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The South Bank Parklands encompasses the best of Brisbane’s culinary, cultural and community life pairing natural beauty with a wide variety of entertainment options, with a sprinkle of good shopping and great food on the side. It is an ideal weekend destination that allows visitors and locals alike to celebrate modern Brisbane life and culture.

Some 440 curling steel columns covered in vibrant pink bougainvillea guide visitors one kilometer along the southern bank of the Brisbane River, passing by beautiful open spaces, rainforests, swimming pools, playgrounds, beaches and all manner of dining options. The Wheel of Brisbane heralds the start of the parklands, a 42-gondola Ferris wheel that offers riders stunning panoramic views across the City and South Bank. Manmade Streets Beach, complete with sandy shores, palm trees and lifeguards, is a highlight of any visit to the parkland, while nearby.

Food appreciation knows no bounds at South Bank – the Parklands and nearby streets offer plenty of alfresco dining options, allowing diners to appreciate the clear air and beautiful climate while tasting some of the most exquisite food on offer in the city. River Quay is the newest hotspot on Brisbane’s culinary scene, home to restaurants staffed by some of the best chefs in the country, while the cobbled laneway of Stanley Street Plaza is home to plenty of casual cafes and traditional Aussie burger joints. The parklands themselves offer plenty of hideaways to picnic in – there’s nothing more quintessentially ‘Brisbane’ than lying back in the late afternoon sun, munching on some local food and glimpsing views of the city skyline across the river.

The Parklands are home to plenty of entertainment options, with outdoor movies, food and culture festivals and live art displays being held throughout the year. Little Stanley and Grey Streets offer plenty of opportunity to exercise your credit cards, with local and international brands housed in chic boutiques, while the nearby Cultural Centre has galleries, museums and theatres to perfectly accompany a lazy day in the parklands. Weekends see the Plaza come alive with handmade goods, live entertainers, buskers and artists at the Lifestyle Markets, while young and cutting-edge fashion designers can show off their Brisbane-made wares at the monthly Young Designers Market.

South Bank bus and train stations are within easy walking distance, or river ferry terminals are located right in the centre of the parklands.