Worst travel photo of the week – Announcing this week’s winner

June 22, 2012 by Flight Centre UK

Earlier this week we launched our World’s Worst Travel Photographer contest and asked you to send us your worst travel snaps. Since then, you’ve been inundating us with out-of-focus cityscapes, alarmed-looking animals and unsatisfactory self portraits.

Photo bombing made an appearance – we particularly enjoyed the enthusiastic appearance of Ernesta’s friend in her ‘romantic photo’ on the Baltic Sea.

There's always one...

Ernesta says, ‘This photo was taken in Nida, Lithuania, next to the Baltic Sea and was meant to be a romantic photo next to an endless sea. However we all have a fool friend who ruins pictures!’

We do wonder though if the unromantic result was entirely the fault of the photo bomber? That pose does not look particularly graceful.

One shot that had us scratching our heads was one submitted by Flight Centre’s very own Roz Walsh. Introducing… the amazing hovering man!

Introducing the amazing hovering man!

The subject’s uncanny ability to defy gravity and angelically glide across the Red Sea while on a diving trip in Dahab creates a rather dramatic shot. Potential Travel Photographer of the Year entrant? No? Okay then.

But there can only be one winner this week. We asked you to vote by ‘Favouriting’ your pick on Flickr – and you’ve made your decision.

The worst

Fran Gourlay’s attempt at underwater art is officially the worst of a bad bunch, taking home the prestigious Worst of the Week accolade.

Underwater art

Fran says: ‘On holiday experimenting with the underwater camera, big air bubble coming from my nose. Not the kind of picture I was hoping for … The camera broke shortly after this was taken into the water. Very confused…’

So are we Fran, so are we.

Congratulations – as winner of this week’s worst travel snap, you’ll receive a copy of the Travel Photographer of the Year book (don’t worry, it’s full of pictures that are actually good) and a £50 Flight Centre travel voucher to put towards your next trip. (We suggest reading our judges’ expert tips beforehand this time.)

Next week we’ll choose another winner to take the title – so keep sending in your #crapsnaps and you could win! Our judging panel will be selecting the major prize winner, who’ll take home a Fuji X-S1 camera from Dixon’s and a photography course.

Enter now!

This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way.