera. During the autumn, Instagram is brimming with images of freshly fallen golden leaves and... Read More »
Bali: The Road Less Travelled
The road to Bali is well travelled, but a Journey to Indonesia reveals there’s so much more to the region than blissful beaches and luxury hotels, says Tess... Read More »
The Best Adventures in the Philippines
The Philippines is a country of over 7,000 different islands, giving this Southeast Asian nation a level of diversity that’s like nowhere else in the world. Even given... Read More »
12 Photos That Prove Queensland Has the Best Beaches in the World
Where to find the world’s best beaches? It’s a tough call – but these drone snaps from Tourism Australia have got us dreaming of Queensland’s sensational... Read More »
The World's Most Glamorous Train Journeys
Taking us back to an era when travelling by train was a glamorous affair, these classic rail Journeys encourage us to take it easy and enjoy the... Read More »
10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Live Music Venues
Catching your favourite band or singer live is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, with the experience easily elevated further into greatness... Read More »
Los Angeles
5 Ways to Live Like a Local in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the pinnacle of the American Dream. A place where Hollywood stars are a dime a dozen and the sun shines pretty much 365 days a year. The jewel of the... Read More »
Discovering Arizona's Flourishing Food Scene
A big state that’s big on flavour, Arizona will surprise and delight. Helen Wright gets a taste of what’s on offer from Pavle Milic, a pioneer in the Phoenix... Read More »
South Africa
How I Ate My Way Along South Africa's Garden Route
How could you make one of the world’s most beautiful self-drive routes even better? Stuff it with great food of course. And when you discover the culinary treats that... Read More »
How to Travel with Family on a Budget
Once we had decided we wanted to take our children travelling for a few months, we were adamant that we would see it through. That said, we knew it would have to be a... Read More »
Where to See Wildlife in Victoria, Australia
From the dramatic coast to the rugged, national park-filled interior, Victoria is home to some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife. Despite being the second smallest... Read More »
8 Reasons to Visit Coron, Philippines
Beautiful, spectacular, incredible, breathtaking. English adjectives will always fail to adequately describe the natural scenes that are awaiting travellers in... Read More »
5 of the Best Things I Ate in Thailand
When I found out I was going to Thailand, it goes without saying that I was excited about visiting the beautiful temples, soaking up a new culture and touring the... Read More »
Why You Should Visit Hawaii’s Big Island
Hawaii’s Big Island has been making newspaper headlines all over the world in recent months. First, there were the eruptions of Kilauea in Hawai’i Volcanoes National... Read More »
Best Road Trips in Victoria, Australia
If you love the idea of road tripping in Australia consider making the state of Victoria your starting point for a driving holiday Down Under. From the culture-packed... Read More »
New York
7 Reasons to Take a Superhero Tour in New York City
Lights! Camera! Superhero action! Whether you like to admit it or not, everybody loves a good superhero. My personal favourite? Ant-man. Extreme sarcasm and the ability... Read More »
Road Trippin' in the USA
Covering 1,672 miles from the burnt-orange landscape of the Grand Canyon to iconic Santa Monica Boulevard, Flight Centre’s Alexandra Gregg put her pedal to the metal... Read More »
The Bluffer's Guide to Thailand's Islands
Love the idea of an island adventure in Thailand, but not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know about Thailand’s 10 best isles – for beach lovers,... Read More »
50 Ultimate Travel Bucket List Ideas
Looking for bucket list inspiration? Look no further. We asked Flight Centre’s most knowledgeable Destination Experts to give us the lowdown on their favourite travel... Read More »
What it's Really Like Inside Etihad's 'The Residence'
Etihad's The Residence cabins are the height of luxury : plusher than First Class, akin to a 5* hotel in the sky. But what's it really like on board? Lauren Burvill... Read More »
New York
Hot in the City: Summer in New York
Emerging from the subway into bright sunlight, I checked my phone to see what the temperature was. 34°C. And that was at street level. Down in the subway, it must have... Read More »
10 Things You Have to Do in Bruges
If it’s laid-back city vibes you’re after, look no further than the UNESCO-listed micro city of Bruges. With its romantic, historic buildings, abundance of food,... Read More »
A Walk Down Washington DC’s National Mall
A fusion of history and heritage, of contemporary and cool – Washington DC is where the business of America happens. The US capital is peppered with major landmarks,... Read More »
Jungle and Tea in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia
I pushed my way through the dense, thick jungle. Vines were wrapping around my boots, while I could feel thorns, stones and sticks digging into my legs and arms as I... Read More »
Mythbuster: Everything You Need to Know About Group Tours
They’ll take you further than you’ve ever been, to unforgettable destinations with a bunch of like-minded people – so why do group tours sometimes get a bad (and... Read More »
Bali’s Secret Spots
Bali is an island that has it all. White sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, a year round tropical climate, and a local culture that’s different from anywhere else in... Read More »
A Guide to Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas
Exuma Cays in the Bahamas features on many a bucket list. And it's not just the pristine white sands and turquoise waters that are the big draw here, its swimming... Read More »
The Best Places to Stay in Thailand
Limestone karsts, crystal-clear waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Thailand has all the ingredients you need for a paradisiacal retreat. Couple... Read More »
Top Things to Do in Hawaii
Whether you crave wildlife and adventure, or if relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun and culture is more your thing, Hawaii has it all in droves. Made up of... Read More »
Why You Should Start Your City Break with a Walking Tour
Flight Centre's Sue Johnson, loves a walking tour, and here she tells us why it's the first thing she does on arrival in a new destination...Flights booked. Hotel... Read More »
The Best Hotels in the Caribbean
With its endless stretches of white sands, crystal-clear waters, gently swaying palms and golden sunsets, the Caribbean is the ideal destination to kick back and relax.... Read More »
6 of the Best Tours to Do in the USA
Diverse, vast and full of incredible sights to see and experiences to get immersed in – it can be tricky to know where to begin when holidaying in the USA. But... Read More »
All Aboard The Ghan Train in Australia
Spectacular scenery, comfort and camaraderie are among the many reasons The Ghan train expedition has stood the test of time. Originally dubbed The Afghan Express, the... Read More »
How to Make the Most of Your Time in California
Cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one of the most iconic experiences in California. But when you’re not behind the wheel, or... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Canada's Rocky Mountaineer with Chef JP
The Rocky Mountaineer experience makes many a bucket list – whether you're retired and looking to splurge, on a honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion or... Read More »
What it’s Like to Fly Business Class with Garuda Indonesia
Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m not the best at flying. I’m always one of the first to arrive for a flight, anxious to drop my bag off and get... Read More »
New Zealand
8 of the Best Railway Journeys in the World
From chugging past the alpine peaks of Canada's Rocky Mountains or slicing through Australia's scorched Red Centre, railways can provide brilliant (and comfortable)... Read More »
The Best Hotels in Bali
Bali has been top of my travel wish-list for as long as I can remember – those rolling emerald hills, the white-sand beaches, the spectacular surfing; not to mention... Read More »
How Flight Centre’s Travel Experts Can Help You!
We don’t mean to brag, but our Flight Centre Consultants are pretty great. Whenever you book a tailor-made holiday with us, your Travel Consultant will be... Read More »
What it’s Like to Trek Through Bali’s Rice Paddy Fields
On my recent trip to Indonesia, I had three things I desperately wanted to tick off my travel wish list – spotting the Komodo dragons, tasting the delicious cuisine... Read More »
Why Rocky Mountaineer is More Than Just a Train Journey
List off some of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world and chances are Western Canada is going to be on there. From Vancouver with its laid-back coastal... Read More »
A Guided Tour of Oahu, Hawaii
Brangelina. Bennifer. Tomkat. Combining the names of a celebrity couple seems to doom their union to failure. But what’s true in Hollywood is not true in travel, where... Read More »
Brisbane To Cairns: The Classic Queensland Road Trip
Between Brisbane and Cairns, there’s over 1600 kilometres of road to cover and countless hours to spend behind the wheel of a vehicle, but for those who do tackle this... Read More »
Western Australia
The Best National Parks in Western Australia
Western Australia is the largest state by land area in the country, with an extensive coastline and vast landscapes to explore. It’s arguably the most diverse region... Read More »
How to See Tigers in India
If you’re a fan of the Jungle Book movie, you’ve probably already fantasised about visiting the jungles of India and spotting a tiger in the wild. Well, as someone... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Life as a Tour Guide in Vietnam
It’s not every day that you get to attend a Vietnamese cooking class, hitch a ride on a sea plane above Ha Long Bay and take a luxury cruise down the Mekong Delta.... Read More »
7 Reasons to Get off Your Caribbean Sunlounger
It’s time to budge from the beach! There’s more to the Caribbean than swimming pools and white sands, and those who dare to embrace some soft adventure will be... Read More »
An Interview with the Chef de Cuisine at Alila Seminyak, Bali
Imagine cooking and eating for a living – especially at one of the most amazing resorts in Bali. Allow us to introduce Vivian Vitalis, the extremely talented Chef de... Read More »
Why You Should Take a Cooking Class in Bali
I love food. I mean, I really love it. Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m at my happiest when tucking into a delicious plate of lobster ravioli, a... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to California
Flight Centre’s California Expert Rachel Newton has worked at Flight Centre for four years and has been to California five times. She says: ”Anything you... Read More »
Sailing Komodo Island in Indonesia
I’ll be honest – I didn’t know much about Komodo Island before I was told I’d be visiting it on a work trip to Indonesia. And while I was excited to see the... Read More »
Western Australia
An Expert's Guide to Western Australia
”It’s so different to the rest of the country. The vibe is really relaxed and the coastline is stunning, with amazing walks and so much incredible marine life."... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Vietnam
Local knowledge is the key to unlocking the secrets of a place. That’s why we’ve partnered with Buffalo Tours for our Asia Journeys. Meet Tuong, your Vietnamese... Read More »
5 Must-See Places in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Often forgotten about in favour of its neighbour Croatia (blame Game of Thrones) and other Balkan states, southeastern Europe's Bosnia & Herzegovina has its own... Read More »
Why You Should Take a Back-Roads Tour in Asia
Imagine a holiday that combines the advantages of small-group tours with the one-of-a-kind experiences of independent travel. Ellie Fazan finds that a Flight... Read More »
7 Reasons You’ll Fall For Miami
With its Latin flavour, beach culture and swanky shopping opportunities, Miami is so much more than just a Floridian port hub. In fact, it's unlike almost anywhere... Read More »
5 Reasons Why You Should Surf in Morocco’s Taghazout Region
There’s something serene and alluring about Taghazout, a former sleepy fishing village turned year-round surf destination, in southwest Morocco. It has become a surf... Read More »
How to Eat Like a Local in the Philippines
Coming from a family of ‘foodies’, one of my favourite parts of going on holiday is getting the chance to discover the local food and drink. And when I got the... Read More »
The Best Whitsunday Island for Honeymoons
You would be hard pressed to find a more idyllic honeymoon destination than The Whitsundays. The archipelago of 74 stunning tropical Australian islands, nestled at the... Read More »
Best Things to Do on Brisbane South Bank
Whilst there are a host of activities to enjoy in the sun-drenched city of Brisbane, the city’s South Bank takes the biscuit. In similar fashion to London’s trendy... Read More »
Top Tips for Travelling Vegans
Travelling as a vegan can feel like those first few weeks of veganism all over again: exciting, daunting, with a never ending mantra of ‘what on earth am I going to... Read More »
Meeting the Locals in Tasmania
There are many special things about Tasmania, not least the quirks of its landscape and the characters who call it home. From a couple who make award-winning... Read More »
South Africa
Garden Route to Paradise: Honeymooning in South Africa and Mauritius
Working for a travel company meant that, when I got engaged, one of the questions I was asked most was “Ooh, where are you going to go on your honeymoon?” Being... Read More »
North America
The Best Things to See and Do in Glacier National Park
Located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains and along the Canadian border, Glacier National Park offers up 1,583 square miles of incredible natural scenery and beauty... Read More »
A Guide to Western Australia's Northern Region
With the new non-stop Qantas flight from London to Perth, the gateway to Western Australia, this spectacular state is finally getting the attention it... Read More »
7 of the Best Summer Solstice Celebrations in Europe
We might have Stonehenge, but our European neighbours celebrate the summer solstice in many different ways. We all have one thing in common, though: as the Earth’s... Read More »
The Ethical Way to Interact with Elephants on Holiday
Elephants are often a huge part of Asian and African culture and interacting with these stunning animals is an opportunity that few people are willing to miss out on.... Read More »
Washington DC
Exploring the USA with United Airlines
United Airlines offers unrivalled access to the USA, flying non-stop from London Heathrow to Washington, DC, its US hub. This makes the nation’s capital the perfect... Read More »
The Best Hotel Spas on the Planet
Everyone deserves to be spoilt, to be pampered and to indulge in a bit of ‘me time’. Well what if you could enjoy all of that whilst staying in some of the most... Read More »
Western Australia
Perth to Broome: The Ultimate Western Australian Road Trip
Travelling from Perth to Broome is the ultimate Western Australian road trip. It’s a long, long way to drive - over 1,400 miles in fact - but there are incredible... Read More »
How to Make the Most of Your Family Adventure Holiday
You don’t have to book one of our inclusive Journey or Escape holidays to make the most of our knowledge. To ensure your trip is extra special, our Travel Experts... Read More »
7 Things to Know Before You Go to a Yoga Retreat
Attending a yoga retreat for the first time can be extremely rewarding, life-changing even, but if you have never experienced a yoga holiday, it helps to know what to... Read More »
The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World
On 8th June every year, we mark World Oceans Day, a day of celebration and awareness for the world’s oceans and the adverse effects humanity and our planet... Read More »
Why we Love the Flight Centre Concierge Team
Our Concierge team is one of our best assets at Flight Centre – here to offer you advice on the best restaurants, help secure tickets to events, and plan... Read More »
The Top 5 Things to Do in Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada's Kelowna is home to British Columbia’s breathtaking Okanagan Valley wine country. While this is Kelowna’s ticket to fame, there is an abundance of... Read More »
What it's Like to Fly Business Class with Singapore Airlines
Before I went to Texas on Singapore Airlines’ inaugural flight from Manchester to Houston, I’d never flown Business Class before. In fact, I’ve never even ventured... Read More »
Where to Eat in Washington DC
Often misrepresented as a place for politics not play, Washington, DC is bursting with creativity and tasty bites. Here, our local food fanatic – Vina Sananikone... Read More »
The Ultimate 50 Things to Do in Australia
Australia may be big, but our Travel Experts know it better than anyone - which is where this epic list comes in. Escape the tourist horde and really get under the skin... Read More »
In Your Wildest Dreams: the Quirkiest Hotels in Canada
For a chance to see incredible wildlife, explore the great outdoors, taste outstanding local produce and sleep in hotels that are (almost) out of this world, there's no... Read More »
5 Things You’ve Got to Do in Namibia
Namibia is a country of unrivalled beauty. Home to stunning mountains, ancient – almost alien – desert landscapes, and, of course, some of the best wildlife-watching... Read More »
Why You Should Have Clothes Made in Vietnam
From the 15th to 19th century, Hoi An in Vietnam was a Southeast Asian shipping post. Its well-preserved international heritage is one of the big draws, with Chinese... Read More »
Visiting Turtle Island in Borneo, Malaysia
Turtle Islands are in the Sulu Sea just north of Borneo and between the Malaysian and Philippine border. There are three islands, Pulau Selingan, Pulau Bakkungan Kechil... Read More »
Kruger National Park
How to Safari in South Africa with 'As Seen from the Sidecar'
Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes are two former Flight Centre Travel Experts attempting to complete the first ever circumnavigation of the globe in a scooter with a... Read More »
The Best Vineyards in the Hunter Valley
To say I am partial to Australian wine is an understatement. In fact, it is a complete lie. I am 100% biased towards the Aussie grape. Since packing up my... Read More »
Flight Centre Interview: An Epic Worldwide Charity Challenge
In October 2017, former Flight Centre Travel Experts Reece Gilkes and Matt Bishop set off on the first ever circumnavigation of the globe on a scooter with a sidecar.... Read More »
What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed
You prepare for weeks, nay, months, for that special day. You get up at 4am to get to the airport, after barely getting any sleep the night before, worrying whether or... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Beijing
The world’s most populated capital, Beijing is as enigmatic as it is divisive. For many first-time visitors to China, the beauty of the city – which most often forms... Read More »
Top Tips for Taking Toddlers on Safari
There is a lot to be said for seeing the raw beauty of an African safari adventure through the eyes of children, witnessing first-hand the sizes, shapes, sounds and... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
8 of the Best Reasons to Visit the Great Barrier Reef
Why should I visit the World Famous Great Barrier Reef? If the picture below isn't enough to inspire a visit to the Great Barrier Reef then hopefully this... Read More »
The Unspoken Rules of Air Travel
When it comes to flying, there are plenty of rules that you have to know. You must check-in before your flight, your baggage can’t be over a certain weight, there’s... Read More »
6 Things Nobody Tells You About the Bahamas
It’s just beach resorts, right? Wrong! There’s much more to a Bahamas holiday than first meets the eye. Here we list the things that noone tells you about... Read More »
3 Insanely Beautiful Hikes You Must Do in Norway
Some things are worth sweating for and seeing the rooftop of the world from one of Norway’s towering fjords is one of them.Norway boasts unparalleled beauty in its... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
The Best Islands in the Great Barrier Reef
Here’s a run-down of some of the best islands in the Great Barrier Reef: Haggerstone Island Hamilton Island Hayman Island Lady Elliot Island Fitzroy Island Green... Read More »
Western Australia
Tales from the Road in Western Australia
A mighty wave, bathed in sunlight, towers above me as I squint up at the brilliant blue sky beyond, writes Helen Ochyra. But it’s not going to come crashing down any... Read More »
A Guide to Visiting Phillip Island
Less than two hours from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the perfect destination for wildlife and wilderness lovers. Think waddling little penguins, koalas sleeping in the... Read More »
How to Fix Yourself in Nepal
After going through a bit of emotional unrest last year (read: unremarkable breakup), I did two things. First, I went on an inexplicably excessive yoga spree — mostly... Read More »
The Best Things to Buy in Australia
The highlights of an Australia holiday don't typically include shopping, but when visiting the Land Down Under there are certainly a few choice purchases we recommend.... Read More »
10 Brilliantly Specific Food Festivals in the USA
The music is pumping and the drink is flowing as crowds jostle for space around a stage. They’re not here for Beyonce or their favourite bluegrass musician. This is... Read More »
Instatraveller: The Travels of One Man and His Three Dogs
Catching sight of the Northern Lights is an experience which tops many travel wish lists – but imagine watching the colours dance across the sky with your pet pooches... Read More »
Western Australia
Campervanning in Western Australia
Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. But it’s never been easier to travel there, with the first direct link between London and Perth launching earlier... Read More »
The Guide to Quebec: A Tale of Two Cities
If you ever need proof that daring to be different works, just head to Quebec. Canada’s French-speaking province has the same laid-back, unruffled temperament as the... Read More »
Middle East
5 Top Things to Do in Jordan
A heady hodgepodge of ancient sites, vast desert and holy heritage, Jordan is one of the most significant countries in the Middle East. Add it to your travel list right... Read More »
Central America
The Best Foods to Eat in Costa Rica
As a self-confessed foodie, cuisine plays a key role when it comes to planning my trips. I’ll heavily research a destination’s typical food, the best restaurants,... Read More »
Australia’s Food & Wine Highlights
Australians take their food and drink very seriously so prepare yourself for a journey into excellent cuisine.Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found in... Read More »
Experience the Great Barrier Reef from the Air
It’s difficult to imagine wanting to leave Hamilton Island in the heart of Queensland's Whitsundays, but after a few days here, I just couldn’t wait to get back to... Read More »
Western Australia
The Most Beautiful Places in Western Australia
We never thought we’d be jealous of an Australian albatross, but dammit – those big birds get some amazing views. With sweeping white sands, jungly tangles,... Read More »
Where to Find Wildlife and Nature in Australia
Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling you get when you spot wild animals in their natural habitat. It can make for an unforgettable holiday experience. Much of... Read More »
New Orleans
How to Spend 72 Hours in New Orleans
Embarking on a trip to one of the most fascinating cities in the USA? Before you head to New Orleans - whether it be for Mardi Gras or just to stuff your face with... Read More »
Top Tips for Booking your Queensland Holiday with Flight Centre
Planning your trip to the land Down Under? Flight Centre can help you plan the best Queensland holiday, as Brighton Travel Expert Mel Donoghue explains. Fresh... Read More »
What it's Like Spending Winter in Hokkaido
I ended up living in Hokkaido by happy accident. I didn’t have much of an idea about what I’d do with myself after I finished university, but I did know one thing: I... Read More »
Central America
How to Take a Road Trip Through Costa Rica
When I told people I was planning on driving around Costa Rica on my two-week trip, I was met with a mixture of surprise, admiration and shock. I admit I was a little... Read More »
A Beginner's Guide to the World's Best Wines
The world of wine can be an overwhelming one, but you don't need to be a connoisseur to appreciate the different varietals on a wine-tasting holiday. In fact,... Read More »
Why a Mediterranean Cruise is the Perfect Family Holiday
Linda Aitchison combined European culture and family fun on her first ever cruise, here she shares her experience...My fearless daughter Emily whoops with delight as she... Read More »
Discovering the Highlights of Hamilton Island, Queensland
By the miracle of modern technology, midway through my flight along the coast of Queensland, Australia to Brisbane, I watched the latest episode of a famous sci-fi... Read More »
5 Things to Do in Bali That Aren't Surfing
Indonesia’s most famous island might be a mecca for the surfing community, but there’s far more to Bali than its predictable swells and picture-perfect beaches. Here... Read More »
A City Break Guide to Krakow, Poland
Dripping in Gothic grandeur, a buzzing medieval market square and founded on a legendary dragon slaying: Krakow is city ripped straight from a Brothers Grimm fairytale.... Read More »
South America
7 Things to Do in Buenos Aires
The lively capital of Argentina is one of South America’s most impressive cities, with its wide tree-lined avenues and colourful street art everywhere you look. The... Read More »
5 Indonesian Islands You Should Visit That Aren't Bali
Bali might be the place on every traveller's lips, but who wants to always follow the crowds? Especially when some of Indonesia’s other islands have so much to... Read More »
How to Spend a Long Weekend in Fez, Morocco
Known as the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, ancient Fez is a breeding ground for scholars and artisans and is a place of constant pandemonium and endless... Read More »
How to Get Under the Skin of New England
New England may be known around the world for having the best fall leaves display in the States, but there’s so much to see here all year-round. Our Experts have... Read More »
Introducing the Great 8 of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef
Most people have heard of the ‘Big 5’, but how about the ‘Great 8’? Rather than spotting animals in the African bush, you can find the Great 8 beneath the waves... Read More »
5 Places to Escape the Crowds in Montenegro
The Balkans are fast becoming Europe’s next big thing. Front and centre? The unassuming (and wildly underrated) country of Montenegro. Even with long, winding roads... Read More »
How to Spend 48 Hours in Bangkok
Busy and chaotic at times, Bangkok has been in the top three most visited cities in the world for most of the last decade. With lavish temples, busy street markets... Read More »
Why Japan Offers the Perfect Cruising Holiday
Caroline Gladstone experienced the endless diversity of Japan on a circular, springtime cruise around the coast of Honshu. Here, we catch up with her about her... Read More »
Why Visit Queensland's Atherton Tablelands
The eye-wateringly beautiful Atherton Tablelands may not get the same attention as its world-famous neighbours – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest... Read More »
Instatraveller: Catching up with an Urban Explorer
For most of us, relaxation and chill-out time is key when on holiday. But @makhorov – of Novosibirsk in Russia – explores the world in a unique way: he scales the... Read More »
Costa Rica
In Conversation with Exodus: Travel Styles and Guides
Exodus first took travellers to the Himalaya over 40 years ago, and has been taking people on adventures around the world ever since...W ant to really get under the skin... Read More »
New Zealand
A Guide to Flying Premium Economy with Air New Zealand
I recently had the pleasure of flying from Auckland to San Francisco with Air New Zealand, seated in 25B, midway down their delightful Premium Economy cabin. And I can... Read More »
Sunshine Coast
How to Do a Sunshine Coast Road Trip
There are so many things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia's Sunshine State, it's nearly impossible to list them all. Ready to explore? We... Read More »
The World’s Best Festivals
Attending a festival is a great way to truly immerse yourself in the culture of a place. Essentially one giant party, a ritual or perhaps an honouring of a tradition,... Read More »
3 Epic Road Trips to Take from Vancouver
At first glance, Vancouver may not seem like a land of road trip holidays, but this Canadian gem has more incredible tarmac than you can shake a hockey stick at. Most... Read More »
An Expert’s Guide to Sri Lanka
“Three elements come together to make Sri Lanka particularly wonderful: friendly people, the glorious green landscape and how easy it is to experience everything”Tom... Read More »
An Interview with the Executive Chef at Spicers Retreats, Australia
The prospect of cooking and eating for a living is a pretty tempting one – especially when you’re doing it in some of Australia’s most luxurious properties. Enter... Read More »
Los Angeles
How to Spend 72 Hours in Los Angeles
Most people visit Los Angeles to see Hollywood or Disney. Having been to both I would definitely recommend them but there is a lot more to see and do in this city. There... Read More »
Inside the New Qantas Lounge at London Heathrow
While it’s fair to say that hanging out at the airport isn’t usually a pastime to write home about, the new Qantas lounge at London Heathrow makes killing time at... Read More »
How to Start a Travel Blog
Travel blogging can be an exciting hobby, but for some, it could also be an inspiring alternative to a 9-5 office job. Whether you want to make a full-time career out of... Read More »
Cruising from Sydney to New Zealand
Sally Macmillan has made two previous trips to New Zealand, but a luxury cruise out of Sydney proved to be her standout voyage...Sydney’s beaches, Opera House and... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Florence
One of our favourite Italian cities, it’s easy to spend days in Florence and still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface. If you’re keen to get a... Read More »
Everything You Need to Know About Exploring Lake Louise
One of Canada’s most beloved ski resorts, Lake Louise is a destination that offers beauty and excitement all-year round. The lake that gives the town its name, in... Read More »
How to Watch the Australian Open in Melbourne
It’s something of an understatement to say that the Australian Open is quite different from Wimbledon. Both celebrate top flight tennis at its best, but where... Read More »
New South Wales
An Expert’s Guide to Victoria and New South Wales
“From the buzz of city life to the serenity of nature-packed national parks, via some of the most pristine beaches on Earth, it’s endlessly inspirational here.”... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Melbourne
Melbourne is one of our all-time favourite cities. There's always something new to love about the place; whether it’s rooftop cocktail bars in Fitzroy or... Read More »
3 of the Best Multi-Stop Flight Itineraries
With a multi-stop airfare, the world is your oyster. Whether you want to add an offbeat pit stop on the way to your main destination, or go on a once-in-a-lifetime... Read More »
A Guide to Exploring San Diego, California
Known as the birthplace of California, San Diego may not be the Golden State’s most famous tourist destination, but it still remains a city bursting with fun, history... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Chicago
Chicago is a city bursting with amazing architecture, awesome art and fantastic food! It is often unfairly overlooked in favour of New York or San Francisco, but trust... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Cruise Holidays
Flight Centre’s Steven McLean has been to 34 countries, and his all-time favourite way to travel is by ship. There are many different ways to cruise; here Steve... Read More »
Santa Monica
How to Spend a Long Weekend in Santa Monica
In a city famed for its beaches, pier, markets and art-filled streets, resident Evan Meyer – founder of the Beautify Earth initiative – leads the way on a... Read More »
South America
Where to Shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Personal shopper, writer and stylist Sophie Lloyd has lived in Buenos Aires for seven years. Through her company, Shop Hop BA, she provides tailored introductions to the... Read More »
Where to See Flamenco in Spain
The brightly coloured costumes, the strumming of the guitar, the rhythmic hand claps – flamenco is a hypnotising Spanish tradition which simply has to be experienced... Read More »
How to Honeymoon in Sorrento, Italy
It was easy to fall in love with the idea of honeymooning in southern Italy. We chose Sorrento as not only did it work out cost effective, but it was also an ideal... Read More »
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to 72 Hours in Sydney
There are so many famous sights to see in Sydney that it can take ages to decide where to start. So with this in mind, Flight Centre Concierge Vicky Savage... Read More »
How to Holiday in Sri Lanka
With its sights and sounds, scents and flavours, Sri Lanka will awaken your mind, body and soul, writes Joanna... Read More »
The Best Swimming Spots Along the Sydney to Melbourne Coast
Tidal pools, secluded waterholes, dramatic waterfalls… Christine Faughlin dips her toe into some spectacular swimming spots along the Melbourne to Sydney coastal... Read More »
A Gourmet Guide to Icelandic Food
Fish doesn’t have to travel far to get from sea to plate Reykjavik, located as it is on the coast of a small island surrounded by icy cool waters. “Arctic, char,... Read More »
6 Things to Know Before you Go Skiing
Skiing is a holiday activity that people return to year after year. It’s fun, exhilarating and rewarding to speed down a beautiful snow-covered slope with the cool... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017
As the year draws to a close, we’ve looked back at Flight Centre’s favourite blog posts from the last 12 months to see what got you travel-obsessed lot clicking this... Read More »
Instatraveller: Travelling Dogs Max and Louise
15 countries and counting –adorable pals Max and Louise have been busy exploring the world and sharing it all on Instagram. With over 130,000 people following their... Read More »
Where to Go in 2018
Once the dust has settled on the Champagne and fireworks, new year can be a gloomy time. It’s cold, it’s continuously dark, and spring feels like a million miles... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to St Petersburg
In mid-October, just before the icy winds of winter approached and temperatures plummeted, I spent a weekend in St Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city after its... Read More »
4 Reasons to Add Solo Travel to your 2018 Travel Bucket List
The idea of solo travel can be daunting for a number of reasons. For one – although Flight Centre will be there to help you map out and book your trip – inevitably... Read More »
Indian Ocean
Mauritius: Beyond the Beaches
The beaches of Mauritius are beautiful and undoubtedly worthy of thorough exploration. In fact, there are few better places in the world where you can revel on soft,... Read More »
Things to Do in Krabi
Seen as the more laid-back alternative to the popular Phuket, Krabi is a province located on the west coast of southern Thailand. The region is beloved for its... Read More »
New Zealand
7 Things You Can Only Do in New Zealand
The Land of the Long White Cloud is a mystical, mysterious place, full of beautiful landscapes, outdoor adventures and the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Its'... Read More »
Discovering the Best of Bali
We didn’t know what to expect from the Indonesian island of Bali. As we stepped off the plane, made our way through the airport, and headed outside, the humidity... Read More »
