Things to do in New York

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Rockefeller Centre »

The meeting place of Manhattanites, the Rockefeller Center consists of 19 buildings across five large city blocks and nine hectares and was America's first multi-use retail, office and entertainment complex. This sprawling cultural centre was the vision of philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr as a space for locals and visitors... more »

Empire State Building »

With its needle-like shape piercing the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building is symbolic of the great heights to be scaled in pursuit of the New York City dream. The world's most famous office building has featured in over 250 movies from 'King Kong' to 'Sleepless in Seattle' where it... more »

Radio City Music Hall »

An Art Deco ode to Manhattan, this magnificent venue opened in 1932 during the Great Depression and was designed to be so enticing it would attract commercial tenants in a downtrodden economy and city. John D. Rockefeller Jr teamed up with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and that vision... more »

Times Square »

A magnet for the wonderful, weird and wacky, New York's famous intersection of Times Square is a moving vision in neon, yellow cabs and people. If Central Park is NYC’s verdant heart, Times Square is its beating heart - a frenetic mix of flashing lights, huge billboards and pulsating energy... more »

Chrysler Building »

A shining example (literally!) of what a skyscraper should look like, the 1930s-era Chrysler Building is architect William van Alen's ode to the automobile - all sleek, shiny surfaces, reflective framework and custom-built ornaments to mirror its owner, Walter P. Chrysler, and his car company, the Chrysler Corporation. Built in... more »

Wall Street »

Home of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street conjures scenes of frantic traders yelling 'Sell'and Gordon Gekko types espousing 'Greed is good'all set to the '70s funk tune 'For the Love of Money'. The centre of US capitalism, the intersection of Wall and Broad Streets in the Financial District... more »

Brooklyn Bridge »

While the borough of Brooklyn is having a hipster-led moment, Brooklyn Bridge has always had cachet as a New York icon. Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, this suspension bridge has inspired poets, musicians, writers and artists. A plaque on the bridge even... more »

Carnegie Hall »

As the world's most famous concert hall and one of the most prestigious music venues, it's hard to believe Carnegie Hall was slated for demolition in the '60s. Designed by architect William Burnet Tuthill and built by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1891 with the aim to present extraordinary music and... more »

Madison Square Garden »

Any sports fan worth their official licensed merchandise knows Madison Square Garden is the home of the New York Knicks NBA basketball team, as well as the New York Rangers hockey team and WNBA New York Liberty side. What may not be known about the huge donut-shaped building is that... more »

Statue of Liberty »

Holding her torch aloft like a beacon, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic image of America. As the first impression of the United States for millions of immigrants arriving by boat, this national monument is still an awe-inspiring sight from New York Harbor. With the official title of 'Liberty... more »

Central Park »

As New York City's living, breathing verdant heart, Central Park, this manmade wonder pulses with life and activity and is the place to find locals at rest and at play. Located smack bang in the middle of Manhattan, this is the NYC version of the great outdoors. Built on a... more »