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Air New Zealand Premium Economy seat with leg support and foot rest extended

A Guide to Flying Premium Economy with Air New Zealand

I recently had the pleasure of flying from Auckland to San Francisco with Air New Zealand, seated in 25B, midway down their delightful Premium Economy cabin. And I can tell you – rarely is flying such...
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Downstairs bar, Qantas lounge, London Heathrow

Inside the New Qantas Lounge at London Heathrow

While it’s fair to say that hanging out at the airport isn’t usually a pastime to write home about, the new Qantas lounge at London Heathrow makes killing time at Terminal 3 prior to your Australia ho...
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Start your Journey in Style in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

Nothing tells you you’re finally starting your holiday like arriving at the lounge. And there aren’t many better lounges out there than the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow. Flight Centre&...
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What it's Really Like Inside Etihad's 'The Residence'

The Residence bedroom (Image: Lauren Burvill) I’m lying down on a soft double bed, nuzzling into a plush duvet. A 27-inch TV shines softly at the end of the bed. If I close my eyes I could easily be...
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Flight Centre Now Selling NEW Qantas Non-Stop Flights to Perth

At Flight Centre, we're so excited about the launch of the world's first direct flight to Australia, flying with Qantas, that w...
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What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed

You prepare for weeks, nay, months, for that special day. You get up at 4am to get to the airport, after barely getting any sleep the night before, worrying whether or not you’ve packed your phone cha...
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Behind the Scenes: Inside the Best First Class Cabins

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly First Class? Or are you a First Class regular, naturally turning left whenever you set foot on a British Airways’ A380? Wherever you’re at with First Class tr...
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The Best In-Flight Desserts

So you’ve watched some films, read a few chapters of your book, looked out the window, enjoyed a spot of lunch – now what? You still have several hours to go until you arrive at your destination, and ...
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The Best In-Flight DIY Cocktails

Cocktails in the sky are pretty simple. Of course, some airlines have their own ‘signature’ mixes – Delta has the ‘Sky Breeze’ and Virgin offers Daiquiris in Upper Class – but, generally speaking, mos...
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Business Class Airfares Reach a 5-Year Low

Onboard a Business Class flight with Qatar Airways Flying Business Class need no longer be the reserve of just the rich and famous, as Business Class prices at Flight Centre UK have dipped to a five...
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The Best In-Flight Snacks

Last month we talked about the best in-flight coffees, this time we’re looking at something even closer to my heart: the best in-flight snacks. After all, even with the most comprehensive on-demand en...
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How to Tackle Your Fear of Flying

So you’ve made it onto the plane and you’re buckled up and ready to go. Yet your palms are sweating, you feel sick with nerves and you’re struggling to control the urge to grab your bag from the overh...
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