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While you may be familiar with the beloved cuisine of India, there’s much more to love about this sprawling country than its world-cherished chicken tikka (yes, believe it!). It's also where you'll find peaceful beaches in Goa, colourful and chaotic streets in Delhi, wildlife-watching opportunities in the jungles, serene countryside in the Himalayan Mountains and some of the most decadent buildings you’ll ever see in royal Rajasthan.

And these are just the beginning. For all of India’s wonderfully diverse landscapes, the country is also home to an equally diverse culture which will expose you to a fascinating history and range of traditions. Combined it all together and there’s a sensory magic to India that you just won’t find elsewhere in the world. And then of course, there's the curry.

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As the world’s seventh largest country, and home to the world’s second largest population, India presents a size and scale that can seem intimidating at first. But don’t be put off – we’re here to help. Not only have many of our Experts visited India, but we also offer a range of India Journeys which have been carefully curated by our India Experts and can be tailor made to suit you.

In addition to your Expert being on hand to help, we also enjoy a joint partnership with in-destination travel provider Creative Travel. So when you book one of our Journeys you’ll be welcomed at the airport when you arrive, be driven to your accommodation, and enjoy the service of a private driver and tour manager throughout. And, as with all of our Journeys, you’ll also benefit from our Travel Butler and 24/7 Emergency Assist service, so we’re with you every step of the way.