Winner of the G Adventures Blogging Contest

December 20, 2011 by Jayne Gorman

Last week we announced the runner ups in our G Adventures blogging contest and shared their great travel writing with you. We mentioned previously how many fantastic entries we received, it really was a tough job for the panel to judge. The winners entry stood out because of their creativity as well as evocative writing.

And the winner is…. JENNA HARRISON

Jenna wrote about a previous adventure in India – in tweet form! This is her winning submission:

Touring Jaipur by rickshaw, wow. Never seen such densely pigmented colors

If we still paid for camera film, I would’ve just blown a month’s salary on the royal palace of Jaipur

Misheard a name and ended up at a lavish wedding at Jaipur’s most luxurious hotel. Elephants and camels included

After touring an ornate Mughal fort, the only logical next step is to shop for jewelry.

The henna tattoo that winds up my arm is getting darker, as promised. The artist drew it freehand in under two minutes

Traveling by SUV into Varanasi til the crowds get too thick for driving. It smells like ash even here at the airport

Rooftop yoga overlooking the Ganges with chanting from down below! Worked the kinks out after 14hrs of travel

I read an article on Varanasi called Extreme India. They weren’t kidding. Intense visual overload

Contrast of filth to purity via cremation, a more dramatic transformation here than sanitized hospitals

Holy man caught me from my blind side, smearing red ash in blessing. It cost me several rupees

The north seems so loud, dirty, poor after Kerala. They smile less. And yet I’m completely mesmerized.

Driving is constant game of chicken. Cars, mopeds, rickshaws, bikes, wooden carts and cows all vie to pass each other

Visiting Sarnath, birthplace of Buddhism, where the Buddha gave his first sermon

Yep, just me and the Buddhist monks, hanging out in the security line at Varanasi airport

Our final stop: Dharamsala, a mini Tibet at the base of the Himalayas. So thankful to breathe fresh, clean air again!

The landscape here is so majestic. The stream beds are lined with huge boulders that look otherworldly

The Dalai Lama sponsors an artisan village for Tibetan exiles to preserve Tibetan handicrafts: Norbulingka

It doesn’t feel like India here. We’ve switched from curries to ramen-type meals and salty Tibetan yak butter tea

Each story is so heartbreaking among the Tibetan people here. Watch

Jovial Ven Bagdro, a monk tortured by the Chinese for years, escaped + learned forgiveness from the Dalai Lama. He lights up the room

The Chinese had his mother call to urge him to stop speaking out, and that they gave her a TV. “The Dalai Lama gave me 3 TVs!”

Spent yesterday at the temple and the museum. Amazed by Tibetan resolve and compassion in the face of such hardship

Ok, so I also did some shopping. But preserving Tibetan handicrafts is a form of humanitarian aid, right?

The abundance of red-robed monks tickles me. Three monks in a Jeep; others sipping cappuccino with students, activists, tourists

Imagine an entire country committed to the peaceful principles of the Dalai Lama, Ghandhi, MLK; a free Tibet benefits every one of us

1 security line for ladies to every 3 for men. Why would women travel, anyway? Private room protects our modesty as they scan us with a wand

First things first: a long, hot shower. And I didn’t even need to worry about whether water got into my mouth.

Well done Jenna!

Jenna wins a G Adventures tour of the Golden Triangle in India and will be blogging and tweeting her experience for us here at Flight Centre UK. Watch this space for further details.

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