At Flight Centre Business Travel, we’re not afraid to offer our services with no contracts because we’re confident in giving our clients the best value possible. This satisfaction, averaging 98% in our independent happiness score, comes down to our expertise in not only recommending competitive options, but our long-term travel recommendations based on reports.

Expert Recommendations

Thousands of pounds are lost each month on businesses booking what appears to be the cheapest ticket online only to be stung with high fees or non-changeable fares when plans do change. At Flight Centre Business Travel, our expert Account Managers know all of the ticketing rules and can save you both money and hours of lost productivity with expert recommendations.

Tailor Made Options

With any travel query, we offer at least 3 tailor-made travel options that include the lowest price, best value and most efficient routing. Our Account Managers can also look at other alternative options, such as switching to airlines where you can use air miles, in order to find you the best travel solution possible.

Monthly Travel Reports

When our team manages all of your business travels, we are also able to provide monthly reports showing you what you have spent, the breakdown of where this money has been spent as well as what has been travelled and invoiced. With these reports we can then make further recommendations and offer travel solutions on how you can save even more on your business travel spend.