Things to do in Queenstown

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Skipper’s Canyon »

Skipper’s Canyon is a stunning gorge in the backcountry of Queenstown, slicing through an area of important historical significance. The area is defined by its gold rush history. In November of 1862 four ounces of gold was discovered in the space of three hours, leading to one of the biggest... more »

Lake Wakatipu »

Maori legend says that when the giant Matau was burnt to death in his sleep as punishment for stealing the chief’s daughter, his burning body scorched a massive hole in the ground and melted the ice and snow of the nearby mountains, creating Lake Wakatipu. In reality, the lake is... more »

Shotover River »

Dazzling blue rapids carve their way between near-vertical cliff faces, while spectacular mountain greenery carefully roots itself on craggy outcrops – the majestic Shotover River is a sight to behold. Just a short drive out of Queenstown, the river feeds through Skipper’s Canyon in some of the most beautiful scenery... more »

Milford Sound »

Stunning Milford Sound needs no introduction – the name conjures images of stunning cliff faces curtained with waterfalls running down sheer cliff faces to meet the deep blue water below. Greenery hangs from the cliffs with precarious precision as mist hangs mysteriously in the air. This is Milford Sound, a... more »

The Remarkables »

The Remarkables are called that for a reason – arguably one of the most beautiful views in New Zealand, the towering mountain range rises some 2000 metres sharply off the south eastern shore of lake Wakatipu, creating a stunning backdrop to the towns that sit at their feet. Queenstown is... more »