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Arguably the best (and definitely the most affordable) way to get a taste for the "real" Cancun is by flagging down a public bus anywhere between the main districts of Zona Hotelera and El Centro. As an added bonus if you're travelling after dark, the buses turn into something of a mobile theatre, with jugglers, musicians, clowns and a diversity of street performers looking to earn a few pesos. Tours of Cancun are almost non-existent, so catching one of the 24-hour buses (which generally show up every five minutes or so) is the easiest way to see the city sights. If you're keen to explore downtown El Centro on foot, the experience can be a little disorienting in the most enjoyable way. Lose yourself in the circular districts known as Super Manzanas and discover the hidden Cancun gems that await. 

Cancun Underwater Museum »

While it may seem like the underwater site of some long ago ancient civilisation once swallowed up by the sea, the cleverly designed and strategically placed sculptures on the seabed floor in the shallow waters off of Cancun make up a most unique museum – the Cancun Underwater Museum. Over... more »

Tulum Ruins »

From its striking cliff top perch, the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and its centuries old ruins form an exquisite panoramic view, one set against the crashing waves of the magnificent Caribbean Sea. It is a setting both peaceful yet dramatic and visitors cannot help but wonder what the script... more »

Dolphinaris Cancun »

Who wouldn’t enjoy spending some quality time with those lovable sea mammals, the dolphin? The exciting water park at Dolphinaris Cancun allows visitors of any age to interact with their well trained dolphins in an up close and personal way. Take a swim with these adorable creatures and stroke their... more »

Beaches of Cancun »

Cancun is world famous for its glorious stretches of soft, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters and the hidden coves and nearby tropical islands only adds to the allure of this magnificent destination. Located on the shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula along the lovely Caribbean Sea, Cancun is a... more »

Chichen Itza »

The ancient city of Chichen Itza, with its grand pyramids and ornate temples and palaces is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. Dating back almost 1,500 years, this once thriving Mayan city on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula was the capital as well as cultural and social centre... more »

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