myTime - because it's all about you

At Flight Centre, we want your holiday to be a special one, which is why we have created myTime. An exclusive holiday experience where it's all about you. From the moment you arrive at your resort you'll experience unqiue and additional bonuses that regular guests cannot access. These perks may include a welcome drink on arrival, dedicated check-in and check-out areas, a personal welcome letter from the manager, a gift in your room, mid-stay courtesy call and a myTime point of contact. There are also many other bonuses that vary between each resort such as discounts on the resort restaurants, tour options, internet access and spa pampering services. 

Enjoy some myTime

The myTime resorts that offer these exclusive benefits have been specifically chosen for their incredible customer service and great facilities. They are also located in the world's most popular holiday destinations including Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbean, Australia, Vietnam, Fiji, Hawaii and Vanuatu. With such varied locations, a myTime holiday is perfect for singles, friends, couples and families - anyone who wants to enjoy an extra special holiday at a great value for money price.

myTime exclusive bonuses are available year round for each and every myTime guest staying in selected hotels and resorts. To arrange your myTime holiday, talk to a Flight Centre consultant today.