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Book a flight to France and plunge into a charming world of fine food, historic architecture and that renowned Gallic flair the moment you step off the plane. With so much to see and do this France Travel Guide will help you get started!

For gastronomes, there is no better country than France to savour some of the most delectable cuisine in the world, so be sure to stop regularly in one of the country's thousands of small bistros and cafes for a coffee and a croissant or a glass of wine. Paris is a city of art and culture and some of the most popular Paris attractions are museums and galleries such as the Musee D'Orsay, Musee Rodin, the Centre Pompidou and the Musee Picasso. You can see the famous Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo at the world renowned Louvre Museum.

The best way to get around Paris is on the easy-to-use Metro system, or otherwise simply hire a bike and leisurely cycle around the city at your own pace. Stop underneath the Eiffel Tower for a baguette on the beautiful lawn, or go all the way to the top for a magnificent view of the city. Consider heading out of the city on a day trip – there are many Paris tours that will take you out to nearby Versailles, the sumptuous must-see symbol of old French royalty.

Beauty lies beyond "la magnifique capitale"

But France is not all about Paris and there are many large cities worth visiting. These include Lyon, a modern city with a rich history; Marseille, the heart of Provence in the south; Toulouse, called 'the pink city' for its unique brick architecture and Bordeaux, which is synonymous with wine.

Take a train or hire a car to fully appreciate the breadth of France's stunning landscape. From skiing in the Alps, surfing at Biarritz, sunbathing in the seaside resorts along the French Riviera or exploring the mountainous Pyrenees. Stop at a quaint village square and watch the locals enjoy a game of petanque – a uniquely local sport which most resembles a form of bowls.

Mont Saint Michel is the second most-visited sight in France and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located on an island near Lower Normandy it's the home of a well-preserved monastery and a medieval town. History aficionados will be delighted to take a tour of the nearby D-Day landing beaches. Whatever you decide to do on one of your France holidays, you will invariably be impressed by the glamour and friendly hospitality of the French.

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