Things to Know Before You Go to South Africa
With an intoxicating portfolio of diverse landscapes that range from Table Mountain, towering over Cape Town and its craggy coastline, to river deltas, deserts and... Read More »
Where to Get the Best Amsterdam Canal Photos
A trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without that perfect canal shot. It is the city of canals after all. But while each ones has its own unique charm, some... Read More »
Los Angeles
The Best Beaches in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is home to almost two dozen beautiful beaches. Combine this with the glorious, year-round sunny weather that LA and Santa Monica are famous for, and... Read More »
Top 5 Australian Beach Resorts
Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, and there are stunning resorts all over the country. Narrowing it down is no easy feat, but after much consideration, here are... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Marrakech
One of Morocco’s greatest lures is that it feels exotic, despite being just a three-hour flight away. Leave London in the early morning and you can tuck into a tagine... Read More »
The Best Cities to Visit in Australia
Australia is a country of contrasting landscapes; desert, beaches, mountains, bush – there is plenty to explore. It also has some incredible cities, and since I’ve... Read More »
A City Guide to Dubrovnik
Famously known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik has been the most prominent port on the Dalmatian Coast for almost a thousand years. However, more... Read More »
Middle East
How to Explore Dubai After Dark
The opulent city of Dubai may be magical in the daytime but, when the sun sets, that’s when the skyline really comes to life. Known for its impressive shopping... Read More »
9 of the Best American Road Trips
What is it about a US road trip that makes it so appealing? Perhaps it’s the excitement of the open road, the freedom of the freeway, the ability to stop as and when... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in Australia
When planning a visit to Australia, the options can seem endless. And indeed they are. No one trip to Australia can take in everything, but it is possible to experience... Read More »
The Ultimate German Christmas Market Guide for 2017
If you’re looking to delight your friends and family with charming handcrafted gifts this year, then look no further than the traditional German markets – all of... Read More »
Los Angeles
Things to Do in Los Angeles
Movie famous, home to the Hollywood sign and just a stone’s throw from the iconic Santa Monica Pier, it’s easy to conjure up a mental picture of Los Angeles… but... Read More »
Exploring Santorini’s Lesser-Known Islands by Tall Ship
Think of a paradisical Greek holiday in Santorini and what do you see? Cobalt-domed churches? Hillsides of whitewashed villas? Turquoise plunge pools backed by... Read More »
The Scariest Places to Spend Halloween
I love horror. I mean love it. So much so that I spent over an hour preparing a rather intense scarecrow face last Halloween. I also love travel, so the thought of... Read More »
A Guide to Bangkok Nightlife
Renowned as being one of the most visited cities in the whole of Asia, holidaying in Bangkok not only promises a rich cultural history but also, without doubt, one of... Read More »
Experience the Southern Soul of America's Deep South
Even though it was May in New Orleans, Mardi Gras beads still hung from traffic lights, street signs and trees, three months on from Carnival season. And as we toured... Read More »
The Non-Gambler's Guide to Las Vegas
Nothing tells you that you’ve arrived in Las Vegas like the flashing lights from the slot machines and the sound of dropping coins. Sin City may be a gamblers’... Read More »
New Zealand
Tramping along New Zealand's Milford Track
Tramping – or trekking to us Brits – is a national pastime in New Zealand.  And with all that beauty in the backyard, it’s easy to see why Mark Boucher... Read More »
New Zealand
A City Guide to Auckland
New Zealand is one of the most iconic countries in the South Pacific. Despite being frequently overshone by its bigger counterpart Australia, the Land of the Long White... Read More »
Queensland's Most Instagrammable Beaches
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Australia blogWinter may be fast approaching in the UK, but spring has already sprung in Australia! A forecast... Read More »
Experience the USA’s Wild West in Colorado
From the great landscapes of the American West to the cosmopolitan city of Denver, Colorado has much to offer, as writer Elle Griffiths discovers on a whistle-stop... Read More »
A Traveller's Guide to Calgary
Located just one hour from the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, Calgary has long been known as a gateway city to Alberta's nature scene. It’s a city with a... Read More »
Falling in Love with New England

This time last year, I spent a week blazing a scenic trail through the lovely, leafy states of New England...

Read More »
How Flight Centre's Concierge Team Can Make your Queensland Holiday Amazing
Flight Centre’s dedicated Concierge team is just one of the many benefits that customers who book one of our tailor-made Journeys holidays enjoy. Concierge Michelle... Read More »
South Africa
A Fine Vantage: Discovering the Wines of South Africa's Garden Route
Flight Centre’s Tessa Buckman travels along South Africa’s renowned Garden Route, taking in dramatic scenery, wildlife and a glass or two of the good... Read More »
Exploring the Hidden Mountain Towns of Southern California
This summer I set off on the adventure of a lifetime, and spent three months hiking through the high desert and mountains of California, from the border of Mexico to the... Read More »
New Zealand
A Guide to Road Tripping Around New Zealand's South Island
New Zealand is the ideal road trip destination, with postcard-worthy scenery, plenty of adrenaline-inducing activities and friendly locals. The gorgeous South Island... Read More »
The Best Stops on a Self-Drive Holiday around South Iceland
When you imagine Iceland, you think of crashing waterfalls and steaming geysers, thick snow that seeps over the tops of your boots to make your socks soggy and dark... Read More »
How to Save Money in Thailand
As one of Southeast Asia’s top destinations – offering breathtaking sights and a fascinating culture throughout – Thailand features on many a bucket... Read More »
Instatraveller: A Trio of Travelling Russian Nesting Dolls
Toothbrush, passport, underwear… Russian nesting dolls? When it comes to packing for your travels, the latter doesn’t usually make it to the list – unless you’re... Read More »
Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth Talks Australia Holidays
Hollywood actor; heart-throb; Home & Away star. Australian native Chris Hemsworth is all of these things, but most importantly he’s a family man. That’s why... Read More »
A Guide to the Islands of the Philippines
With 7,000 tropical islands nestled in crystal-blue seas, an endless variety of food, music and activities, and a rich culture throughout, it isn't hard to imagine the... Read More »
The Locals' Guide to Queensland, Australia
The unique story of Queensland, Australia’s second-largest state, is best told by the people who live there. These are the people who will help you get to the heart... Read More »
San Francisco
A Second-Timers’ Guide to San Francisco
San Francisco is a dynamic city – there are so many attractions here that you’ll never run out of things to do, no matter how often you visit.Your first visit will... Read More »
What to Expect from a Trip to Borneo
You might have heard of Borneo, but you won't really discover its wonders until you experience them first hand, writes Lucy... Read More »
An Interview with Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures
Ellie Fazan speaks to philanthropist and founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip...Broke and more than 3,100 miles from the check-in desk for my pre-booked flight... Read More »
New York
How to Explore New York City Like a Local
It’s the subject of Jay-Z’s billboard hit, the stomping ground for Carrie Bradshaw, and the birthplace of Madonna. It’s a city that needs no introduction, and one... Read More »
Why I Love Jasper as Much as Banff
When you’re planning your trip to Western Canada, everyone will rave to you about Banff National Park and the beauty of its abundant mirror lakes and snow-capped... Read More »
Instatraveller: Globetrotting Dogs Django and Chloe
Seven countries and counting – lovable pooches Django and Chloe have been busy exploring the world and sharing it all on Instagram. With over 16,000 people following... Read More »
Share the Dream at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018
Calling all sports fans! The Commonwealth Games are heading to the Gold Coast in Australia in 2018 and we're delighted to announce that Flight Centre is the only UK high... Read More »
10 of the Most Vegan-Friendly Places in Asia
For vegans travelling around Asia the food opportunities are deliciously limitless – think veggie pad Thai, ginger garlic noodles and tofu soup. However, you’re also... Read More »
Meet the Man Who Eats the World's Best Food and Gets Paid For It!
WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.When you're travelling the world, a huge part of discovering a place is discovering its cuisine. This is something... Read More »
A Quick Guide to Niagara Falls, Canada
You don’t have to listen very hard to hear the thunder of Niagara Falls. We could hear it crashing into a dense mist from our hotel – but then we had been lucky... Read More »
10 Things I Ate in Canada
Canada is perhaps not the first country that springs to mind when you think of culinary excellence, but it should be. On a recent trip to Ontario, I gorged on... Read More »
Into the Mist: Exploring Hawaii's Oahu by Helicopter
To say it’s difficult to drag yourself away from the infinity pool at Hawaii's Sheraton Waikiki is more than just hyperbole. The fault lies with their floating... Read More »
Adventure in Western Canada: Jasper & Banff
Having departed Vancouver two days prior, Alexandra Gregg continues her journey across Western Canada – keeping a keen eye out for bears in... Read More »
What It's Like to Stay at Elephant Hills in Thailand
It’s Friday night in Thailand. In Bangkok the streets are filled with music as tourists and locals swarm the colourful night markets. In Phuket it’s equally bustling... Read More »
Start your Journey in Style in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
Nothing tells you you’re finally starting your holiday like arriving at the lounge. And there aren’t many better lounges out there than the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse... Read More »
A Local’s Guide to the Best Things to Do in Brisbane
Not as big as Sydney nor as cultural as Melbourne, Brisbane has long been overshadowed by its sister Australian cities. That is, until recently. Having grown up in the... Read More »
10 Summer Adventures for a Weekend in Finland
Fancy a really wild weekend in Europe? Whether you kayak and camp on unspoilt isles, seek the brown bears hidden deep in its forests, or just bask under its midnight... Read More »
5 Reasons Why You Should Stopover in Singapore
Small but perfectly formed, Singapore is the ultimate melting pot, blending cuisines, architecture and art in astonishing style. Stay for a day or longer. You won’t... Read More »
Bia Hoi: A Guide to Vietnam's Beer Scene
When it comes to beer and travelling, Vietnam is the perfect pub crawl destination. With a glass costing just 30p and each establishment flaunting its own distinct... Read More »
Canada: East vs West
Whether you opt for the east and its charming, historic cities, great whale watching and delectable seafood, or the west and its wide-open spaces, bears, and chic,... Read More »
Instatraveller: Hamlet the Travelling Pig
This might just be our favourite Instatraveller yet. This month we caught up with Megan Peabody and her pet pig 'Hamlet the Beach Hog' to find out all about their... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Hawaii’s Outrigger Hotels
With its ancient blend of indigenous customs and ethnic influences, a holiday to Hawaii promises a full immersion into one of the most fascinating cultures on the... Read More »
Where the Locals Go in Vancouver
Experiencing a destination like a local, isn’t that what we all aim for when we travel to somewhere new? There’s something about scratching beneath the surface of a... Read More »
Las Vegas
7 of the Best Casinos to Explore in Las Vegas
Bold, brash and larger than life: Vegas is the USA at its most extreme. It’s also the USA at its most enjoyable. Immerse yourself fully in this OTT neon wonderland,... Read More »
New Zealand
7 Reasons You’ll Love Queenstown
The crowned 'Adventure Capital' of New Zealand, Queenstown is a scenic town on the country's South Island. It sits alongside Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand’s longest... Read More »
South Africa
The Best Hotels Along the Garden Route
If you’ve ever tried piecing together a self-drive holiday yourself, you'll know it can be very time consuming and stressful.What route do you take, where do you stop... Read More »
New Zealand
A City Guide to Wellington
New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, is situated at the southern tip of the North Island, nestled between the harbour and rolling green hills. Sometimes cited as... Read More »
The Quirkiest Restaurants in the USA
Eating out is about more than just the food – the location, atmosphere and those extra-quirky touches make all the difference. And as the US is pretty big on... Read More »
The Best Things to Eat in Madrid
I’d be lying if I said my decision to book a city break to Madrid had nothing to do with food. As a self-confessed foodie, cuisine comes pretty high up the list when... Read More »
New Zealand
5 Things You Have to Do in Christchurch
The largest and lushest city on New Zealand's South Island, Christchurch has long been known as the Garden City. And although it still wears the scars of the 2010/2011... Read More »
Things to Do in Phuket
White sandy beaches? Check. Impossibly blue seas? Check. Just an hour away from one of the most iconic islands in the world? Check. Welcome to Phuket. Also known as the... Read More »
Adventure in Western Canada: Vancouver
Maple leaves, uninterrupted snow, mounties. We’ve all heard the Canadian stereotypes. But that’s all they are – sweeping observations that barely provide a... Read More »
My First Impressions of Fjord Norway
About 30 seconds. That’s how long it took me to fall a little bit in love with Fjord Norway. My small plane from Oslo had touched down on the tiny runway at Alesund, a... Read More »
Segwaying through the Vines in Stellenbosch
Off the back of a recent trip to South Africa, Flight Centre Travel Expert James Howe tells us all about his experiences in the country's best-known wine region...With... Read More »
New York
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to Spending 72 Hours in New York City
New York is a mystical place – the stuff of movie romanticism, retail therapy at its best, and Art Deco travel landmarks, beloved the world over. Its fame, though,... Read More »
Middle East
Tips for Visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi During Ramadan
With sunshine and warm weather practically on tap, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very much year-round destinations to visit. There is, however, one season in the region that... Read More »
Discover Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef with Flight Centre
Can you really see enough of Australia in a fortnight? Yes you can. Lauren Jarvis takes us on Flight Centre's two-week Sydney, Rock & Reef Journey, covering the... Read More »
Houmas House: What it’s Like to Stay in a Louisiana Plantation Home
“Well think about it – if you had 300,000 acres gentlemen, when was the last time you’d seen a woman, besides sisters and cousins? Cousins was looking good!”... Read More »
How I Got Hooked on Queensland
My best-ever month was spent exploring Queensland with a childhood friend, tells Ellie Fazan. Swimming in the dazzling blue water off the coast; barbecuing seafood so... Read More »
Washington DC Cool: Trading Monuments for Travel Moments
The USA features on most travel bucket lists; the dazzling lights of Vegas, coastal drives in California, shopping in New York City – the lot. But there’s one city... Read More »
Rocky Mountaineer to Launch Revamped GoldLeaf Service
Picture this: you’re chugging through some of the richest mountain landscapes in the world, surrounded by delicious Canadian wine and a la carte cuisine, with the... Read More »
Tried & Tested: the Best of Hawaii’s Eateries
Our Expert Jackie Brown-Yurkin, Flight Centre’s Hawaii Product Manager, knows a thing or two about eating in Hawaii. So when we asked her for her top recommendations... Read More »
Discovering the Gardens of Houmas House, Louisiana
Summer has finally arrived and pruning our gardens has suddenly become a very big deal. Homeowners around the country (and the world) are running around getting fresh... Read More »
How to Spend 24 Hours in New Orleans
“New Orleans should never have been a city – they made a mistake when they built it here.” These were the first words someone uttered to us when we set foot in The... Read More »
Explore Hobart, Mona and Beyond in Tasmania
An island off an island, a land of wilderness, a place at the edge of the world. Tasmania is all these things. But since unorthodox gallerist David Walsh opened his... Read More »
The Best Events in Australia
There’s enough to see and do in Australia to keep you coming back at any time of the year. Start filling your diary with untold adventures, like... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to Sensational Chicago
I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t expect much from Chicago. When you’ve been to the USA’s big hitters like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, surely... Read More »
Take the Scenic Route from Melbourne
While Sydney boasts Australia’s most recognisable cityscape, Melbourne has quietly fostered its most sophisticated cultural scene, with a vibrant lifestyle that has... Read More »
10 of the World's Most Beautiful Bridges
