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A sprawling country in Central America, Mexico is one of the largest nations in the world. Bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, it is no wonder that people from all over the globe are drawn to explore its bright coastlines year after year.

But Mexico is much more than its beautiful beaches and coastal resorts, inland Mexico has much beauty and culture to offer visitors who are willing to explore. Discover ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, visit small villages where time seems to stand still and experience the hustle and bustle of busy cities on your exciting Mexico holidays.

Many Mexico tours offer all-inclusive packages to the country's prime beach areas. Among the most popular are the Riviera Maya and Cabo San Lucas, two distinct holiday destinations located on different sides of the country, but each beautiful in its own right.

If an all-inclusive holiday isn't your preference, don't worry, with the help of a Mexico travel guide and a quick review of some basic Spanish, you will be ready to get off the beaten path and discover where the locals go.

Before searching for flights to Mexico, it is important to decide what part of the country you want to explore. The capital of Mexico is the vast Mexico City, an inland city located about 4 hours from the sea. But don't let its distance discourage you, because the city itself is a wonderful destination.

World-class beaches and World Heritage sites

Founded by the Aztecs in the 1300s and later conquered by the Spanish, the capital is a fascinating historical metropolis that today offers visitors their choice of wonderful museums, theatres, galleries, cafes, markets and restaurants.

Cancun is a popular option and makes a good starting point for exploring the lovely Riviera Maya. In this breathtaking part of the country visitors will be impressed to find some of the most incredible ruins in North America; among them Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza. Cancun is also close to islands such as Isla de Mujeres and Cozumel, both renowned for snorkelling and diving.

Other notable cities in Mexico include traditional Guadalajara, colonial Oaxaca and cultural Mérida. Apart from the ancient ruins you can find in Mexico, visitors will also enjoy the many water-based activities offered on its many coasts, as well as its incredibly diverse and delicious local cuisine, which varies by region but is always fresh and full of flavour.