Things to do in Amsterdam

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Canals of Amsterdam »

Known as the 'Venice of the North' for its lace-like web of concentric canals, this unique and picturesque attribute of Amsterdam lends a romantic sensibility to the progressive city and is a popular drawcard for visitors. For Amsterdammers, who aren't traversing the city on a bicycle, it's simply a way... more »

Anne Frank House »

Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis) displays the heart-rending existence of a German-Jewish girl on the precipice of womanhood living in Amsterdam and hiding from the Nazis during World War II - a girl we all know from her famous diary. Bringing her pages to life, a visit to Anne Frank... more »

Van Gogh Museum »

Think of suffering for your art and the quintessential tortured artist and 19th Century painter Vincent Van Gogh immediately springs to mind. Opened in 1973, The Van Gogh Museum showcases the largest collection of the prolific Dutch artist's works in the world including over 200 authentic paintings, 437 drawings and... more »

Amsterdam Museum »

You'd expect an interesting city like Amsterdam to have a rich and varied past. The Amsterdam Museum (formerly known as the Amsterdam Historical Museum) offers an lively and interactive insight into this multilayered international city. From medieval times to football-crazed fans, a varied collection of art, objects and archaeological finds... more »

Hermitage Amsterdam »

An outpost of the Hermitage St Petersburg state museum in Russia, which is renowned for its magnificent and extensive art collection, Museum Hermitage Amsterdam is a showcase of the historical ties between the two cities. Here you'll find a selection of treasures from Hermitage St Petersburg on display and carefully... more »

Rijksmuseum »

Home to such iconic works as Rembrandt's The Night Watch and Vermeer's The Milkmaid and treasured masterpieces by the likes of Steen, Brouwers and Hals, the newly reopened Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum houses an exhaustive collection of Dutch art including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, paper works as well as historical furniture and... more »

Heineken Experience »

While a trip to Amsterdam offers the illicit thrill of being in close proximity to legalised drugs, it is also home to one of the world's most famous and popular beers, Heineken, and its old now-defunct brewery. While this top tipple is now brewed on the outskirts of the city,... more »

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