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It was November 1620 when the Mayflower docked at Plymouth, and the pilgrims first trod on American soil, laying the foundations for the States as we know them today. The events surrounding the landing vary from storyteller to storyteller, but one thing’s for sure: New England is the most significant state in the history of the USA. After all, ‘The Cradle of Liberty’ isn’t just the birthplace of the New World – it’s where Thanksgiving was founded, where the first rebellions against British rule took place and where The American Revolution began. You can feel that heritage and culture across the region: in the Plimoth Plantation; at Massachusetts’ Old Sturbridge Village; or when you walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. These are just the start...

Discover it all for yourself on our New England Encompassed Journey. This 14-day trip starts in Boston before heading onto Kennebunkport, Vermont, Cape Cod and more – a fantastic itinerary year-round but especially wonderful in the autumn, when you can try a bit of leaf-peeping. Chat to our Travel Experts about tailor making this holiday to your exact specifications.

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