Travel Visas

The ever-changing nature of travel visas can be time consuming to research and complex to navigate. To help take the hassle and guesswork out of visas, Flight Centre now offers a full suite of visa services.

Whether you are considering applying in person, online or by post, our trained specialists can assist you in obtaining travel visas to over 200 countries and electronic visas like an Australian ETA or US ESTA.


We can also help secure UK passport renewals and other documents, such as letters of invitation, legalisations and document translations.  After all, your passport is your most essential travel document. You will need it when leaving and re-entering the UK, as well as when you enter any other country. You will also need it to order travellers cheques and some countries require you to carry it at all times as identification.

Need a travel visa?
  1. Fast.  CIBTvisas is the fastest and easiest way to get a travel visa.
  2. Easy.  CIBTvisas can help.  Our experts are available by phone or email.
  3. Secure.  CIBTvisas maintains the highest industry standard in data security.

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It is important that your passport is not damaged and has sufficient pages for any required visas and/or entry stamps gained en route. Certain countries require that visitor's passports be valid for a set period beyond their intended length of stay. We suggest that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the final date of intended journey, regardless of your destination.

Our Experts Can Help

Whether you need someone to guide you in finding the right visa for your destination and needs, want a bit of help applying for a new passport, or if you're just looking for some advice, our Travel Experts are here to cater to your every travel need. Speak to them online, in-store or by calling 0207 593 6165 today.