Let’s face it; if we’re going to cross land or water, we might as well do it in style. And not all bridges are simply constructions to get from one side to the other... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Louisiana’s Houmas House with Kevin Kelly
Houmas House isn’t your average Louisiana plantation home. Nestled midway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, it has been voted the ‘Best Historic Mansion’ by USA... Read More »
A City Break Guide to Athens
Athens has long been a traveller hotspot, but typically only for a day, when travellers have grand plans to either hire a car and head north in search of ancient history... Read More »
4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland’s Secret Lagoon
No visit to Iceland is complete without a dip in a geothermal pool. Since settlers first discovered the glacier-capped island, the naturally-heated lagoons have offered... Read More »
7 of the Best Things to Do in Perth
Australia's most remote city is often overlooked for its distant location on the coast of Western Australia – but it shouldn't be! This sun-soaked spot (boasting 300+... Read More »
Why Australians love the Gold Coast
I love the Gold Coast. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Even in spite of its long suffering reputation for glitzy excess. To put it in perspective, the Gold Coast is to... Read More »
Middle East
Why You Should Stopover in Dubai
Soaring skyscrapers, sensational shopping and seven-star hotels – Dubai is evolving at breathtaking speed. But, as Gavin Thomas reveals, there’s more to this city... Read More »
7 Cities with the Best Street Eats
Glimpsing an eye-popping vista or fulfilling a thrilling experience is usually how we remember the best of our travels. But it's often an everyday ritual that can... Read More »
How to Go Big in Bangkok
Bangkok. From colonial architecture to rooftop bars and foodie delights, this Southeast Asia stopover destination – with its head-whirling mix of old and new – has... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in South Australia
While smaller than most of the country’s other state capitals, you’ll soon feel at home in the welcoming city of Adelaide. And with many of South Australia’s best... Read More »
Australia's Best Ice Cream Shops
If Aussies had to pick a national food, ice-cream would definitely be a leading contender. In the same vein as craft beer and boutique coffee roasters, ice cream in... Read More »
The Best Two-Week Australia Holidays
As the world’s number one travel company to Australia, we know all there is to know about the Land Down Under – and that includes sorting the fact from the fiction.... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2017 Winners Announced
Established Travel Blog category winner: Eat Sleep Love TravelUp and Coming Travel Blogs category winner: Salt in our HairAustralia Travel Blogs category... Read More »
Instatraveller: Burma the Adventure Cat
This month's Instatraveller is the beautiful @BurmaAdventureCat, who travels around the USA with his owner Stephen. Here we catch up with Stephen about how his lovable... Read More »
Middle East
A Beginner's Guide to Exploring Iran with G Adventures
The cat’s been out of the bag for a while, and Iran is now officially the worst-kept secret on the tourist radar. Last year, direct flights from London took off for... Read More »
Flight Centre Now Selling NEW Qantas Non-Stop Flights to Perth
At Flight Centre, we're so excited about the launch of the world's first direct flight to Australia, flying with Qantas, that we're celebrating with non-stop holidays to... Read More »
Around Melbourne in 6 Restaurants
Contrary to popular Australian clichés, Australian food is more than just ‘shrimp on the barbie’ and Tim Tams. It's farm to table restaurants, multicultural fusion,... Read More »
North America
8 Reasons Maine Should Be on Your Bucket List
With 52 states to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favourite. That being said, Maine, in the north-east corner of North America, does have an awful lot going for it; a... Read More »
Singapore Sling: A Stopover Guide to Singapore
Vibrant street life, stunning green spaces, spectacular architecture. And don’t even get us started on the food... With surprises at every turn, a stopover in... Read More »
8 Things That Could Only Happen in Australia
'Unique' is a word that comes naturally to Australia. It applies to the landscape which runs the gamut from tropical to desert, bustling cities to deserted beaches and... Read More »
5 of the Best Family Hotels
What makes a great family hotel? Great pools, good family entertainment and kids’ clubs – not to mention sunshine and blue sky, says Flight Centre’s Ruth... Read More »
What it's Like to Get Engaged and Married at Uluru
When Flight Centre customer Philippa Hyams first travelled to Uluru, she had no idea how significant the destination would become for her. After husband Robert took her... Read More »
Instatraveller: Globetrotting Cats Bolt & Keel
Travelling cats @BoltandKeel have gone from rags to riches fast; from unwanted kittens to grown-up felines who have the world as their oyster (and we all know how much... Read More »
6 Things to Do in Slovenia
Slovenia is one of those places where you can't help but feel that fairytales are set. Clifftop castles overlooking old towns? Check. Lakes that reflect the sky,... Read More »
Brits Abroad: Tips for Visiting Australia from the UK
It may have been a far-flung destination you used to only dream of, but today Australia is more accessible than ever. According to our data, where people used to spend... Read More »
A City Guide to Hanoi
Before you leap into your Vietnamese odyssey, spend time in colourful Hanoi, a 24-hour city with a historic heart...Rise and shineDespite the lively hustle, Hanoi has a... Read More »
New Zealand
Eat Your Way Around New Zealand
What’s the best way to get to know the country that you’re in? Eat your way around it, of course...People want to taste where they are when they travel,” says... Read More »
Shopping Secrets From Around the World

Former fashion stylist and style writer Isabel Dexter shares her shopping secrets from around the globe...

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13 Travel Apps that are Genuinely Useful
In a world of app stores, crammed to bursting with useful and useless alike, it can be easy to fill up a smart phone with apps that promise the world and deliver nothing... Read More »
Western Australia
7 Amazing Pictures That Will Make You Want to go to Western Australia
Vast, rugged and peppered with photogenic points of interest, Western Australia is a rewarding place to explore, especially if you’re into photography. With my camera... Read More »
Central America
7 Reasons to Visit Guatemala
Some of my fondest memories of Central America are from my time in Guatemala, a country that quickly became one of my favourites and which offers everything that Central... Read More »
Middle East
6 of the Best Foods I Ate in Oman
The Sultanate of Oman is a country brimming with culture and traditions. The landscape is breathtaking, the hospitality second to none, and the culinary scene is... Read More »
Flight Centre is the World's No 1 Travel Agency for Australia Holidays
Bonzer news! Flight Centre is the number one travel agency to Australia! Globally we sell more than 1.3 MILLION tickets to Oz every year, with tens of thousands of those... Read More »
New York
A Guide to Visiting New York for the Second Time
New York is one of those cities you can’t just do once. It transforms at the speed of lightning, meaning the list of things to do in New York is not just long, but... Read More »
What to Know About the Personal Electronics Ban on Flights
On Tuesday 21 March 2017 the US government announced that certain electronic devices will be forbidden in the cabins of particular flights from the Middle East and North... Read More »
Central America
How to Experience the Best of Costa Rica in 7 Days
As soon as we crossed the border from Panama, it was clear we had entered Costa Rica. Somehow, the vegetation seemed greener, despite both countries virtually sharing... Read More »
The Best Things I Ate in Iceland
When I think of Iceland, I imagine cascading waterfalls, undulating mountains, jaw-dropping scenery and the wanderlust-inducing Northern Lights. Seeing these epic... Read More »
Central America
A Traveller's Guide to Central America
Seemingly endless jungles full of unique wildlife. Peaceful stretches of coastline with beaches in all shades of white, yellow, brown and black. Towering volcanoes, many... Read More »
Green Giant: Discovering Australia's Daintree Rainforest
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.It may be over 160 million years old, but this year marks 35 years since Daintree... Read More »
Why NOW is the Best Time to Book Your South Africa Holiday
South Africa. A country that offers the perfect fusion of wildlife, rich culture, winelands and a compelling history. Intrigued? Well now is the best time to book and... Read More »
The Ultimate 50 Things to Do In the USA
Forget the tourist traps and clichés. At Flight Centre we've worked with our Experts both here and in the USA to come up with the ultimate list of things to do in the... Read More »
12 Striking Examples of Islamic Architecture that You Should See
Islamic architecture, with its vibrant colours and ornate arches, has given us some of the world’s most striking buildings. While the majority are mosques, you’ll... Read More »
New Orleans
The Best Ways to See New Orleans
Teetering on the banks of the Mississippi – the arterial vein of the Deep South – French-founded New Orleans is the USA like you’ve never experienced before.... Read More »
An Expert’s Guide to Africa
“From mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda to the great migration across the Masai Mara, this part of the world shows nature at its best.”Tom Grapes is a huge... Read More »
Experience the Best of Banff in the Winter
The Canadian town of Banff boasts magical scenery and natural beauty aplenty. It’s like this town has been taken straight from your favourite fairy tale: snow-tipped... Read More »
8 Things to Do in Antigua
With its unbelievably turquoise waters, fusion of English and Caribbean influence, and technicolour buildings, Antigua is undoubtedly one of the West Indes' most... Read More »
Instatraveller: Eric the Globetrotting Stormtrooper
Star Wars may be all the rage right now, but @DarryllJones and his collectible Stormtrooper have been spreading the galaxy love for several years – and all around the... Read More »
Australia: The Wild Continent

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Flight Centre UK's tri-annual magazine: The Experts.

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How to Survive Travelling with your Partner
One of the most exciting things for couples to experience is to be lost overseas with each other. Travelling with your partner can mean discovering new places together,... Read More »
In Conversation about Africa Conservation
“When you realise the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future” – Dian FosseyWatching Lake... Read More »
My Day in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017
When Aarhus was named European Capital of Culture for 2017, even the most travel-obsessed among us were a little baffled. Where on earth was it? And what exactly can you... Read More »
15 Things I Learned When I Hiked to Everest Base Camp
To maximise our chances of reaching Everest Base Camp in one piece, my husband and I did plenty of research before we’d even set foot in Nepal. But no amount of... Read More »
Discover the Beauty of Uluru
Wiru is the local Anangu people’s word meaning ‘beautiful’. I’d expected the landscape surrounding the imposing monolith we’ve come here to see to be stark and... Read More »
A Guide to Travelling Solo
For those thinking of taking a solo trip in 2017, there are plenty of aspects to consider: where to travel? How long for? What to do when you’re there? While the... Read More »
The Best Places to Eat in Marbella
Whatever your budget, whatever your mood, Marbella and neighbouring Puerto Banus offer a huge selection of different cuisines, so much so that choosing can be quite the... Read More »
Exploring Orlando, Miami and the Florida Keys
Windows down, shades on, music blaring; a road trip is the best way to see the USA, reckons Helen Wright. Seven days into my Journey, I’d already been on quite an... Read More »
9 Must-See Animals in Far North Queensland
Australia as a whole is renowned for its wildlife. In fact, ticking off some native animal sightings is usually top of the list for visitors travelling from the UK. And... Read More »
The Coolest Things to Do in Tokyo
As a city with over 13 million inhabitants and almost 150 skyscrapers, Tokyo rewards those who do their research. Its best sushi can be hidden behind a curtain, or a... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Eastern Canada and the USA
“Amazing cities, history and culture, stunning lakes, mountains and national parks, and an abundance of nature. They’ve got it all!”As you can tell, Dominique... Read More »
The Best Hotels in Europe
I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming of escaping to sunnier climes. And while a long-haul trip to destinations like Thailand, Australia and the Caribbean is... Read More »
6 of the Best Places to Eat in Montenegro
When you’re thinking of fine foods and culinary delights, Montenegro doesn’t really spring to mind. But in actual fact, this Balkan beauty often has plenty to offer... Read More »
Travel Icon: Uluru (Ayers Rock)
The undisputed heart of Australia, Uluru – sometimes known as Ayers Rock – seems to float on an ocean of coloured lights. It is timeless majesty.Sacred, eternal,... Read More »
Sri Lanka: The Island that Has it All
Some countries leave their mark immediately. Sri Lanka was most definitely one of those – there was no way I could stop the kind, attentive nature of the locals and... Read More »
South America
Travel Photos: Discovering Rio Carnival and Beyond
Rio, 2am and the pulsing heart of the city is beating faster than ever. The heat of the day still lingers, but a welcome breeze keeps things pleasant. At least it might,... Read More »
How to Spend 48 Hours in Majorca
No weekend plans and a cheap flight from Bristol after work on a Friday? It could only mean one thing: time for a whistle-stop tour of one of the Balearic Islands’... Read More »
3 Reasons Why You'll Love Australia's Top End
As soon as I step off the plane it hits me like a slap in the face. The heat. Warm and thick with humidity. You’d pay good money for a blast of it back home in winter.... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Southwest Australia
“Here the sunsets over the ocean are spectacular. And you’re spoilt with remote deserted beaches and boutique wineries. There’s nowhere quite like it.”This is... Read More »
10 Things I Learned Travelling as a Woman in India
A couple of years ago I found myself on a trip to India. A trip that involved driving 3,000 miles around the southern states of the sub continent, jail-time and many an... Read More »
4 Incredible Road Trips Out of Melbourne
Geared up for that big driving adventure? Head to Victoria and you’ll quickly discover that great road trips begin in Melbourne. And regardless of whether you have... Read More »
Wild Card: 9 Days in Eastern Canada
For first-time visitors to Toronto, the city may look oddly familiar. This might be because it often plays body double for New York and other big cities in Hollywood... Read More »
Why NOW is the Best Time to Book Your Australia Holiday
Australia. The Land Down Under, where you can gaze upon the giant monolith that is Uluru, explore the Great Barrier Reef and come face-to-face with koalas, kangaroos,... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to Rome
With its cobbled backstreets, iconic history and more delicious pasta than you can shake a stick at; Rome is what Italian city breaks are all about. Hear the blaring of... Read More »
Our Most Popular Blogs of 2016
The Flight Centre travel blog is all about inspiring our readers to visit some of the best destinations on our planet, from the flashy OTTness of Dubai, to the cultural... Read More »
Middle East
The Best Hotels in Dubai and Beyond
I’ve been lucky enough to visit some mesmerising countries this year, but the one destination I am yet to tick off my list is Dubai. Dramatic desert landscapes,... Read More »
The Top Travel Trends for 2017
Looking for some fuel to inspire next year’s holiday plans? We’ve chatted to our Travel Experts and kept a close eye on the industry, taking note of how people are... Read More »
Riviera Maya
A Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico
I love Mexican food. It is easily up there with my favourite cuisine in the world, so naturally I was very excited about my inaugural trip earlier this year to the land... Read More »
When I Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
When the email dropped into my inbox seeking “intrepid adventurers” to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, I jumped at the... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Travelling Irish Bear
Fergal Howard isn't the first person to travel the world with a stuffed companion. But he is one of few who capture their toys in the photographs too. He takes Packie... Read More »
5 Things I Ate in Singapore
Singapore’s food is a fusion of ancient recipes, traditional flavours and modern styles. The multi-cultural, diverse population also brings a unique combination of... Read More »
Microlighting at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
There's a bunch of different ways to explore Cambodia and, more specifically, the temples of Angkor. Tour buses will drop you at the main spots, private cars and... Read More »
A Guide to Whale Watching in South Africa
Annually southern right whales migrate from the freezing feeding grounds of Antarctica to warmer waters, reaching the South African coastline by about June, and staying... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Noosa
Noosa is a seaside town that’s blessed with year-round sunshine, incredible lush hinterland and a collection of Australia's most popular beaches. This Queensland gem... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Venice
A city like no other, Venice is enchanting, magical and outright extraordinary. But for first-timers, there can be a sense of apprehension before visiting – will its... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Istanbul
