Travel to Mornington Peninsula

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Make your way from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula

Not only is the Mornington Peninsula a favourite weekend retreat for those who call Victoria home, it's also an easy addition to your holidays in Melbourne. After you've scored some cheap flights to Melbourne and spent some time getting to know the cultural capital, you can be enjoying the farmland goodness of the peninsula within the hour. As for making your way to the Victorian capital in the first place, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar have you covered.

See more of Mornington with a tour

If time is of the essence, a guided tour can be the perfect addition, transforming your holiday from uneventful to unforgettable. Let the locals lead the way to foodies' favourite haunts, heritage sites and well into the great outdoors. Tours aren't just restricted to the bitumen either – why not go a different way by horseback, kayak, boat or bicycle?

Coastal cruising on the open road

Make your holiday your own by booking a hire car and leave the train timetables back at the station. Having your own set of wheels means you can take your time and truly get to know the charismatic collection of villages that make up the Mornington Peninsula.