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The Best Ways to Explore Australia

From soaring above the world’s largest coral reef to hiking mountain passes and paddling down majestic rivers, there are as many ways to explore Australia as there are wonders to behold... T...
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Heart Reef from above

A View From Above: Queensland's Heart Reef

Take to the skies with Flight Centre's Phil Murray for a bird's-eye view of beautiful Heart Reef... Hamilton Island Just a short flight from mainland Queensland, Hamilton Island has...
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Penguins and Seals in Antarctica Ginny Scholes

Life Below Zero in Antarctica

Wildlife photographer Ginny Scholes fulfilled a lifelong dream when she took her camera on an Antarctic expedition: My grandfather gave me a camera when I was 10 and I haven’t stopped taking ...
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Spotting Unmissable Wildlife in Malaysia

Malaysia evokes images of postcard-perfection. Think on it for a moment and no doubt your mind will conjure up pictures of breathtaking natural beauty, endless sandy beaches, lush rainforests and the ...
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Hot air ballooning South Africa

Hot-Air Ballooning in South Africa

It’s a painful 4:30am when I hear the alarm go off and I immediately forget where I am and what I am doing. Why am I waking up at this time?! Oh yeah, that’s right, I’d agreed to go hot-air ballooning...
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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Malaysia

When thinking of holiday destinations around the South China Sea, it’s only natural to consider travel hotspots like Thailand, Vietnam or even Indonesia. But Malaysia, a destination that has pretty we...
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Discover Queensland’s Great Beach Drive

With a sprawling coastline, well connected highway and plenty of icons to see, the Australian state of Queensland is made for driving. But where to begin when planning an all-out epic road trip that i...
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El Nido Palawan Richard Collett

The Best Adventures in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country of over 7,000 different islands, giving this Southeast Asian nation a level of diversity that’s like nowhere else in the world. Even given an entire lifetime, it would be ...
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Venice Simplon–Orient–Express

The World's Most Glamorous Train Journeys

Taking us back to an era when travelling by train was a glamorous affair, these classic rail Journeys encourage us to take it easy and enjoy the world outside the window…  Indian Pacific FROM...
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Where to See Wildlife in Victoria, Australia

From the dramatic coast to the rugged, national park-filled interior, Victoria is home to some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife. Despite being the second smallest state Down Under, its rich landsca...
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5 of the Best Things I Ate in Thailand

When I found out I was going to Thailand, it goes without saying that I was excited about visiting the beautiful temples, soaking up a new culture and touring the picturesque islands. But, if I’m brut...
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Road Trippin' in the USA

Covering 1,672 miles from the burnt-orange landscape of the Grand Canyon to iconic Santa Monica Boulevard, Flight Centre’s Alexandra Gregg put her pedal to the metal on one of our tailor-made USA Jour...
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