Straddling Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul’s mish-mash of cultures is unique among the world’s cities. Here, in the midst of the shiny hotels... Read More »
6 of the Best Lifts to Ride around the World
Choosing which elevator to ride may seem insignificant when planning your holiday, but it’s the little things that make all the difference when you travel. And what... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Madrid
Since my first visit to Madrid, the Spanish capital has become one of my favourite European destinations: a city full of interesting museums, pretty plazas and parks,... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Budapest
Flung just slightly further than the classic short-break cities of Europe, Budapest owes its allure to a combination of things; in the Hungarian capital there’s a... Read More »
Flight Centre UK Named Best Regional Travel Agency
We're delighted to announce that Flight Centre UK has won four awards in the British Travel Awards 2016!In a room full of fellow travel industry professionals, Flight... Read More »
A Guide to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston
If, like me, you’re a bit of an astronomy geek/space enthusiast/Brian Cox lover (delete as applicable), then no doubt you’d be as excited as I was to set foot on the... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Munich
Daydreaming on the plane, I imagined every stereotypical scenario I could come across in the German city of Munich. Burly old men with eccentric moustaches clad in... Read More »
Where to Go in 2017
It’s that time of year again. You commute to work, it’s dark. You commute home from work, it’s still dark. Your skin feels pale and lifeless, your hot water bottle... Read More »
10 Foods to Try in Taipei
With neighbours like Japan and Hong Kong, the small island-nation of Taiwan is often overlooked as a travel destination. Taiwan may not have the world status of these... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to Copenhagen
On one of those wonderful blue-sky autumn days when the air is chilled but the sun is bright, I arrived in Copenhagen with visions of Danish pastries and Lego dancing in... Read More »
Shopping in Singapore
We all know that the multicultural city of Singapore is one of the best places in the world to shop. The city is home to sprawling shopping malls as well as traditional... Read More »
Indian Ocean
Best Hotels in the Indian Ocean
I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, you’ll usually find me dreaming about my next holiday. Desperate to Escape the dark mornings and gloomy weather, I... Read More »
Instatraveller: a Fleet of Travelling Cars
Who doesn't love playing with toy cars? Old or young, kid or adult, it's pretty fun vrooming them about the place, pretending you're a miniature rally driver or... Read More »
The Most Spectacular Views of Cape Town
Very few cities in the world can claim to be more beautiful than Cape Town. Due to it’s geographical position at the southernmost tip of Africa, it would be more... Read More »
New York
7 New York TV Locations You Can Actually Eat At
Ever wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee in Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls? Or a piece of pie from the café in Twin Peaks? You're not alone. If pop culture and food go... Read More »
How to Make the Most of your Annual Leave
For those of us who work full-time – and that’s 23.25 million of us Brits – there’s nothing that provides us with more light at the end of our 9-5 tunnel than... Read More »
How to Stay in Touch on Your Travels

We’ve come a long way since messages in bottles. These days there are loads of ways to make staying in touch with friends and family a breeze…

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Why the Philippines Should Be Next on Your Travel List
Long the preserve of gap-year kids and intrepid travellers, the Philippines is now firmly on the map thanks to a glittering collection of ‘world’s best beaches’... Read More »
The Best of Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands
Year-round sunshine, a laid-back pace of life and endless stretches of sugar-soft sand bring people flocking to the Caribbean. But with 28 island nations to choose from,... Read More »
Rovos Rail: Onboard the World's Most Luxurious Train
‘When you truly love your journey, the destination is just a bonus.’ – Katrina MayerThere’s a hushed elation as we check-in to the private lounge at Cape... Read More »
7 TV Show Locations You Have to Visit
It starts with a casual recommendation from a friend and then, before you know it, you're three series deep into a TV show that until a few days ago you never even knew... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Chris Packham
Those who remember his outlandish dress and spiky blond hair from The Really Wild Show in the 1980s will be surprised to hear that today, naturalist and television... Read More »
Jungle Trekking in Khao Sok, Thailand
It was when I was sliding through mud, into a cave filled with bats and spiders, that I began to wonder if I should have thought twice about embarking on a jungle trek.... Read More »
Grand Canyon
The Best Way to See the Grand Canyon in One Day
When planning a USA holiday, it can be hard to match everything you want to see with the time you have. While there are plenty of ways to get around this... Read More »
6 of the Best Amtrak Routes in the USA
Travelling by train is, in my humble opinion, one of the best ways to see the world. You don’t have to worry about which side of the road to drive on, or where the... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Barcelona
You could spend a lifetime in Barcelona and not discover absolutely everything it has to offer. The good news, however, is you’ll be able to get most of the best bits... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Russian Headstand Man
Anton Charushin's pictures certainly turn heads when compared to the usual travel portraits. 'Head' being the operative word. In each of his successful Instagram... Read More »
Incredible Travel Experiences to Add to Your Next Holiday
Wherever your next trip of a lifetime holiday is, make sure you add one of these extra-special travel experiences to your adventure. Because at Flight Centre, we know... Read More »
Turf and Surf in Queensland
There’s something about Queensland. Nowhere else do wildlife wonders and island escapes come together to such dramatic effect. And then, travel writer Helen Ochyra... Read More »
How I Spent a Year in Cape Town
Crowned best-value city break in The Sunday Times Magazine’s Value For Money Awards, Cape Town has more going for it than a cheap Rand. Writer Martha de Lacey sampled... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
48 Hours in Abu Dhabi
Andy Sherwood, Editor of What’s On Abu Dhabi, explains why the city makes the perfect summer stopover for families who need to catch their breath on journeys to... Read More »
5 of Queensland's Best Dive Spots (that Aren't the Great Barrier Reef)
Pair Queensland and diving and often you only get one answer: the Great Barrier Reef. Yes, its vast coral swathes and exotic waters offer some of the best scuba swims in... Read More »
6 of the Best Theme Parks in Orlando
The theme park capital of the world – aka Orlando, Florida – has plenty to offer visiting families, couples and friends alike. But it can also be pretty daunting if... Read More »
The Flight Centre Guide to Family-Friendly Holidays
You’ve got to hand it to the kangaroo. When it comes to travelling with the kids, it’s hard to beat the hands-free parenting style that comes from having a pouch.... Read More »
Behind the Scenes: Inside the Best First Class Cabins
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly First Class? Or are you a First Class regular, naturally turning left whenever you set foot on a British Airways’ A380?... Read More »
A Foodie’s Guide to Brisbane
Well-established restaurants, and big name chefs serving culinary delights, and progressive players pushing the boundaries with edgy bars, espresso nooks and laneway... Read More »
How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight
For most, the phrase ‘long-haul flight’ installs immediate dread. The prospect of endless hours spent inside a metal tube, surrounded by strangers who seem intent on... Read More »
10 of the Best Rooftop Pools in the World
That first toe-dip in the hotel pool when you go on holiday is pretty seminal. After all, that refreshing feeling of the water under the beating sun is something... Read More »
The Most Vegan-Friendly Spots in the USA
Being vegan is not difficult nowadays – you can actually get decent food pretty much everywhere, however you’ll be hard pushed to find a place where it’s easier to... Read More »
Los Angeles
Virgin Australia Launches New Business Class
Almost a month ago to the day was a particularly special day for Virgin Australia – and of course its discerning customers. What made this day so special you ask?... Read More »
What to Learn Where
Beach breaks are great if you’re seeking pure relaxation, but I find nothing says ‘me time’ more than learning a new skill on holiday. You come home refreshed,... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Llama With No Drama (But Lots of Travel!)
We’ve been working on the Instatraveller series for a little while now, but this might just be our favourite so far. A toy llama travels the globe, bringing us happy... Read More »
7 of the Weirdest Buildings in the World
Some are fun, some are wonderful and some are downright BIZARRE. In a bid to challenge the wealth of natural wonders our planet possesses, humanity has done a pretty... Read More »
A Guide to the Best Sports to Try in the US
America. The land of all things large; even their love of sports is super-sized. But then again with so many awesome outdoor activities to get involved in from state to... Read More »
4 New UNESCO-listed Destinations to Visit
UNESCO has been protecting areas of significant value to the planet’s heritage, culture and freedom of expression since 1945. The Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and... Read More »
Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended
The results came from a panel of Good Housekeeping readers who have booked a holiday or flights through Flight Centre during the last two years.All participants stated... Read More »
Los Angeles
How to Be a Big Kid at Universal Studios Hollywood
“What am I most looking forward to? Jurassic Park: The Ride of course!” This was the answer I gave to anyone who asked me about my forthcoming three-week tour around... Read More »
An Interview with Travel Bloggers Getting Stamped
We've all dreamed of quitting the daily grind to travel the world. Well, Hannah and Adam of the travel blog Getting Stamped actually did it. While their story is... Read More »
San Francisco
Why I Left my Heart in San Francisco
I’ve always fancied San Francisco. The drama of the Golden Gate Bridge, the buzz of Fisherman’s Wharf, and the gloomy history of Alcatraz. But I didn’t think it... Read More »
The Best In-Flight Desserts
So you’ve watched some films, read a few chapters of your book, looked out the window, enjoyed a spot of lunch – now what? You still have several hours to go until... Read More »
6 Places in Africa to Get up close to Lions
August 10th marks something special in the big cat universe: World Lion Day. It’s the one day of the year we should appreciate the grand, epic apex predator that is... Read More »
North America
The Best Movie Locations to Visit in the USA
Movie references are all over the USA. In fact, visiting certain places like New York or Los Angeles can often feel as if you’re stepping onto a real life movie... Read More »
Where to Go in Bali
You know how a country can make you fall in love with it? Enchanting you with its beauty, treating you to sumptuous meals, and giving you the most memorable... Read More »
5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Travelling Southeast Asia
"If there’s one place you have to go, it’s Southeast Asia." That’s what my friend told me, and never being one to turn down friendly advice, I packed my bags and... Read More »
Things to Do in Florida that aren't Disney World
Welcome to the USA's Sunshine State, where children’s theme parks and blissful weather dominate public image. Of course, both of these warrant a visit to Florida in... Read More »
Just Back From: Hawaii
We caught up with Flight Centre’s Erica Davis who’s just returned from an action-packed trip to Hawaii, to find out more about her experiences in the Aloha... Read More »
8 Inspirational Photos That Will Make You Want to Drive California’s Pacific Coast Highway
Everyone’s heard of the Pacific Coast Highway. You know the one: that winding black ribbon of tarmac that fiercely hugs the stretch of shoreline from San Francisco to... Read More »
How to Cope with Travel Sickness
Nothing can ruin a trip more than having to reach for the sick bag. That moment when a wave of heat washes over you, you start to feel clammy and, more than anything,... Read More »
The Best Airport Lounges on the Planet
From its humble beginnings – we’re talking simple lounge chairs and the latest broadsheet – airport lounges have evolved beyond recognition into opulent spaces for... Read More »
Instatravellers: Nirvana the Kayaking Dog
Everyone loves a sailing dog, right? Well Sergi Basoli certainly does. And this month we’ve been chatting to this pooch-loving Instatraveller about his three-year... Read More »
8 Waterfalls worth Travelling For
There’s something spectacular about seeing a huge waterfall in the flesh; so much so that it can often be the big draw for visiting a particular destination. After... Read More »
10 Reasons to Visit Ontario (That Aren’t Niagara Falls)
When I told my friends and family I was going to Canada, they invariably assumed I meant the west coast. Ontario just wasn’t on their radar. “So it’s got Niagara,... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Specialist Airfares Manager Mike Archer
In the last of our Dream Travel Jobs series, we catch up with Mike Archer, manager of Flight Centre’s newest bunch of Experts: the Specialist Airfares teams. Here, he... Read More »
South America
6 of the Best Road Trip Movies EVER
“I don’t ever remember feeling this awake.” This is just one of the many famous lines Thelma utters to Louise in one of the most iconic US road trip films of all... Read More »
The Best Beaches in Cambodia
Thailand is an undeniable favourite for a beach holiday; their beaches are beautiful, the pound goes far, and the weather is almost always good. But as the islands are... Read More »
Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon: By Helicopter, Jeep and Starlight
I’ve seen a million or more pictures of the Grand Canyon. I thought I knew what to expect when we arrived in Arizona. I was wrong. All the images and all the videos in... Read More »
In Search of Algonquin’s Elusive Moose
Deep in the heart of Ontario lies Algonquin Provincial Park, the oldest and largest provincial park in the state. This quintessentially Canadian landscape is made up of... Read More »
Our Most Inspirational Itinerary Videos: REVEALED
Have you ever been sat on your sofa watching TV, when a beautiful shot of paradise flashes up on the screen? Did it inspire you to book that plane ticket or explore some... Read More »
6 of the Best Hotel Slides
We all have a list of ‘must-haves’ we look for when choosing the perfect hotel – a big comfy bed, a giant pool to float around in, plenty of restaurants to choose... Read More »
7 Unusual Things to Do in Toronto
Under the space-ship-esque shadow of the CN Tower, the Canadian border city of Toronto shines bright amid a sprawling mix of residential streets, lofty skyscrapers... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to Yosemite National Park
‘The mountains are calling, and I must go’. Gaze across Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View, and you’ll see why US National Park-founder John Muir uttered these... Read More »
The Best Value Holiday Destinations to Book Now
There may be a cloud hanging over Europe at the moment (physically and metaphorically speaking) but the rest of the world is still offering some fantastic holiday... Read More »
Top Tips for Travelling with Kids
You are planning that annual holiday. Once upon a time, this might have been as simple as choosing the Greek island with the most bars on it. But now – like me... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Leeds Assistant Manager Nikki James
Our Travel Experts get to experience a lot of our beautiful planet, which means they can bring you the best holiday itineraries out there. After all, what’s better... Read More »
Top 3 Luxury Safari Lodges Around the World
Getting up close and personal with nature whilst on holiday can be one of the best experiences in the world, and one you will never forget. Having spied gorillas in... Read More »
Instatravellers: Miami the Travelling Dog
What do people love more than pets on Instagram? Pets who travel and do other things that, usually, only humans do. Enter Miami, the tiny, travelling Italian chihuahua... Read More »
Top Last Minute Holiday Tips
What would be your ideal far flung destination if you were going to take a last minute trip abroad?We asked our team of experienced Travel Experts to nominate their... Read More »
6 Reasons Why Travelling by Train is the Best
For most of us, the journey to our destination is a chore. Whether it be hanging around an airport for hours or embarking on an absurdly long drive; often, it feels like... Read More »
Things I Wish I’d Known before Hiking Mount Kinabalu
With its dramatic crags, plentiful flora and fauna and mist-whipped peaks, Mount Kinabalu was right at the top of my list of things to do in Sabah, a state in Malaysian... Read More »
Cambodia’s Secret Paradise Island: Koh Rong Samloem
When someone mentions a paradise island we all think of the same thing: clean, white sand and clear blue water. Like everyone else, I’ve always wanted to stay on my... Read More »
Discovering Palenque: Mexico’s Lost City
The path narrowed as it wound through the undergrowth, skirting tangled roots and tracing the course of slender Mexican jungle streams. The heat and the humidity... Read More »
What I Learnt While Travelling the World
In June 2015, my sister Suzannah and I (Clara) packed up our London flat, said farewell to our family, friends and jobs and headed off on our round the world trip – in... Read More »
