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Most hotels in Warsaw and Łódź offer Internet access (sometimes for a fee). There are also plenty of Internet cafés around, with rates between zł 3 and zł30 per hour for high-speed access. In Warsaw, you'll find several hot spots with free Wi-Fi access for those carrying laptops: in plac Zamkowy, ulica Nowy Świat, ulica Chmielna, plac Bankowy, Warsaw University Library, the Traffic Club, and even in some restaurants and cafeterias. In Łódź, the library of Łódź Polytechnics, among other places, offers free Wi-Fi.

In Warsaw, the main post office in Świętokrzyska Street, and in Łódź, the post office in Tuwima Street, are open 24 hours a day.

Warsaw Internet Cafés

Courtyard by Marriott Cyber Café (Okęcie Airport, Courtyard by Marriott, Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warsaw, 00-906. 022/650–01–00.)

Łódź Internet Cafés

Spadochronowa (Narutowicza 41, Lodz, 90-125. 042/631-91-57. .)

Post Offices

Poczta Główna (Świętokrzyska 31/33, Warsaw, 00-001. 022/505–33–16.)

Poczta No. 1 (Tuwima 38, Łódź, 90-001. 042/632–82–08.)