When to Go to India

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As a huge landmass, India’s climate is very diverse. Generally speaking, the further south you travel in India the more tropical it becomes, while the north, particularly the Himalayas, has a cooler climate. With such varied conditions, there’s truly never a bad time to visit India. For an idea on the best places to visit at certain times of year, read on.  

Winter: January to February

It may come as a surprise, but for much of the country the best time to visit is winter. Never fear though – winter in India is very different to the cold, overcast skies of the UK. Delhi for example enjoys an average temperature of 15°C, while in Kerala it averages around 28°C. While temperatures are mild (particularly around the Golden Triangle region), winter is also one of the busiest seasons to visit so be sure to book ahead.  

Best places to visit in winter:

  • The Golden Triangle
  • Goa and its beaches

Summer: March to May

Come summer and much of India heats up with temperatures averaging around 33°C in places like New Delhi and Jaipur. If you can’t stand the heat, the best places in India to visit during this time are the beaches. If you’re not opposed to warmer temperatures though, summer is a great time to spot wildlife, particularly tigers, in the national parks.

Best places to visit in summer:

  • North India for Holi Festival
  • Ranthambore National Park

Monsoon: June to September

Rainfall is common during the months of June to September, particularly in the south. That said, North India is still great to visit during this time with some places, such as the Ladakh region in the Himalayas, receiving hardly any rain at all. Monsoon season also clears away a lot of India’s dust and smog, so it’s a great time to visit places like Delhi.

Best places to visit in monsoon season:

  • The Himalayas
  • Delhi

Post-Monsoon: October to December

Following the monsoon, much of India enjoys mild temperatures and clear sunny days. As a result, the post-monsoon season is a great time to visit India, particularly Kerala when the surroundings are green and lush, and the sunshines strong.

Best places to visit post-monsoon:

  • Kerala
  • Anywhere in the country for Diwali

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