12 Films that Will Inspire You to Travel
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished watching a film and, when the credits start rolling, thought ‘wow, I want to go there’. As a self-confessed... Read More »
The Ultimate Holiday Experiences for Dads
Beers, roast dinners and watching the footie – these are just some of the ways we celebrate with our dads. But we’ve got something even better in store for this... Read More »
The Best In-Flight DIY Cocktails
Cocktails in the sky are pretty simple. Of course, some airlines have their own ‘signature’ mixes – Delta has the ‘Sky Breeze’ and Virgin offers Daiquiris in... Read More »
Sailing Vietnam’s Halong Bay
The sweat trickled down my back as my heart beat faster. I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes boring into me, watching me; waiting. ‘It’s not even that high up,’ I... Read More »
Lonely Planet Reveals the Loos with the Best Views
Most people dread going to the toilet abroad. Where’s the nearest one? Will I have to pay? What state of cleanliness (or rather, uncleanliness!) will it be in? But... Read More »
8 of the World's Best Cable Car Rides
Clambering up hills and mountains isn't everyone's cup of tea, which is why it’s no surprise that cable cars have become so popular. They give alternative vistas of... Read More »
South America
Why You Should Tour South America with G Adventures
Everyone knows it but not everyone likes to admit it: travel can sometimes be a bit daunting. Of course, exploring Panama, tramping Peru’s Inca Trail or venturing into... Read More »
9 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Topdeck
Are you itching to discover Croatia’s terracotta landscapes? Take a road trip around Italy? Or embark on an unforgettable adventure across Spain? Topdeck Travel can... Read More »
8 Things to Know Before You Go to India
I recently spent 11 days in India. That's 11 days of pulsating streets, tranquil jungles, vibrant colours and my eyes wide open with fascination. It was my first visit... Read More »
Business Class Airfares Reach a 5-Year Low
Flying Business Class need no longer be the reserve of just the rich and famous, as Business Class prices at Flight Centre UK have dipped to a five-year low. The best... Read More »
New Zealand
How to Live like a Local on New Zealand’s South Island
Thinking of visiting New Zealand’s majestic South Island? At Flight Centre, we work closely with in-destination Experts who offer first-hand tips, advice and secrets... Read More »
Grand Canyon
Dream Travel Jobs: Inspirational Graphic Guru James
A lot goes on behind the scenes at Flight Centre. We’ve got our Travel Experts on the frontline of course, but there’s a huge team of support staff working to, well,... Read More »
The Day I Fell in Love with Kanchanaburi
When an itinerary promises sun, sea, sand and all the food you can eat, the level of excitement and expectation is set to maximum. And, when the destination is Thailand,... Read More »
Where to Go in Vietnam: North vs South
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AU Many who visit Vietnam say it’s one of the most colourful countries in all of Southeast Asia. They might argue... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
Why I Love Travelling Business Class with Etihad
Flying long-haul can be a tough old slog at times – unless you’re flying Business Class with Etihad Airways that is. I was lucky enough to do just that on my recent... Read More »
Instatravellers: the Lego Travellers
Lego figures travelling the world: surely this is the kind of stuff Instagram was made for? It certainly seems that way for this month's Instatravellers Craig and... Read More »
South Africa
Discovering the Garden Route and Beyond
One of South Africa's most treasured gems is the beautiful Garden Route, a stretch of lush landscapes reaching along the south shore from Mossel Bay on the Western Cape... Read More »
The Best In-Flight Snacks
Last month we talked about the best in-flight coffees, this time we’re looking at something even closer to my heart: the best in-flight snacks. After all, even with... Read More »
Bali’s Best Wildlife and Where to Find it
With its stunning beaches and a regular turnover of sun-seeking and surf-chasing travellers, Bali is often best known as Indonesia’s go-to island for partying and... Read More »
Behind the Scenes: What’s it Like to Fly Private Jet?
Did you know Flight Centre can book private jets? Our Travel Experts have some great tales to tell: from booking trips to Costa Rica so a customer could view a... Read More »
How to Tackle Your Fear of Flying
So you’ve made it onto the plane and you’re buckled up and ready to go. Yet your palms are sweating, you feel sick with nerves and you’re struggling to control the... Read More »
Flight Centre Named One of the Best Places to Work in the UK
We're delighted to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, Flight Centre UK Ltd has been named one of the UK’s leading workplaces in the coveted Great Place to... Read More »
7 Tips for Travelling the Golden Triangle
If you’ve never been to India, you really should. And if it’s your first time to India, you really should visit, as I did, via the Golden Triangle.The Golden... Read More »
How to Be a Bear Keeper in Cambodia
In the untamed jungles of rural Cambodia, Asia, wild sun bears and Asiatic black (moon) bears were once a common sight. But rapid loss of habitat, illegal wildlife trade... Read More »
New Zealand
Milford & Doubtful: The Best Ways to See New Zealand’s Sounds
Tucked away in the folds of the western coastline of New Zealand’s South Island lie the 14 sounds of Fiordland National Park. While each inlet, a large firth of calm... Read More »
Enjoy £500 off Your Next Holiday at the Flight Centre Restless Triathlon
Want to keep your family fit and book an incredible holiday as your reward? Then you’ll want to be at the Flight Centre Restless Triathlon on Sunday, 8th May... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Bromley Assistant Manager Vicky Farrell
Travel Expert Vicky Farrell has worked at Flight Centre for four years – and has been an assistant manager at our Bromley store for two. But that’s not the most... Read More »
A Beginner’s Guide to Haggling
Confrontation really doesn’t look good on me. The mere thought of arguing an idea, debating a price or negotiating a deal quickly sends me into a cold sweat, clammy... Read More »
The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast
There’s no shortage of stunning beaches in Australia. The whole coastline is surrounded by scenic stretches of sand. But for beaches that are not only beautiful but... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Monty Halls
Last summer, marine biologist and presenter of BBC2 series Great Barrier Reef, Monty Halls, led an expedition to record the Great Sardine Run in South Africa, a... Read More »
The Best Eats in Chiang Mai
Thailand’s Chiang Mai stirs visions of green national parks, wildlife encounters and aerial adventures through the rainforest. But it wasn’t until I arrived that I... Read More »
The Best In-Flight Coffees
With airlines across the globe constantly introducing new seating and more benefits across Economy, Business and First Classes – not to mention added amenities – the... Read More »
5 of Australia’s Best and Brightest Light Festivals
Summer or winter, sometimes the best way to see a place is when the sunsets or after dark… especially when it’s lit up by hundreds – nay, thousands – of... Read More »
South America
How to Travel Rio like a Local
Rio de Janeiro is a city that radiates exotic mystery. It has its fair share of jaw-dropping views and world-famous attractions, but there is plenty more to... Read More »
All Aboard South Africa’s Franschhoek Wine Tram
The Western Cape is easily South Africa’s go-to destination when it comes to culinary and alcoholic delights. The wine route is dotted with beautifully kept vineyards... Read More »
4 Long-haul Hand Luggage Essentials
‘The world is your oyster’ they say, but travelling to the furthest corners of the globe isn’t always easy. Even meticulously-planned travels can be put on hold... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2016 Winners Announced
We had a fantastic response so thank-you to everyone who cast their votes in the inaugural Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards we ran throughout March. Having counted... Read More »
How to Be Healthy on Holiday
There’s nothing worse than getting sick, being struck down by flu or spending forever sniffing because of your allergies... Unless you get sick on holiday, that is.... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
7 of the Best Views in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is one of the world's most photogenic cities, but where best to soak up its charms? Hazel Plush ventures out in search of its finest viewpoints... Best... Read More »
Marine Encounters in New South Wales
Match the words water and Australia together and your thoughts immediately turn to the glittering Great Barrier Reef. But just down Oz's east coast, New South Wales has... Read More »
Why California’s San Jose Should Be on Your Travel List
Do you know the way to San Jose? No? Well you should! This overlooked Californian gem has plenty going for it, especially for 2016. Here are eight reasons why San Jose... Read More »
5 of California’s Secret Treasures
California is the beating heart of the United States. It’s the place where dreams can come true, with Hollywood and a vast number of A-listers to prove it. And from... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
8 of the Best Places to Eat in Abu Dhabi
From leisurely breakfasts and cheap eats, to budget-busting dinners and everything in between – Hazel Plush finds an Abu Dhabi restaurant for every... Read More »
Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean Compared: Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles
As predicaments go, choosing between the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles is a pretty nice one to be faced with. But deciding which Indian Ocean island suits you... Read More »
7 Meals to Try in Sydney
If you like to experience a destination through your stomach, then you're in for a treat in Sydney. This Australian hub city is home to one of the world's most exciting... Read More »
Where to Dine Like a Local in Bangkok
There’s more to Thai food than creamy curries and spring rolls, but with more than 50 districts sprawling over 930 square miles and a plethora of budget boltholes... Read More »
South America
5 Unmissable Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is easily the coolest city in the world. Only a handful of cities offer their lucky inhabitants a beach on which to bathe in the tropical sun and Brazil's... Read More »
Qatar Airways Scoops Awards for its Business Class
Fully-flat bed? Onboard bar? Branded amenity kit? Most top airlines today will blow you away when it comes to the service and amenities they offer when flying in a... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Travel Expert Amber Farley
Our Travel Expert Amber Farley isn’t just from Australia – she lives and breathes it every day. Not only is she the perfect person to craft your ultimate holiday in... Read More »
Almighty Adventures in the Best US National Parks
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.From the immense other-worldliness of the Grand Canyon to the ancient forests and... Read More »
9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in California
The Golden State is renowned for many things: glorious sunshine, epic coastal drives and travel icons or world-famous national parks aplenty. But it’s the things... Read More »
A Beginner’s Guide to Angkor Wat
There’s no doubt that Angkor is one of travel’s great must dos. Sprawling across over 500 acres of lush jungle, ‘The Lost City’ attracts visitors far and wide.... Read More »
Santa Monica
Unmissable Stops on the New LA to Santa Monica Metro Line
Travelling between Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica just got easier – thanks to the upcoming launch of a new rail service. No longer will you have to navigate... Read More »
A 3-Minute Guide to China
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts. Old and new; wild and religious; calm and bustling. In a country 19 times the size... Read More »
Flight Centre Travel Blog Awards 2016
Here at Flight Centre we thought it was about time that individual bloggers and companies who share our passion for exploring the world receive recognition for their... Read More »
Experience Sydney at its Most Vivid
Sydney is gearing up to trip the light fantastic once again as this year’s Vivid festival promises to be bigger and brighter than ever. Transforming the city’s... Read More »
Barefoot Luxury: the Best Hotels in Borneo
The third largest island in the world, Borneo is also one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet; a place where you can experience luxury and nature beyond your... Read More »
A Guide to Moving Overseas
If you’re reading this then you and I have something in common: we both want to leave Old Blighty in search of somewhere new. This year I decided to take the plunge... Read More »
How to Visit the Great Barrier Reef
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.I  could see the green glow of envy in my friends’ eyes when I told them about my... Read More »
New Zealand
6 of New Zealand's Best Cycling Trails
New Zealand: the land of mystical mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and fairy tale forests. There's so much to see in the Land of the Long White Cloud, and the best way to... Read More »
Things to Do in Cape Tribulation
“Here began all our troubles.” For Captain Cook, Cape Tribulation was a bit of a headache. Not only did his pioneering ship run aground here in 1770, hopelessly... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: A Flight Centre First & Business Travel Expert
Being a consultant, or as we like to call it, a Travel Expert, isn’t the easiest of jobs. While you have the joy and excitement of tailor making someone’s... Read More »
The Visa Changes You Need to Know About
Planning your travels can be as stressful as it is enjoyable and keeping up with all the visa changes for various countries can be hard going. Here's all the latest and... Read More »
Middle East
The Best Spots for an Amazing View in Dubai
It can’t be denied that when it comes to impressive, flashy cities, Dubai sits right at the top of the list. It boasts a towering collection of glittering skyscrapers... Read More »
Hot-air Ballooning in the Atherton Tablelands
The searing heat of the flame hit me like a wall of burning wind, but I didn’t care. Beneath us stunned kangaroos gazed up at the yellow behemoth drifting above them,... Read More »
San Francisco
Why San Francisco is the new New York
Think of a city break destination in the USA, and chances are your mind will immediately take you to the bustling metropolis of New York. The Big Apple, where you’ll... Read More »
Bloggers Share their 2016 #Travelinspo
Still unsure as to where to travel in 2016? To help you find your perfect holiday we asked a number of bloggers to share their personal recommendations on where... Read More »
6 Things to Know Before You Go to Cambodia
Often overlooked in favour of its more popular neighbours – Thailand, Vietnam and Laos – Cambodia is finally starting to shout about all it has to tempt travellers... Read More »
South America
Discovering the Highlights of Peru
Flight Centre Travel Expert Catriona Scott has just returned from a tailor-made trip to Peru. Here, she tells us all about her incredible adventure on our Peru: In the... Read More »
5 Unmissable Summer Festivals in 2016
With key world events like the Rio Olympics and the Battle of the Somme centenary coming up this summer, we reckon it’s going to be one of the best years for... Read More »
8 Exercises to Keep You Fit on Holiday
Whether it’s a relaxing holiday with a bit of fitness, or an active holiday with a bit of relaxation, it can still get a little frustrating when you’re lacking... Read More »
South America
The Dos and Don’ts of Rio Carnival
Calling all festival-goers! Rio Carnival is a lively, vibrant explosion of colour, fancy dress and feathered up-dos, an event that tops many a bucket list. But, as with... Read More »
Dominican Republic
6 Reasons to Visit the Dominican's Samana Peninsula
The Dominican Republic is like nowhere else in the Caribbean. It has all the classic draws – great beaches, delicious cocktails and glorious sunshine, to name a few... Read More »
The Kids' Guide to the Best Caribbean Hotels
Step back mums and dads, this one's for the eyes of little ones only. If your parents are always moaning that they ‘need a holiday’, tell them to go to the... Read More »
Indian Ocean
4 Things You Need to Know About Mauritius
Mark Twain once said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied from Mauritius.”It was easy to see what he was talking about when I... Read More »
11 Things to Know Before You Go to Tasmania
Mix together Australia’s best bits: the rugged coastline, the pretty beaches, the English-style countryside, a smattering of history and a big dose of wildlife, and... Read More »
5 Ways to See the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the stuff of marine lover dreams. Embark on a Quicksilver Outer Reef Cruise and you'll get an experience that goes way beyond your fantasies.... Read More »
Get Wrapped up in the Best Towel Art from Around the World
Towel art is one of those hotel room mysteries that simultaneously delights and confuses. We also reckon it’s an underappreciated art. I mean, it’s unclear where it... Read More »
6 Tips for Sleeping on Planes
If you love travel, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of boarding a plane bound for some far-flung destination, eagerly anticipating what you’ll experience when... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Tour Curator Tom Grapes
Choosing the best tours and travel experiences around the globe is a pretty cushty job, especially when you love adventure holidays. We reckon Flight Centre’s Tom... Read More »
The Ultimate Macau Stopover Guide
Hong Kong has long been a top stopover destination, but only an hour away by high-speed ferry is the equally unique Macau, with an eclectic mix of ancient and modern... Read More »
Escapes vs Journeys: Which Holiday Suits You?
