Planning a dream trip with Flight Centre

September 27, 2013 by Flight Centre UK

Barry and Laura, the bloggers behind Worldy Nomads, booked their dream trip through Flight Centre. Barry has told us all about the experience and tips for anyone planning and booking a similar adventure.

It felt like Christmas again. In my mind I was transported back to my nine year old self, standing in my local toy store with my mother. Christmas was just around the corner and in front of me was quite literally a wall of board games. To my side, my mother was prompting me to choose a game that Santa might bring on Christmas Day. Time stopped as I contemplated the incredible opportunity in front of me, how could I possibly choose from all these options? I wanted them all!

Fast forward 20 years, and the same conundrum was racing through my mind. Only this time I was sitting in a Flight Centre store in Glasgow, carefully studying a map of the world with Keira, one of the consultants there.

“So where do you want to go?” Keira asked the seemingly innocuous question to me.

All of a sudden I was back in that toy store. Laid out in front of me was a mixture of

opportunity and excitement and I could not figure out where I wanted to go. I couldnʼt even choose a continent, never mind a country!

Sensing my travel paralysis, she took a different approach.

“Perhaps I can explain to you some of the multi stop flights we have which may help.”

And so began the first of three meetings as we plotted our route around the world. At the time we were still debating whether to book our flights all at once, thus mapping the journey out in advance, or book flights as we travelled. As we came closer and closer to departure time, we decided to book in advance.

For us it was a simple decision. We were leaving in June for a year and wanted to hit a beach for a couple of weeks just after weʼd gotten married.

Thailand seemed the obvious choice to begin and so the first leg of our journey was put in place. Weʼd be heading to Bangkok first, and then take a bus and ferry to get from Bangkok to Koh Tao.

Our next deadline was to arrive in Chile in mid November to meet some friends who we would travel with through Chile and, eventually, Antarctica. Based on this timeframe, it seemed to make sense to get our flight to Chile booked, as we knew when we needed to get there. After many deliberations with our consultant Keira, we booked from New Zealand as part of the multi stop flight ticket.

We also knew that we had to be back within a year as part of the ticket requirements, and we knew we wanted to visit family in Canada. So the third flight of our multi stop ticket was put in place, Toronto to London.

Delighted with our work so far, we then looked at how best to use the remainder of our miles allocation to get the most out of the multi stop ticket. In the end, we managed to add on further flights from Bali to Australia, internal flights within Australia and a flight from Australia to New Zealand. The major parts of our adventure were set, and the whole process had been enjoyable.

So youʼre probably wondering if should you book a multi stop ticket of organise as you go?

If youʼre like us, and you have certain milestones on your trip that you needed to hit, then it might be worth getting a ticket like ours. We certainly appreciated the peace of mind of having the flights booked, and it also gave our journey a better structure, allowing us to plan the different segments between the main flights with ease. The price was also right for us.

You could spend a long time online trying to work out the best route for you, or you could leave it to the experts to help you out. Despite being seasoned travellers, we enjoyed the discussions on where we could go, and it did a times lead to us visiting places we hadnʼt planned on visiting. After realising we could get a flight from Bali to Australia, we added two weeks in Bali onto our journey, which turned out to be one of the best parts of our adventure as we visited the nearby Gili islands and drank Cat Poo coffee!

Finalising our route, Keira printed out the flight confirmations and I left the store with potentially the most exciting year of my life in my hands.

I felt like that nine year old in the games shop again, excited and buzzing from the anticipation of what was to come.


Barry travels the world with his wife Laura in search of a bowl of soup and a beer. They write, photograph and create beautiful videos of their travels on their website Worldly Nomads. They’re also on Twitter & Facebook!


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