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The Water Baby

You find yourself staring dreamily out of the window at work, wishing that you could swap grey towers for towering corals, reflective car bonnets for shimmering sands and blue skies for blue seas. You are a water baby through and through, so why not escape your desk to Queensland and the Northern Territory. With some of the most spectacular and pristine marine environments on Earth – from the Great Barrier Reef to the humpback whale calving grounds in Hervey Bay – you would be mad not to get down under the waves Down Under. Chat to one of our friendly Travel Consultants to find out how. 

Explore Australia’s Timeless Indigenous Culture

Beaches are boring, so skip the crowds and the queues of Australia’s sandy tourist hotspots and explore Australia’s Northern Territory. Marvel at the spectacular scenery of Australia’s Top End national parks and enrich your experience by learning about the Indigenous Dreamtime stories surrounding their formation. Hop aboard the iconic Ghan train then discover one of the Indigenous people’s most sacred sites: Uluru. Chat to one of our friendly Travel Consultants to make your dream trip a reality.

Meet Unique Wildlife

Your holidays are your chance to reconnect with nature, discover some of the most bonkers wildlife on Earth (did you know that wombats have square faeces?!) and unleash your inner Attenborough. Discover dingoes on Fraser Island, watch whales in Hervey Bay and cuddle koalas in Australia Zoo. Get up-close and personal with Australia’s wildlife with the help of one of our friendly Travel Consultants, contact them now.

Find Australia’s Hidden Gems

Satisfy your inner adventurer in Australia. Do you want to get off the beaten track and discover those hidden gems that aren’t on traditional Australian itineraries, find the perfect secluded beach, visit that up-and-coming neighbourhoods with the best coffee or spot that exotic animal? Ask one of our knowledgeable Travel Consultants what their favourite lesser-known Australian destination is and they'll spoil you with choice.