Worst travel photographer of the week – this week’s winner!

July 6, 2012 by Lauren Rayner

As we near the closing date of our World’s Worst Travel Photographer competition (only a few days left to enter – hurry!) the entries are coming in thick and fast.

From a parallel-parked donkey to some over-enthusiastic zorbing, you’ve managed to capture the adventures on your travels with some seriously shoddy snaps.

There were attempts at photographic artistry as Natalie Tonking tried to capture the rustic abandonment of a shipwreck:

Shipwreck art

And those intimate glimpses of local life you can only gather from a pleasant carriage ride, as Amanda Robertson experienced in Mexico:

Mexican carriage ride

We’ve become rather fond of this furry fiend in this photo by Hannah Sharland. He looks like he’s having a rather – spaced-out – time in Zanzibar:

Can I help you?

But there can only be one image to take the prestigious title of ‘Worst travel snap of the week’. The lucky winner, whose successors include the very talented Fran Gourlay and everyone’s favourite Norman Price, will take home a travel photography book from Travel Photographer of the Year and a $50 travel voucher. (So there’ll be no excuses for any further #crapsnaps!)

And the winner is…. Tess Hunt! With her supernatural shot and its mysterious streaks of light that appeared from nowhere to distort an otherwise classic travel shot of the Chrysler building at night:

Aliens in NY

Tess says, “You can probably just about make out that it’s supposed to be The Chrysler Building, which is my favourite building in New York. I don’t even know where the weird lines came from, I wasn’t moving, I wasn’t under a street light and I hadn’t been drinking!”

That can only mean one thing: Aliens. In New York City.

Congratulations Tess! You are the worst travel photographer of the week! Doesn’t it make you proud?

Check out more of this week’s awful entries in our Facebook album.

This is the final worst of the week prize we’ll be awarding but you can still enter to win! Next week our esteemed panel of judges – including TV’s Simon Reeve (stay tuned to this blog for a recap of this afternoon’s Twitter interview with him), iPhoneography expert Kirsten Alana, award-winning travel photographer Anthony Cullen, Travel Photographer of the Year founder Chris Coe and travel writer Max Wooldridge – will deliberate over the entries and select the major winners.

The World’s Worst Travel Photographer 2012, as voted by our judges, will take home a Fuji X-S1 camera from Dixons Travel and a place on a photography course by one of our judges – so your crapsnaps can become a distant memory.

One Highly Commended entrant will be awarded with a £100 Flight Centre travel voucher.

The World’s Worst Mobile Photographer will receive a £200 Flight centre travel voucher and a place on a photography course.

Entries close at midnight on Monday 9 July 2012.

This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way.