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Mossman Gorge »

Just a short drive from the small town of Mossman lays a picturesque oasis of lush rainforest and trickling streams; one with a 1.5 mile hiking track filled with scenic outlooks and a small but stunning gorge where visitors can be found taking a refreshing swim in the clear, cool... more »

Jungle Surfing »

Have you ever dreamed of being a bird, flying through the rainforest with a sky-high view of incredible scenery for as far as the eye can see? Well if flying above the trees is something that tickles your fancy then consider a jungle surfing excursion through the Daintree Rainforest. There’s... more »

The Rainforest Habitat »

Get to know the unique indigenous flora and fauna of Australia in the lush tropical North Queensland locale of Wildlife Habitat. Formerly known as Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas boasts two hectares of natural environment to provide an interactive experience for visitors in a stunning and... more »

Great Barrier Reef Day Trips »

With crystal-clear waters and colourful tropical marine life, Queensland's Great Barrier Reef is a dream destination. The burgeoning resort town of Port Douglas in tropical North Queensland is ideally positioned on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef for day trips to explore the pristine underwater wonderland of this UNESCO... more »

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary »

Dazzle your retinas with the sight of more than 1,500 multicoloured tropical butterflies in Australia's largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit. Located around 42 miles south of Port Douglas and 30 minutes'drive north of Cairns, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary has been delighting visitors with special encounters with the delicate and multi-hued... more »

Daintree Rainforest »

Home of the world's oldest rainforest, tropical North Queensland's Daintree National Park is a living remnant of prehistoric times with rare flora and fauna found nowhere else on the planet. The stunningly beautiful coastal lowland rainforest covers an area of around 22,000 acres and is situated in the Wet Tropics... more »

Four Mile Beach »

The main beach of Port Douglas is a perfectly soft, sandy stretch spanning from the northern headland and gently curving around for uninterrupted views into the horizon with accommodation and housing neatly hidden behind swaying palm trees. Just a five-minute walk from the main area of Port Douglas, Four Mile... more »