Breathe in the freedom of the freeway as you take the wheel, passing through arid canyons, white-washed ski fields and luminous cities on a road trip across the grand United States. A timeless tradition, coastal or cross country road trips highlight the sheer size and diversity of the country, awarding you the liberty of discovering the lay of the land on your own terms. Make room in your itinerary to rove the well-travelled bitumen arteries and bumpy trails off the beaten track – chances are you're going to want to make a pit stop or two as you stumble upon America's great attractions along the way.

Put the top down and enjoy the warm sea breeze on California's Highway 1. State Route 1, as it's also known, is one of around 30 designated All-American Roads, noted for scenic beauty tracing almost the entire length of California. The cliff-hugging highway only takes around five hours to drive, making it perfect for a day trip. If you're yearning to spend a little longer on the wide open road, cruise the Main Street of America from Santa Monica to Chicago on the famous Route 66 – in one trip you can tick Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California off the list.

See the States from the open road

For unbeatable ocean vistas from the driver's seat, the aptly named Florida Keys Scenic Highway allows you to island-hop without ever leaving the car! Zigzag the Beartooth Highway in Montana, Wyoming, where you can catch a glimpse of snow even in summer, or follow the mighty Mississippi River along the 10-state-strong Great River Road. There are dozens of National Scenic Byways spread across 46 states, meaning the road ahead is practically endless, offering incredible landscapes, rich cultural heritage and welcoming towns no matter which direction you choose to travel.