Nadia Williams

Former kids’ TV presenter, current sub-editor and ever-ready holidayer, I love discovering new ‘favourite destinations’ and ticking things off the travel bucket list. Having recently returned from Oz and Bali, I can now be found evangelising about Hamilton Island and hailing the Great Barrier Reef as the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen (sorry, Northern Lights – your crown’s been snatched). Follow my wanderings on

Cockatoos on Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island: Queensland’s Answer to Jurassic Park

I visited Hamilton Island for the first time in March this year, based solely on the recommendation of my Flight Centre Travel Consultant. Deciding to keep it all a surprise, I did ZERO Googling befor...
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Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef: Sea vs Air

The Great Barrier Reef is quite simply one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. But what’s the best way to see this incredible phenomenon – bird’s-eye view or beneath the waves? I dec...
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Cockatoo on the balcony Reef View Hotel Nadia Williams

4 Animal Encounters on Hamilton Island, Queensland

One of the most amazing things about Queensland's Hamilton Island is its wondrous array of wildlife (for the nature lovers among you, this is definitely the place to get your David Attenborough o...
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Babka full English breakfast Nadia Williams

Top 3 Spots for Brunch in Melbourne (Fitzroy & Collingwood)

One of the first things I noticed upon wandering the neighbouring districts of Fitzroy and Collingwood (besides their clear love of spray-paint cans) was that these guys love to eat. Even more excitin...
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