At Flight Centre, we don't just book flights. We have our own holidays too! Holidays that have been curated and experienced by our Experts, and fine-tuned to ensure... Read More »
5 Alternative Stopovers You (Probably) Haven't Thought Of
Want to make the most of your holiday allowance this year? Why not roll several incredible places into one trip? Delving into the plethora of routes on offer... Read More »
7 of the World's Craziest Zip-Lines
Hold on to your harness! Fast, long, and with utterly awesome views, these zip-lines just shot to the top of your bucket list. Terrifying or terrific? You... Read More »
10 Things to Know About Vaccinations for Travel
Up until recently I had never had any travel vaccinations and would rather have thrown hot noodles in my eyes than get a needle in the arm. This all changed though when... Read More »
Top 5 Mauritius Hotels
Mauritius is a beach lover’s paradise. Pick the perfect resort and you’re guaranteed a truly unforgettable beach holiday. From family-friendly hotels offering... Read More »
New Year, New Travel Resolutions in 2016
Paying off debts, saving money, quitting smoking, spending more time with your family and going to the gym three times a week are all perfectly valid goals for January,... Read More »
Our Most Popular Travel Blogs of 2015
Looking for some much needed inspiration for the year ahead? Then you've come to the right place. 2015 was a great year for Flight Centre. We sent people packing to New... Read More »
Middle East
A Shopaholic’s Guide: 5 Must-Visit Shopping Spots in Dubai
Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise; no trip here is complete without spending a few days in its malls and souks, at the Shopping Festival, or exploring other smaller local... Read More »
Where to Find the Best Coffee in Delhi
India is all about chai, not coffee. A difficult fact to stomach when you’re used to hefty caffeine kicks on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, those... Read More »
South Pacific
Dream Travel Jobs: Australasia Expert Becky Greaves
How many countries have YOU been to? Well we've just found out that Becky Greaves – Flight Centre's pro when it comes to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific... Read More »
Culinary Curiosities of the Caribbean
With a surplus of paradise beaches, palm-fringed islands and a blissfully relaxed way of life, the Caribbean has been known and loved as a tropical paradise by... Read More »
#FlightSanta Gives its Last Gift to one Lucky Couple
Christmas is upon us! And as usual in December, we at Flight Centre are feeling particularly festive. In fact, something thoroughly jolly has happened: we’ve... Read More »
New Zealand
Family Travel: Discovering New Zealand
There’s a good reason why our Experts are so well informed when it comes to giving you trusted advice on your holidays – it’s because they have hands-on experience... Read More »
Etihad Airways: In a Business Class of Its Own
With unparalleled luxury permeating from every corner of Etihad Airways’ premium cabins, you’ll be sure to experience the best of the best, regardless of your tastes... Read More »
A Foodies’ Guide to New South Wales
Home to Australia’s largest, arguably most famous city of Sydney, New South Wales covers a vast area of the country’s south-east corner and attracts tourists in... Read More »
South Pacific
Fiji: The Happiest Place on Earth
In Fiji words like ‘paradise’ come to the lips very easily. That’s because this archipelago nation of 333 islands is blessed with a blissful panoply of... Read More »
How to Beat Jet Lag
There’s no two ways about it: jet lag is a pain. As your body adjusts to drastically different time zones, you can feel exhausted, dizzy, dehydrated and headachey,... Read More »
My Greatest Journey: An Interview with Simon Calder
As senior travel editor of The Independent, and a regular on BBC TV and radio, Simon Calder has accrued more air miles than the average Boeing 747. Here, he reveals his... Read More »
What Can £10 Get You Around the World?
Travel doesn't have to cost the world – especially when you're in-destination. In fact, even with just a tenner in your back-pocket (or whatever the currency... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Editor-in-Chief Phil Murray
Feature writers, journalists and content-types have a pretty cushty job – regardless of the subject matter. They get to experience things that most people don't... Read More »
Inside Gatwick’s No1 Traveller Lounge
Regardless of whether you love, hate, or are indifferent about flying, there’s one thing you can’t deny: sometimes it can be a bit of a pain. There’s navigating... Read More »
A Beginner's Guide to Trekking on your Travels
Want to summit a mountain, plan a multi-day hike or challenge yourself with a long-distance trail? Lace up your boots with confidence when you use Daisy Cropper's ... Read More »
Instatravellers: Aspen the Mountain Pup
Animals on Instagram are the new celebrities – some amassing more than one million followers with ease. One such upcoming furry superstar is @Aspenthemountainpup,... Read More »
7 of the World’s Greatest Adventures: as Experienced by Flight Centre
In honour of the world reopening soon, we’ve been talking about what 2021/2022 will bring for travel. The word on everyone’s lips? Adventure. After all, what says 'I... Read More »
USA: Discover the California Coast
If it’s the legendary Californian coast that appeals, then you’ll find the stunning scenery, picturesque Pacific towns and open roads of this iconic region are... Read More »
USA: Journey into California's Canyons
How often have you fantasised about driving a classic American road trip and promised yourself you’ll do it ‘next year’? With our USA Journeys, there really is no... Read More »
Sunrise atop Indonesia's Most Famous Volcano: Mount Bromo
I was freezing. Not just cold, mind. Literally down to the bone, convinced that I’d never feel my legs again – that kind of cold. Which surprised me, as I was in... Read More »
Exploring Thailand's Wild West
When I left for Asia, backpack and boyfriend in tow, I was determined to see more of Thailand than the well-travelled routes. I would visit them too of course, I... Read More »
The Ultimate Luxury Lodges and Camps in Australasia
Want to stay in the depths of the Australian or New Zealand wilderness? Want to do it in style? And with some of the best food and wine on the planet? Well we’ve got... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Life as an Intrepid Travel Guide
Chris Godrich’s usual ‘day at the office’ can be hard to predict. From finding a goat in his Mongolian ger, to waiting out a sandstorm in the middle of the Gobi... Read More »
Indian Ocean
How to Choose Your Maldives Island
It's a happy dilemma to be in, but choosing which Maldives island to stay on (and which resort to relax in) is a toughie. These are the questions you need to ask before... Read More »
Middle East
Things to Do When it Rains in Dubai
It only rains two or three days a year in Dubai, but if wet weather strikes on your trip it won’t be a wash-out. Hazel Plush reveals what to do...Gain some... Read More »
6 of the Best Travel Gadgets Right Now
Travel calls for some crucial items to go in your carry-on or suitcase. But what about those non-essentials? Some items, although we admit aren’t completely necessary,... Read More »
The Must-Try Meals of Sri Lanka
As a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a rich culinary tradition with an array of exotic tropical fruits, fresh seafood and... Read More »
A Guide to Planning Your USA Road Trip
USA is pure, unadulterated road trip country. There's California's coastal Big Sur route, incorporating the iconic Bixby Bridge; you can discover the Deep South... Read More »
20 Reasons to Go on an Adventure
In the Oxford Dictionary ‘adventure’ is defined as ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’.  And it’s these three words that can sometimes make the... Read More »
Dream Journeys Down Under: Sydney
Make Sydney the first stop on your New South Wales tailor-made holiday and discover its diverse delights for... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Sri Lanka's Most Spiritual Spots
From ornate forest temples to vertiginous cliff-top palaces, spiritualism in Sri Lanka comes with a big dose of wow-factor – starting with these divine spots.1.... Read More »
Flight Centre Celebrates 20 years in the UK
It was in 1981 that the very first Flight Centre store opened in Sydney, Australia.Since then, Flight Centre has grown to become a global travel retailer with locations... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Suzy from Beach Escapes
Most people dream of travelling the world for a living. And we admit it: at Flight Centre we’re pretty lucky in that, if we’re not busy travelling for work, we’re... Read More »
5 Top Tips for Avoiding Pickpockets Abroad
Getting your valuables stolen is a traveller's worst nightmare. That horrible moment when you realise your spending money has been snatched or your photo-packed camera... Read More »
From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City: A Journey in Vietnam
Vietnam has an epic beauty that operates in two gears. There’s the full-tilt buzz of daily life that beats at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Then there’s... Read More »
North America
The USA’s National Parks are Coming to a Screen Near You
Transport yourself from the cinema chair to the beautiful landscapes of the USA’s most incredible National Parks with the release of the ‘National Parks... Read More »
Film Photography vs Digital: Vietnam in 11 Incredible Pictures
Vietnam is a heady hodgepodge of old and new. From its ancient temples in Da Nang to the modern shopping centres of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find a... Read More »
Intoxicating India: A Journey for the Soul
Flight Centre Travel Expert Natasha Brown has just returned from a tailor-made trip to India. Here, she tells us all about her incredible... Read More »
Why We're in Love with Thailand
From The Man with the Golden Gun to The Beach, Thailand has long dazzled the silver screen with its desert-island beauty. The narrow spit of land between the Gulf of... Read More »
The Toronto City Guide
Cultured, cosmopolitan and cool, the ‘New York City of Canada’ is currently topping the list of must-see city break... Read More »
10 Best Benches Around the World
When you’re discovering a new country, it’s easy to find yourself rushing through a whirlwind checklist. But, there is nothing better than having a moment to... Read More »
Thailand's Best Festivals throughout the Year
Thailand is an incredible country any day of the year but, if you want to see this Southeast Asian gem at it’s most vibrant, plan your holiday so it coincides... Read More »
Hit the Road: The Legendary Pacific Coast
Stretching north nearly 600 miles between Sydney and Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, New South Wales' Legendary Pacific Coast has all the ingredients of a perfect... Read More »
Watch Baby Turtles Hatching in Mon Repos
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog “The turtles are coming! The turtles are coming!” Like clockwork each year, the central Queensland... Read More »
Hiking the Chilcotin on British Columbia's Central Coast
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogThe Chilcotin plateau lies between the Rocky Mountain range and the Coast Mountains, on Canada’s west... Read More »
History Abounds in Old Havana
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Australia blogRum, revolution, cheap cigars and classic cars – Havana is without doubt one of the Caribbean's most... Read More »
A Glimpse of Outback Queensland Along the Savannah Way
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogWhat comes to mind when you think of Queensland holidays? You’ve probably got a picture-perfect idea in... Read More »
Middle East
Incredible Architecture in the Middle East
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogRegarded as one of the cradles of civilisation, the Middle East’s complex and at-times chaotic history... Read More »
Beneath the Waves in the Bahamas
If the paradise beaches, jovial locals and free-flowing rum culture weren’t enough to tempt you to the tropical beaches of the Bahamas, then a peek into the... Read More »
South America
Patagonia: The Frozen Frontier
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog“Have gone to Patagonia,” read author Bruce Chatwin’s matter-of-fact telegram to his employer and... Read More »
6 After-Dark Adventures in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle? From zoo festivals to full-moon kayak tours, we reveal the city’s best night-time spots in this cosmopolitan city. Spend a few nights here before... Read More »
Instatravellers: the Photographic Flight Attendant
As a flight attendant, Katrin Tochtermann travels all over the globe while the furthest most of us travel is to the printer and back. Her beautiful Instagram is full... Read More »
5 Reasons to Go Wild in Langkawi
Many people (myself included) head to Langkawi simply to relax on a beach or unwind at one of the Malaysian island’s spa resorts. But after a couple of days of... Read More »
4 Road Trips to Take from Sydney
Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Bondi Beach, Luna Park: it's no surprise Sydney is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And with year-round mild... Read More »
6 of the Best First and Business Class Amenity Kits
Which airline offers the best First of Business Class amenity kit? We tested six of the best to find out.When you enter a First or Business Class cabin there's... Read More »
9 of the Best Breweries in the USA
Beer is a Stateside mainstay. To put that into perspective, there are over 3,464 craft breweries across the US. That’s more beer than you can shake a fermenter at. We... Read More »
Insider Secrets: 7 Tips For a Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip
Hazel Plush spent two weeks driving up the Pacific Coast, from Sydney to Brisbane – one of Australia's most memorable road trips. Fancy it? Here are the sights and... Read More »
Middle East
6 of the Best Places to Eat Gold in Dubai
Gold is everywhere in Dubai: in the souks, atop skyscrapers, on sports cars – and on your dinnerplate. Feeling flush? Then it's time to eat gold in Dubai. Hazel... Read More »
The Weirdest Wi-Fi Hotspots in the World
Glued to your smartphone when you travel? Can’t bear to go on holiday without checking in on Facebook first, Instagramming a selfie or alerting your Twitter followers... Read More »
Sunshine Coast
Plot, Stop and Eat Along the Sunshine Coast Food Trail
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogHolidaymakers with an appetite for adventure, get ready to raise your forks in celebration as the... Read More »
The Best Ways to Experience New South Wales
Could you pack your bags now and fly to Australia tonight?That's exactly what four couples did when they were invited to our Suitcase Party at the Shard in London... Read More »
Where to go this Winter
Oh why, oh why are we talking about winter, we hear you ask. We're well aware that the last dregs of summer (if you can call it that!) are still with us, but we know... Read More »
The Best Diving Spots in Southeast Asia
Beneath the turquoise waters and glittering waves of Southeast Asia’s oceans lies an otherworldly ecosystem teeming with kaleidoscopic fish and technicolour corals,... Read More »
Veg Out: The 10 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogAt the global dinner table, there are just some places a meat avoider should, ahem, avoid, reckons... Read More »
Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaways
Looking for the ultimate beach-side honeymoon? Look no further – here are our top suggestions for a relaxing and peaceful stay in the world’s most beautiful beach... Read More »
Where to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Australia
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogIt’s never too early to start thinking about your NYE plans. Flying by the seat of your pants all too... Read More »
The Chase is On: Follow Summer Around the Globe
Sad that summer is almost over? Or mourning the fact that we barely had one again? Well never fear: no matter what month or time of day it is in Old Blighty,... Read More »
Dubai's 7 Best Brunches
Every Friday afternoon, Dubai's top restaurants serve a four-hour feast of incredible food and free-flowing drinks in the city's most spectacular locations. Dubai expat... Read More »
15 Queensland Places to Free Your Inner Mermaid
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Noosa on Foot: Swap the Car Keys for Walking Boots
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Discover the Best Places in the World with Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist
A couple of years ago the definitive coffee table book graced the Flight Centre editorial desk, and it hasn't left since. It caused intrigue, debate over a pizza... Read More »
Getting More Bang for your Buck: The Best Currencies Right Now
On a budget? Travel doesn’t always have to break the bank. One way to cut your holiday costs – if you’re not fussy about your destination, that is – is to let... Read More »
New Zealand
A Food Lover's Guide to Auckland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogNew Zealand has well and truly jumped on the foodie train with local and international chefs setting up... Read More »
The Best Jobs to Have in Travel
Love travel so much you wish it was your job? Well it can be. The travel industry is one of the most exciting industries to work in – and we should know! Whether... Read More »
