At Flight Centre Business Travel, our main focus is developing a strong relationship with our clients. Within our current group of clients, annual travel spend is anywhere between £20k and £1m. For many of these businesses, travel isn’t necessarily a regular occurrence, but it is common.

Their Industries

Our clients come from a wide range of industries including:

• Finance

• Insurance

• Events

• Fashion and modelling

• Construction

• Military contractors

• Software and gaming

• Media

• Retail

• Sporting


Their Happiness


At Flight Centre Business Travel, we value our clients so much that we undertake a monthly independently-operated ES survey to gage their satisfaction with our service and areas we may need to improve. The survey has found that on average our clients are 98 per cent happy with our service.

Their Feedback

“Sometimes we hear about delays and get in touch with Martin, only to find out he’s two steps ahead and booking a new flight. It’s a massive reassurance knowing that someone is always looking after us,” Christine Alford-Smith, Executive Assistant, Westpac Institutional Bank.

"We have a high turnover of travellers on a very frequent basis, so we book through Flight Centre on most working days. And, when Gary or another team member isn’t available, we use the Flight Centre out of hours team. Gary predominantly books flights, accommodation and a few airport transfers. He’s always willing to go that extra mile and will suggest unusual ticketing options to reduce the ticket cost," Jill Harrison, Group Revenue Manager, Cambridge Assessment.

“Often I just send Lisa a quick email, ‘I need a hotel for this person this evening’, and she has it booked. In fact, she’ll often chase me up if we haven’t made a decision, or if she’s found a cheaper rate. It’s very good value for money. Room Solutions was particularly useful when our London offices relocated and they sourced new hotels for us,” Amanda Wild, Office Manager at Start JudgeGill.

“I’ve been working with Flight Centre for about 4 years now and I have to say, they make booking travel a dream! Fred is our main contact and he knows our travel policy as well as I do now, which means he gives me exactly the options we need and looks for cheaper/easier alternatives. Even if Fred’s not there, the rest of the team give us exactly the same service. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with, we don’t book our travel any other way now,” Abi Wilkinson, Tag Packaging.