You’re Invited: Dubai Twitter Chat

July 22, 2014 by Elle Croft

Desert, beaches, ultra-modern buildings, camels, traditional souks…

Dubai is a city of fascinating contrasts, where old meets new, beach meets desert and where you can find almost anything you could possibly imagine. Indoor skiing? Check. The world’s tallest building? No problem. A water slide through shark tanks? Yep, they’ve got that too. With so many options available, planning a holiday (or even a stop-over) to Dubai can seem overwhelming. To help you decide what to see and do while you’re there (and how to ensure you are culturally sensitive too!) this month’s Twitter chat is focused on travel to Dubai…

We’ll be talking about the best things to see and do in Dubai, tips for making the most of your time there and we’ll also be asking you to share your favourite memories from Dubai (come armed with photos to share!). If you’re not sure what a Twitter chat is, the concept is simple:

What is a Twitter chat?

We’d love to hang out with all of our followers in person, but as there are over 10,000 of you that could be a little tricky. A Twitter chat allows us to meet up virtually and talk about the one thing that we all love: travel. A Twitter chat works by following a hashtag (ours will be #FCExperts) – so if you search for #FCExperts on Twitter during our chat time, you’ll see all the tweets that include this hashtag, and you can join the conversation.

How do I join?

You’ll need to have a Twitter account to join the chat, and then follow us (@FlightCentre_UK). On July 29th at 4pm, search Twitter for #FCExperts and you’ll see some questions from us which you can go ahead and answer (just remember to add #FCExperts to your tweet so we see your answers). You don’t have to talk to only us – jump into any conversations you like – that’s the fun of a Twitter chat, just like an in-person social event. Just remember to always be polite and respectful so it’s a fun experience for everyone.

What you need to know:

We look forward to chatting with you on Twitter next week on Tuesday…

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