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When to Go to Mexico

Multiple butterflies in Mexico

Unlike the UK, Mexico has just two seasons: wet and dry. Although the names are pretty self-explanatory, the weather varies considerably, so whichever time you choose to visit, you’ll be sure to find some sunshine somewhere. And then there are Mexico’s legendary festivals and fiestas to consider too. To help you decide when to travel, we’ve broken the year into the seasons below.

Dry Season: October to April

The dry season is generally the best time to visit Mexico, but don’t be fooled – temperatures between December and February can fall below freezing and snow is not unheard of, especially in the higher elevations. The warm, dry weather makes this a great time to hit the beach or go hiking in the rugged interior and from December to March, look out for blue and grey whales which come here from Alaska to breed.

Best places to visit in the dry season

Day of the Dead: on 31st October, head for Oaxaca for three days of processions, dancing and music to honour the spirits of the dead, who return to their families for just one night of the year.

Monarch butterfly migration: from late October to March, watch the whole forest turn orange during the annual migration of the Monarch butterfly in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

Wet Season: May to September

As temperatures hot up, you’ll find the cool breezes along the Mayan Riviera and around Mexico City most welcome. Even during the rainy season, showers only last for an hour or two before clearing up, so it’s still a good time to visit, and there are fewer people about. Do bear in mind however that hurricane season runs from June to November, which generally affects the Caribbean coast.

Best places to visit in the wet season

Whale sharks: in July and August the mighty whale sharks arrive off the coast of Cancun for feeding and mating; watch or swim with them on a boat trip.

Independence Day (El Grito de Independencia): on September 16th, join Mexicans across the country for battle re-enactments, traditional dress, music, fireworks and of course plenty of eating.