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6 Adrenaline Adventures in New York City

Forget the traditional city tour – these adventures will give you a whole new perspective on NYC, and get your heart racing too... Helicopter tour of Manhattan Think you’re happy with heights...
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Tess in front of a beautiful Costa Rican landscape

Costa Rica: Go Your Own Way

Go your own way to Costa Rica, says Flight Centre’s Tess Watkins, who hired a 4X4 for this independent adventure. The car hugs the coastline as we wind our way along the open road. Every now ...
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At the Top of Japan: Climbing Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji on a clear day   Arriving at the base of Japan’s highest mountain, we were excited yet admittedly a little naïve of the task ahead, tells James Pierce. We expected to see the peak of the ...
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Into the Midst: Costa Rica

An action-packed small-group adventure in Costa Rica comes with invaluable insider knowledge, says Flight Centre’s Phil Murray. Costa Rica group tour Let’s make one thing clear from the off: ...
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Indian wedding

Perfect Match: Attending an Indian Wedding

The ultimate celebration of love, a wedding can also show a country’s true cultural colours. Sophie Ibbotson loses her heart to India on a unique adventure... I could hear it long before I could see i...
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The Travel Secrets of Vietnam

Think you know Vietnam? Think again. Angela Griffin uncovers the country’s most worthwhile attractions you’ve never heard of. St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi   Hanoi’s French Quarter On arrival...
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Where to See Polar Bears

If you’re into animals, there’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in the wild. Catch a glimpse of even a tiny tuft of that soft, creamy fur, and it’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon the holy grai...
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Sri Lanka blue train Nikki Soddy

7 Reasons You and Your Children will Love Sri Lanka

Now is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. It is undiscovered enough that you will find empty beaches, authentic cuisine and low prices, yet tourist-driven enough that you will find everything you ne...
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Halong Bay Vietnam

Solo Travel: A Group Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia

Ali Cairns heads to Southeast Asia for a much-needed break from reality... I have always loved travelling. But since backpacking in my twenties, I’ve been pretty much working non-stop. In February las...
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Woman by the pool in Bali

Spiritual Awakening in Bali

Isabel Dexter takes a solo trip to Bali to teach yoga and awaken her sense of adventure... For a long time, I was one of those people who talked a lot about ‘my big adventure’, but hadn’t taken any st...
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Avignon city break

Solo Travel: A City Break in Avignon

Chris Butcher gives herself a much-needed boost in France... You either get busy dying, or you get busy living – and I wanted to get busy living! The history of Avignon has always fascinated me: a bea...
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8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going to Australia

More than four million people visit Australia on holiday every year. And who could blame them? The Land Down Under boasts sun-blessed beaches, epic wildlife and gourmet food; and that’s enough to temp...
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