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Falkland Islands Destination Guide

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Falkland Islands Holidays

A land of untouched wilderness, The Falkland Islands is a British overseas territory located off the east coast of South America. A must-visit destination for nature lovers, the spectacular wildlife inhabiting the islands’ virgin beaches, islands and cliffs may be what attracts most people to visit, but the quaint rural lifestyle and unique hospitality is the icing on the cake. Consisting of two main islands and several hundred smaller islands, a trip to the Falkland Islands won’t be one you’ll easily forget.

Top Attractions

The Falklands archipelago is teeming with wildlife wonders and an encounter with a king penguin or catching a sight or a killer whale is reason enough for many to make the long trip. Of course there’s much more to the islands than just wildlife and the brightly painted Christ Church Cathedral at capital Stanley tops the list of manmade attractions. Other places of interest include the small settlement of Goose Green, site of the Battle of Goose Green during the Falklands War, and the British War Cemetery at San Carlos in the northwest of East Falkland Island. 

Eat and Drink

Outside of hotel and camp catering, capital Stanley is where you’re likely to dine in the Falklands. There you’ll find the most variety with British-style pubs the most popular places to grab a tasty meal. The Falklands are renowned for the quality of its produce and locally ranched lamb, mutton and beef are all of excellent quality on the islands. Local seafood is another firm favourite and you won’t see many Falklands menus without fish and chips on them. Waterfront Café is widely renowned to offer some of the best food and biggest portions, while Darwin House is another one of Stanley’s most popular places to dine.

Where to Stay

With a population of just 2,000, Stanley is where most of its accommodation lies. Due to its minute size, you won’t find any resorts or multistorey hotels but what you will find is numerous homely Bed and Breakfasts and a small number of low-key hotels including Malvina House Hotel and Water Front Hotel. Outside of Stanley, your best choice is a stay at one of the quaint home stays, while those wanting to get really up close with nature can find accommodation at one of the island lodges such as the Sea Lion Island Lodge or Pebble Island Lodge.


While shopping is by no means the main reason people choose to visit the Falklands, there are still plenty of fantastic locally manufactured gifts to ensure you don’t leave empty handed. The Boathouse Gallery, Harbour View Gift Shop and Studio 52 are just a few of the numerous gift shops around Stanley and is where to get your hands on some of felt items and leather goods, while jewellery with the local semi-precious opaque pebble stone is another popular Falklands export. Soft Falkland woollen garments make another great purchase and Stanley is also home to a handful of local artists selling paintings of local land and seascapes.

Falkland Islands Like a Local

While many items in the Falklands can be expensive due to import costs, no taxes are placed on alcohol. This and the Falklands’ British heritage makes beer one affordable purchase and drinking it a part of island culture. Come weekend in Stanley it can definitely feel like every resident of the island has crammed into the pub for a couple of pints. The most popular place to drink is Deano’s Bar in Stanley and is where locals can be caught catching up on the week gone by come every Friday night.