Enquire or book your luxury travel with Flight Centre First and Business and you will benefit from our Premium Service Guarantee.

Ask any of our customers and they will tell you one of the reasons they book with us is for the attentive service they receive from our consultants. It is just one of the things that set us apart from other premium travel companies in the UK. ­

Experienced, well travelled and highly trained, we believe our consultants are the best in the business and by offering a Premium Service Guarantee we are ensuring our customer enjoy amazing luxury travel experiences.

Our Premium Service Guarantee states that:

1.We will book you the best available seat on the plane, at no extra charge (excluding airline fees)

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Advise you of the seat configuration for your specific flight
  • Give you the details of the cabin features and benefits for your specific flight (including dining options, available leg room, flat bed specifications, priority boarding details etc.)
  • Ask where in the cabin you would prefer to sit or if you have a preferred seat number
  • Be able to recommend a seat with clear reasons why it is the best seat for you
  • Book your preferred seat as soon after your tickets have been issued as possible (i.e. some airlines only allow seats to be booked three months before departure)
  • Provide you with confirmation that they have booked you the best available seat on the plane, including the seat number. (Note. no seat booking can be guaranteed as the airline can change the reservation even at the last minute.)

Exit and Bulkhead seats are often only available to book at the airport. If we are able to book them before the day of travel there may be a charge for doing so that is levied by the airline directly. Only in these instances we will need to on charge the costs to you.

2.We will always enter your Frequent Flyer details into your flight booking. If you are not a Frequent Flyer member, we will sign you up to your preferred program so that you can start earning points immediately

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Always ask if you are part of a Frequent Flyer program, and if you are we will enter your membership number into your booking details and save the information for future bookings
  • If you are not part of a program already, recommend the best Frequent Flyer program based on your travel preferences
  • Offer to set you up with your chosen airlines Frequent Flyer program

3. We will take care of any special requests you have for your flight or whilst staying at your hotel, including any dietary requirements, special assistance or specific requests for special occasions

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Always ask if you have any meal requests, require a meet and greet or need any special assistance at the airport or during your trip
  • Endeavour to ask if your trip is for a special occasion and whether they can help make a reservation for you at a local restaurant, arrange theatre tickets or assist with booking an experience or tour
  • If the trip is for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, honeymoon etc.), make every effort to contact the hotel and request a welcome gift is provided in your room ready for when your arrive (bottle of wine or champagne, flowers, fruit bowl etc.)
  • Add any assistance requests into the your booking details so the airline, hotel or tour company is aware of all your requirements. We will also hold the details on file for future bookings

4.We will assist with your online check-in

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Advise how far in advance of the flight the online check-in facility is available
  • Provide you with the online website link to the airlines website or ideally the on-line check-in page
  • Talk you through the process and highlight the benefits of checking-in before you arrive at the airport
  • Assist you with the online check-in by providing in depth details on the options offered by the airline you are travelling with
  • Offer to talk you through the online check-in process over the phone
  • Remind you to print out your boarding pass if it is available when checking-in online and the time this will save them when at the airport
  • Remind you that if you are travelling with hold luggage that this will still need to be checked-in when you arrive at the airport

5.We will recommend and book you the best room at your chosen hotel

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Research what room types are available at the hotel you are wishing to stay at and understand the key benefits of one room over another
  • Ask you key questions to ascertain what type of room you would prefer to stay in (garden, inter-connecting, sea or pool view etc.)
  • If necessary contact the hotel to ask if there is a specific room number that would be better suited to your requirements and request that is the room that is reserved for you
  • Advise you, in writing, that they have requested a specific room number for you

6.We will always attempt to contact you with details of flight changes, even if you are overseas

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Always ensure they ask you for the best number and email address to contact you on whilst you are away and record this in your booking details
  • Keep abreast of delays to your travel plans through our own internal communication channels and links to the airlines and hotels directly
  • Always attempt to call and email you with details of any delays and include information on the options you have to change your travel plans
  • Assist you with re-booking of flights or other travel plans if required

7.We will be on hand 24 hours a day whilst you are on your travels to help with any emergencies

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Ensure you are aware that we offer a free 24/7 worldwide emergency assist service and that you have the contact details for the service
  • Ensure all of your emergency contact details are recorded in your booking details so our Out Of Hours Team have the information they need to contact you if your consultant is not available
  • Explain, using past examples if possible, how they will be able to assist you in the case of an emergency by re-booking flights to get you home, or re-arranging accommodation etc.

8. We will welcome you home from your travels and ask for your honest feedback on our service and our products

This means your First and Business consultant will:

  • Contact you within a week of arriving home from your travels
  • Ask for your honest feedback on all elements of your trip (our service, your flights, your accommodation, your tours etc.)
  • Follow up on any issues you may have raised and provide feedback and answers if necessary
  • Provide you with details of how you can escalate a complaint or feedback if you feel it is necessary