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9 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Topdeck

Are you itching to discover Croatia’s terracotta landscapes? Take a road trip around Italy? Or embark on an unforgettable adventure across Spain? Topdeck Travel can turn your adventure dreams into a reality – as I discovered when I travelled with them earlier this year. Here are nine reasons why you should travel with Topdeck too:

You’ll get social

We’ve all got a ridiculous number of ‘friends’ thanks to Facebook connecting us to almost anyone we have ever spoken to. But when it comes to finding true friends to travel with, the task can sometimes be tough. There are many obstacles – be it timing, commitments, money, goals or simply your travel styles. That’s where travelling on a group tour comes in, wiping out all of these issues in one fell swoop.

You may not know anyone at the beginning, but you do know that everyone wants to be there for exactly the same reason as you. From day one you can be assured that your trip is packed with all the fun, like-minded people you need to make your travels really memorable. Often it can even lead to lifelong friendships that stretch beyond a photo ‘Liked’ once in a blue moon.

Trip leaders are experts

You can stand staring at the Sistine Chapel for hours and never really know what it’s about. Or you can walk the streets of Barcelona for weeks and never find the best tapas. And the list could go on… or you could bring it to a shuddering halt by taking advantage of Topdeck’s expert Trip Leaders.

Running every trip from start to finish, not only do they organise all of the time-consuming boring stuff like transport and accommodation, but they are also on hand to tell you exactly what it is you are #Instagramming, what you just chewed on, where the locals really go and how on earth to haggle with a German [answers on a postcard].

Trips are hassle-free

Ever look at those people frantically running for a train when they travel? Or those staring at a map pivoting on their heels in the middle of a famous square, clearly trying to work out which direction their hotel is? And how about those standing in a queue, not sure if they belong in it? Maybe you’ve even been that person.

Well no more! With a Trip Leader doing all the hard, logistical work for you, you can switch off your brain, relax and focus all your energies on truly taking in your destination, having fun and knowing that you’ll always be heading in the right direction.

You won’t miss a thing

Topdeck has been designing life-altering group trips for over four decades. Their experts know what’s good. More importantly, they know what is unmissable in each and every destination you visit – from the Eiffel Tower and the Spanish Steps, to the coves and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean’s pristine islands. With so many inclusions in your trip, you’ll never go home wondering if you missed any of the ‘must do’ sights. Guaranteed.

Unique moments

As if the last reason wasn’t good enough on its own, pairing it with this one is what makes Topdeck so special. This is where your trip becomes different to everyone else’s. Topdeck guides pride themselves on allowing you free time to explore your destination in your own way. So if you’re an art buff but your new pals love to shop, you can disappear to the Louvre while they head to the Champs-Elysees, allowing everyone to create their own personal memories. You’ll meet up for a Champagne at sunset of course.

You (probably) won’t run out of cash

The worst feeling when travelling is getting to the end of your trip and realising you’ve blown your budget and can’t afford the entrance fee, the taxi to the airport, the grandstand fantastic meal or worst of all, the final night out. Having so much already included in the tour with Topdeck means you’ll never feel like you have to make your last €20 stretch further than it can. Go on: enjoy every last minute.


You’ll have the freedom to be yourself, to relax, to meet new friends, to fall in love with destinations, to explore, to worry about nothing, to let loose, to learn, to try new things, to have the time of your life. That’s all part of the Topdeck way.

You can do more with less

One of the biggest benefits to a Topdeck tour is how much you can do in such a short space of time. Those short on time but big on adventurous energy can satisfy their needs by taking as little as a weekend to explore some of Topdeck’s best destinations around Europe. Better still, in just one or two weeks you can tick off up to 11 countries without losing precious time. You might struggle to write a postcard home, but you’ll return with a lifetime of stories and a full memory card to prove it.

Safety first

Travelling in a group led by an expert Trip Leader will mean that safety will be the last thing on your mind. You’ll feel so confident and secure in going pretty much anywhere, at almost any time of day, in the company of others, that you’ll be too busy having a good time to worry about safety.

Ready to book your trip with Topdeck? Up until 15th June 2016, Topdeck Travel and Flight Centre are offering 15% off all tours to Europe. Plus, if you book in one of our selected Flight Centre stores, we’ll give you an extra £40 off!

Written by Tom Grapes

Lucky enough to travel from an early age, I’ve never truly stopped since. I love exploring places where the natural world reigns large and history looms but also a cold beer complements the sunset. A travel dreamer at heart, I keep working towards the ultimate of travelling all my life. So far I’m on track.

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