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The Best Things to Do in Asia

Think of an experience travel can offer, and chances are you’ll find it in Asia. The sprawling continent is an exotic melting pot of cultures, flavours, history and religions, luring visitors with its world-famous attractions as well as its unknown parts waiting to be discovered. From tiger cities to remote islands, the list of things to do in Asia is a long one. To help you create your dream itinerary, we’ve edited it down to the very best experiences:

Stand in front of Bucket-list buildings

The architecture of Asia is a wonderful way to discover the culture and history of its many countries. Temples in particular are an integral part of Asia with some of the most popular sights to visit including the dazzling Golden Pavilion in Japan and Wat Pho in Bangkok. Other standout buildings also worth seeing in Asia include palaces, castles and mausoleums.

Our top building recommendations:

Venture into the wild

While Asia may be better known for its buzzing and chaotic city streets, it also has an untamed side. Think thick jungles, tropical rainforests and serene national parks. Within these spaces of green some of the highlights include relaxing amongst rice paddies in Bali, venturing into a Jungle Book setting in India and exploring untouched archipelagos in Thailand and the Philippines to see dolphins and sea turtles.

Our top wildlife recommendations:

Taste exotic flavours

Few destinations in the world can compete with the exotic flavours found in Asia. While seafood, rice, noodles and chillies are all common ingredients, Asia’s cuisine varies greatly from country to country. You can learn a lot about the culture and history of a country in Asia by its food, like the French influence in Vietnam cuisine, personified in the banh mi baguettes, or the mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine served on the streets of Penang. To taste the best of a city, we recommend adding a street food tour or local cooking class to your itinerary.

Our top foodie recommendations:

Relax on the Beaches

With tropical islands sprinkled nearby the equator, many countries in Asia make for perfect beach holiday destinations. And with untouched turquoise lagoons in Philippines to surfing beaches in Bali and luxury resorts in Thailand there’s a beach for all seasons and all travel types too.

Our top beach recommendations:

Explore bustling cities

Asia’s cities may vary greatly in terms of infrastructure and culture, but their commonality typically involves crowded streets, colourful markets, and an endless stream of traffic. Crossing the road can be a (thrilling) challenge, but exploring these buzzing metropolises is an absolutely pleasure.

Our top city recommendations:

For more ideas on what to see and do in Asia, check out our Asia holidays or talk to one of our Experts today.