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Dining in San Francisco is never a dull moment. The city has been responsible for a number of modern culinary trends, as well as holding onto its historic roots as a city famed for its Mexican and Asian cuisine. Needless to say, wherever you visit in the city, it will most likely to be delicious and trendy. Here are our top picks.

Fisherman’s Wharf for seafood

Since the gold rush Fisherman’s Wharf has been the venue for San Fran’s freshest seafood. In the gold rush days it was mainly immigrants selling fresh crabs and seafood right off their boat. These days the wharf has become more of a novelty tourist attraction but if you walk by Fish Alley you can still see fishermen unloading their catches of the day.

Our Pick: Scoma’s Restaurant

The Mission for coffee and Mexican cuisine

Originally a neighbourhood of working class Mexican and Central American families, the Mission in San Francisco has evolved to become one of the trendiest areas in San Francisco. The area still has a good strong-hold over its Latin America roots with a number of reputable taquerias available. Café culture is also very popular in the Mission with the area’s yuppies sipping gourmet blends at popular spots along Valencia Street

Our Pick: Philz Coffee is highly regarded as one of the best cafes in the city.

Chinatown for exotic flavours

San Francisco’s Chinatown is a destination itself. The oldest and second largest Chinatown in the US, it has more annual visitors than the Golden Gate Bridge. Granted, much of it is aimed at the tourists, but dig a little deeper, maybe turn down a smaller street, and you’ll find parts of it are very authentic, particularly the stores, market stalls and restaurants. Our

Our pick: Golden Gate Bakery for the egg tarts.

The Castro for classic American fare

For a part of San Francisco that hasn’t been overtaken by the hipsters, you’ll find it in the Castro. At the heart of the city’s gay scene, the Castro is known for its rainbow flags and carefree attitude. With that, the area is home to a great range of cheap classic eats in the way of burger joints, sandwich shops and retro diners  

Our pick: The fried chicken at Starbelly

Napa Valley for Michelin Star meals

While not technically San Francisco, the hours’ drive to the Napa Valley is well worth it for the food and wine along. Not only are there over 100 restaurants in Napa Valley, the region also has more Michelin stars per capita than any wine region in the world. With that in mind, for a special meal that features some of the best food and wine in the country, the Napa Valley is the place to be.

Our pick: For a romantic Michelin starred meal, try Celdon Restaurant