#FCExperts Twitter Chat Roundup

April 21, 2014 by Elle Croft

Last week we invited you to take part in our very first #FCExperts Twitter chat, which was on the topic of Australia. On Tuesday afternoon a number of you joined us online for this chat, and shared your best Australia experiences as well as some helpful tips and ideas.

Twitter Chat

We’ve pulled together the highlights of our chat below so even if you weren’t able to make it, you can still see all the best moments from the hour. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and we look forward to announcing the next #FCExperts Twitter chat soon.

Question one was: ‘What’s the one thing everyone should add to their Aussie itinerary?’

We have to agree with you Mark. Fraser Island is a spectacular destination.

Question two: ‘What was the best thing you saw or did in Australia? Share photos!’

Great photo, Ellie. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Question three: ‘Where is the best beach in Australia?’

And it’s sometimes voted one of the best in the world! This was on our list too…

Question four: ‘Let us know the one tip you’d share with first-time visitors to Australia’

Wise advice, Lisa! Anyone who’s been to Australia will understand this…

And finally, it was time for question five: ‘It’s a long flight to Australia. What are the best ways to survive it?’

For someone who’s never flown that far, your advice is spot on, Benedict! We love adding stopovers to our long trips to break them up.

Thanks again to everyone who could make it last Tuesday. And for anyone who wasn’t able to be there, keep an eye out for announcements about our next #FCExperts Twitter chat!

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