A Graphic Guide to Planning Your Queensland Holiday
Australia doesn’t hide the fact that it’s big – like the sixth largest country in the world and the same size as Europe, big! You may be able to narrow your Aussie... Read More »
7 Must-try Cocktails in the USA
Since it’s bootlegging days, the USA has been rife with alcohol experimentation and home-grown distilleries. So, it’s no surprise that a cocktail menu in the US can... Read More »
7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint when Travelling
From the Mayor of New York to even Pope Francis himself, more and more people around the world are working towards cutting down carbon emissions. But beyond carpooling... Read More »
Experience the Cosy Small Town Vibe on Magnetic Island
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogHayman it isn’t. But then, as one of the earliest tourism destinations in Queensland, it doesn’t... Read More »
The Most Luxurious Places to Stay in Thailand
When it comes to luxury in Southeast Asia, Thailand hotels are where it’s at. There’s no shortage of rustic décor, postcard-perfect beaches, technicolour sunsets... Read More »
Insider Secrets: What the Locals Love in Adelaide
As someone who grew up in Adelaide, I have watched it transform from a once sleepy town to a confident and energetic tourist destination. You can fly into... Read More »
48 Hours in Chiang Mai
Well on its way to becoming as popular as the islands, Chiang Mai is Thailand's perfect chill-out stop for travellers looking to escape the chaos of Bangkok. With... Read More »
7 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Pai
Pai, once the sleepy playground of hippies and hardcore travellers, is now firmly on the tourist route in Thailand. A 4.5-hour drive north of Chiang Mai (be warned, the... Read More »
An Australian's Guide to Townsville, Queensland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogI’d like to tell you how I Townsvilled (a new verb I invented) but first – some context.I grew up in... Read More »
Smorgasbord of Shopping in Hong Kong
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogWith more than seven million inhabitants squeezed into one of the most densely packed places on the... Read More »
A Blogger's Guide to Packing for Thailand
A bikini for the beach, hiking boots for the jungle and a good bag for the city. Thailand is a country that offers everything, so when it comes to packing you may need... Read More »
Instatravellers: Introducing The First Piper
Instagram is filled with incredible travel photos, from stunning mountain landscapes, climbing cats, and drool-inducing foodie shots. But, Ross Jennings, aka The First... Read More »
New Zealand
New Zealand’s Secret Islands
It's not just the North and South islands, you know. New Zealand has lots of secret plots just waiting to be discovered – from far-flung volcanic spots to quaint... Read More »
Phuket's Magnificent Underwater World
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogJust few hundred metres offshore, there are some magnificent underwater worlds to explore in Phuket. It... Read More »
The World’s Best Overwater Bungalow Escapes
If you haven’t heard of our Escapes holiday range yet, now is the perfect time to find out more. Launched in June, Escapes are amazing travel experiences to the... Read More »
Top 10 Favourite Street Foods Around the World
When it comes to travelling the world and trying the best market cuisine, Melissa Hie from @GirlEatWorld has you covered. We've asked this foodie to let us in on her... Read More »
7 New Things to do in Noosa
This article originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogA glamorous resort town with just the right amount of barefoot-hippie sway, Noosa is the queen of... Read More »
Mauritius: The Star of the Indian Ocean
Is Mauritius in Africa, asks Dawn Jorgensen?We’re gathered around a table enjoying dinner while the warm sea breeze catches my shoulders, water laps below the wooden... Read More »
6 Reasons to Visit Australia in Winter
As an Australian, I used to be totally acclimatised to the weather Down Under. When winter hit you’d see me bundled in scarves and jackets complaining about the... Read More »
12 Photos That Make Us Want to Go to India
As a travel photographer, Christopher Atkinson, aka Ascending Aperture, looks at each new city, jungle, or village with a completely different perspective... Read More »
What to Eat and Drink in Cape Town
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog.Ah, Cape Town. The Rainbow City. Home of the World Cup 2010. A fine city to wear your stretchy pants.... Read More »
8 Reasons to Say Hi to Mackay, Queensland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog Mackay is one of those places that grows on you. At first you might not even be aware of its... Read More »
What Guidebook Style Suits You?
With an abundance of well-stocked bookstores on the high street, not to mention the rise of online literary retailers like Amazon, choosing the right guidebook to... Read More »
Florida’s Wackiest Attractions
The Sunshine State may be best known for its great weather, Mickey Mouse and a plethora of family-friendly theme parks, but it isn't shortage on the offbeat either.... Read More »
New Zealand
New Zealand: The Most Photogenic Place in the World
As a landscape photographer, and blogger of In a Far Away Land, Marta Kulesza is always on the lookout for the best scenic shots. Since moving to New Zealand, Marta has... Read More »
Insider Secrets: An Introduction to Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Thanks to food blogs, culinary magazines and food-focused TV shows, you’d have a hard time finding someone who has never heard of dim sum. This Cantonese specialty is... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Canada's Rocky Mountaineer with Train Manager David Aboud
Traversing Western Canada - Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Quesnel - and now Seattle, Rocky Mountaineer offers one of the most iconic train journeys out there.... Read More »
Instatravellers: Meet Millie, the Rock Climbing Cat
Craig Armstrong is the proud owner of Millie, a beautiful, black fluffy cat. But unlike other cats, she doesn’t spend (all) her time napping around the house and... Read More »
5 Reasons Why Mauritius is Like Nowhere Else on Earth
Thought Mauritius was only paradise beaches and gorgeous resorts? Think again. Weird wildlife, multi-coloured mud and ridiculously strong rum – just a few of the... Read More »
The Complete Guide to US National Parks
This article originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogSpanning 27 states with more than 50 different preserved areas, the national parks in the United States... Read More »
Step Back in Time at Inle Lake, Myanmar
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogAn ethereal morning mist drapes over Myanmar’s Inle Lake, smudging the horizon to meld water and sky in... Read More »
How to Spend 24 Hours in Dallas
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Queensland's Best Beaches
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogQueensland owns beaches like Kelly Slater owns surfing. With 84 patrolled swim spots, 25 surf schools, the... Read More »
Behind the Scenes at Ho Lee Fook: Interview with Chef Jowett
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogMeet the young Taiwanese-born chef who’s taking Hong Kong by storm with his casually hip Hong Kong... Read More »
Take a Bite Out of Tasmania
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogThe fertile soils of the Apple Isle and the icy waters of the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean work... Read More »
Cycling Around Southeast Asia
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogSoutheast Asia has long been a favourite travel destination. For many years a rising number of travellers... Read More »
Born to be Wild: Nature Encounters in Queensland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogUnderwater havens abundant in sea life, native creatures and cute critters, there’s so much wildlife to... Read More »
North America
How to Live Like a Local in New York
Ticked off Central Park when you first visited New York? Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art as familiar to you as the Tate Modern here in London? Have you already been... Read More »
Orlando: Not Just for Children
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Canada blog.Think Orlando is just for families and children? Think again! Canadian Travel Consultant April... Read More »
The UK’s Best Airline Lounges
Restaurants, massages, saunas, champagne rooms, DJ booths - the new era of airport lounges has arrived. To talk us through the latest and greatest offerings from the... Read More »
9 Movie Sets You Can Actually Visit
This blog was originally posted on Flight Centre Australia.There probably isn't a soul among us that hasn't wished to live in a fictional world brought to life by the... Read More »
@GirlEatWorld: Meeting the Instagrammer Behind the Camera
Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become so much more than Valencia selfies or X-Pro II cats. Beautifully shot images of fashion, travel, and of course food,... Read More »
9 of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World
Dreaming of the perfect getaway? You've come to the right place. At First and Business, we have scoured the world to recommend the very best luxury hotel properties... Read More »
Around Hong Kong in 7 Drinks
A concoction of salted caramel, vodka, grapefruit, strawberry, kumquat and lemon juice, made up only one of the drinks Ben Whitmarsh from Beyond Content tried and... Read More »
A Food Lover’s Tour of Brisbane
If there's one clear takeaway message about Australian cuisine, it's that shrimps on the barbecue are out and great coffee is in. Visit any given Australian town and... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Road Rules in Vietnam
Just last year, a census in Vietnam revealed that this tiny coastal country is home to an estimated 37 million motorbikes. That’s about 15 million more motorbikes than... Read More »
8 Reasons Why Working in Travel is the Best
Do you spend hours scouring the web for cheap flights? Often baffle your friends with your obscure global know-how? Or do you just love going abroad, feeling like a... Read More »
9 of the Best Burger Joints in the USA
28th May is International Hamburger Day! To mark the USA event, we’ve scoured this great North American nation in search of its best burger offering. Let’s be... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
How to Spend a Weekend in Abu Dhabi
Like the pearls that were once gathered from its warm waters, Abu Dhabi is carefully-crafted, glossy, and exclusive – a mature antithesis to its boisterous neighbour... Read More »
Rising Above: The Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok
Bangkok throws up a heady hodgepodge of adjectives: it’s amazing, bizarre, wonderful and impressive all at once. The entire city is awash with life, day and night, in... Read More »
5 of the Best Afternoon Teas Worldwide
Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some thoroughly British traditions as you traverse the globe. And it doesn’t get more British... Read More »
Up, Up and Away! Your Flying Questions Answered
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogWhile travel can be a fun and exciting adventure, there are often travel terms and questions that cause... Read More »
North America
How to Experience Bermuda on a Budget
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaBritain’s oldest colony, Bermuda, is a land of pink sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas, and picturesque old... Read More »
Explore Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean
One of the most beautiful countries on earth, Sri Lanka lies like a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, writes Donna Hardie. This vibrant jewel in the... Read More »
Splash, Bike, Hike in Tropical North Queensland
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last century, you’d be aware that Tropical North Queensland is rather... Read More »
Travel Like a Celeb: Where the Rich and Famous Holiday
From Indian Ocean isles to gems of the Pacific and Caribbean, Amy Frost, Flight Centre First and Business manager at our Baker Street branch, has given us her expert... Read More »
The UK Makes Arrivals Even Easier
Attention all Australian, Canadian, Japanese, New Zealand and American nationals! Travelling to the UK just got even easier. The government Registered Traveller service... Read More »
3 Top Tips for an Instant Upgrade
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUWho wouldn't love a free upgrade on an airline, car rental or hotel room booking? Being the travel experts we've... Read More »
4 of the Indian Ocean’s Best Islands

Whether you love beaches, wildlife or delicious food, the Indian Ocean's islands have it all. Here we take a look at four of our favourites...

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4 Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List
For some travellers, a simple walk around a city, or a day sun bathing at the beach simply will not do. The adventurer in us doesn't just want to explore a place or... Read More »
Discovering Riviera Maya: From Chichen Itza to Whale Sharks
I used to be scared of the ocean. There’s something about the big blue that is utterly paralysing – whether it be the vast open space that plunges into never-ending... Read More »
South America
4 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Nicaragua
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaWith affordable accommodation, food, transportation, happy and helpful people, and a safe environment, Nicaragua is... Read More »
Delve Deep Into the Heart of Texas
This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Flight Centre UK's tri-annual magazine: The Experts.Think of Texas and a collage of cowboys, cattle and the... Read More »
Nepal Earthquake Travel Update
On Saturday 25th of April, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal, followed by a number of strong aftershocks. With untold architectural and archaeological treasures... Read More »
Animal Cafés: The World’s Newest Trend
Have you ever wished you could enjoy your tea with a cat by your side? Or nibble on some pastries while an owl perches nearby? Well you're in luck because the latest... Read More »
Going Crazy For Cronuts In Sydney
Since the concept of a doughnut-croissant hybrid pastry was launched in 2013 by Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in New York, cronut has been the word on every... Read More »
An Instagram Guide to Kangaroo Island
If you've never heard of Kangaroo Island, prepare to be amazed. This sandy and rugged island off the coast of South Australia is one of Australia's best kept... Read More »
13 things worth travelling to Queensland for

1. First and foremost, Queensland looks like this:

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Virgin Atlantic Launches In-Flight Selfie Zones on Dreamliner
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia.Every narcissist’s dream, the selfie has become a part of daily life whether we like it or not. Now... Read More »
7 Epic Road-Trips Around The Southern Great Barrier Reef
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AustraliaSouthern Great Barrier Reef may not exactly roll off the tongue, but it's incredibly easy on the eyes.This... Read More »
New York
5 Free Things to do in New York
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre CanadaThere’s plenty to see and do in New York City, but sometimes a vacation can quickly add up when you’re... Read More »
An interview with Levison Wood
Levison Wood had the nation in awe as he endured war, deserts and blisters on his incredible walk along the Nile. We caught up with the ambitious explorer to find out... Read More »
The Flying… Koala? Qantas Upgrades Four Koalas to Business Class
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUFour koalas have gone where many of us have yet to venture. A bunch of these furry marsupials received the VIP... Read More »
A City Break Guide to Chicago
Lou Malnati’s Cheese Deep Dish isn’t your regular pizza. The legendary slice is drenched in cheese and pools of sauce, and baked in pans deeper than cake... Read More »
The Rise of Fitness Travel
You've probably seen it in your Facebook news feed: exultant photos of friends waving medals towards the camera, grinning with achievement in the foreign sunshine. Half... Read More »
The 6 Best Fashion Trucks in the States
Move over food trucks, it’s fashion’s turn to muscle in on the mobile trend. Moving boutiques selling handmade, vintage and designer clothes and accessories have... Read More »
5 Must-Try Stopover Snacks in Macau
Think Macau is all about casinos? Think again. With a distinct blend of colonial Portuguese heritage and modern-day Chinese culture, Macau is culturally fascinating and... Read More »
Flight Ticket Terminology Explained
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUDeciding on the best fare type to suit your needs can sometimes become a confusing choice. As the Airfare Experts, we... Read More »
11 of the Coolest Places to See on Google Street View
Google has brought us a lot over the years: from its Google Doodles to helping keep the Internet safe, not to mention being the go-to source for pretty much everything.... Read More »
New York
Six Reasons to Take the L Train to Brooklyn
Thanks to Girls (Lena Dunham’s Hannah lives in Greenpoint) and the opening of the Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets, Brooklyn is on everybody’s radar. One... Read More »