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Things to do in Vancouver

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Vancouver Parks »

Vancouver is a city that cherishes the outdoors. With all of the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that the city itself would also enjoy some of the most beautiful natural settings in the country. From attractive urban gardens and landscapes to inviting coastal beaches and lakefront... more »

Vancouver Maritime Museum »

Vancouver and the province of British Columbia have a rich maritime history that spans centuries. The Vancouver Maritime Museum features a collection of over 15,000 objects and artefacts with exhibits and informational programs detailing the fascinating maritime past of the arctic and Pacific Northwest region. The museum is located on... more »

Lynn Canyon Park »

Inviting walking trails wind their way through dense forest in this gorgeous natural setting in North Vancouver. Walk among tall pine trees, along crystal clear streams and over bridges, including an impressive suspension bridge situated over a pristine valley of water and bushland. Today this popular destination covers over 617... more »

Canadian Rockies »

The beautiful Canadian Rockies are situated about 500 miles east of Vancouver and while the city isn’t particularly close, it is an excellent place from where to begin your epic journey through one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges. These mountains lay within the protected national park areas of... more »

Granville Island »

Granville Island is an inviting entertainment and leisure district which is located just across the False River from Downtown Vancouver. In the 1970’s the island was redeveloped and now includes vibrant markets, a picturesque marina as well as boutique hotels, cafes and restaurants. Street performers and music concerts are a... more »