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Popular Restaurants

Fast-food chains are well represented in Niagara, and apart from a few good Italian and hotel-restaurant options, it's best to make the trip to Lewiston (7 mi north), Buffalo, or Niagara-on-the-Lake (in Canada) for an above-average meal.

Buffalo has given the world two classics: Buffalo chicken wings and beef on weck. You'll come across both throughout the region. The former is served mild, medium, or hot, alongside blue-cheese dressing and celery. The latter consists of roast beef, carved on the spot, and heaped on a fresh, flaky kimmelweck roll that has been sprinkled with coarse salt.

In the Chautauqua-Allegany region, finding anything other than American or (often Americanized) Continental cuisine is rare. A few restaurants stand out for their excellent use of abundant farm-fresh local produce, especially around Chautauqua.

Casual dress is usually acceptable and reservations usually aren't necessary at any but the priciest restaurants. Outside Buffalo, restaurants may close by 9 pm for dinner, and in smaller towns, many restaurants are closed Sunday evenings and Monday. In the Chautauqua area, some restaurants open only in the summer season.