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10 photogenic reasons to visit the Maldives

We know that you didn't need a reason to visit the Maldives but we thought we'd give you 10 more, just in case you were doubting yourself.

This is what holiday perfection looks like....

Reason #1

Pristine white sand that feels like baby powder under your toes

Reason #2

Bright blue sea that is so clear you can see the fish swimming beside you

Reason #3

Lazy days spent rocking in a hammock under the shade of palm trees

Reason #4

Scuba diving in the crystal clear waters...

Reason #5

...and seeing manta rays...

Reason #6

And turtles!

Reason #7

Endless photo opportunities to pose in paradise

Reason #8

Visiting tiny, uninhabited islands

Reason #9

Activities to keep both big and little kids entertained

Reason #10

Sunsets like this

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Written by Monica

Monica is a travel blogger with a love for stylish adventures around the world. She blogs over on The Travel Hack about everything from weekend breaks, stylish hotels, exotic holidays and adventure travel.