As a valued client you will experience the following FCBT Response:

A Dedicated Account Manager

You will be matched to an experienced Account Manager dedicated to all of your business travel needs. The majority of our Account Managers have been with us for five years and have often worked in the travel industry for much longer. With this experience we can solve your most complicated travel requirements. Your dedicated Account Manager will offer bespoke travel options to best suit your company’s needs and budget.

Account Buddy

Each FCBT Account Manager is paired with a buddy to ensure seamless service and account knowledge regardless of holiday or leave, so you are always supported.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

To make your life easier we offer a 24 hour emergency assistance service, ensuring we’re on hand to help whenever and wherever you may need us.

Quick Contact

If you call within our business hours, we will answer within three rings.

Instant Response

At FCBT, we will immediately acknowledge a travel request to ensure you peace of mind that your request is being dealt with.

3 Travel Options in 2 hours

After receiving your enquiry, our Account Managers will send you back an immediate response, followed by three competitive, tailor-made travel options (including accommodation) within the following two hours. We can hold these travel options for you on select airlines as specified, so you can take the time to make an informed decision for your business, without losing out on great prices.

Small Teams - Local Offices

FCBT operates in small teams located around the country to give effective personal service to our valued clients. FCBT is also available through several of our high street Flight Centre shops in the following cities: London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Reading, Windsor, Tunbridge Wells, Gloucester, Leeds and Manchester.

Travel Alerts

As experts in our field, we will also keep you informed when there are disruptions to your travel, along with alerts on global incidents, safety advice, travel restrictions and industrial actions.