Caribbean Quiz: Tuesday’s Question

October 16, 2012 by Flight Centre UK

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Thanks to everyone who’s entered the Quiz so far! Yesterday we asked, according to our St Lucia holidays page, near which town will you find the famous sulphur springs and botanical gardens of St Lucia?

And you got it in one: the answer is Soufrière.

Soufriere beneath the Pitons of St. Lucia

In St Lucia’s south west, the little town of Soufrière looks up to the magnificent Pitons. Surrounded by banana and coconut plantations, little fishing villages and sporting lush botanical gardens, Soufrière is the perfect spot to admire St Lucia’s beautiful scenery.

The nearby Sulphur Springs are pinned as the Caribbean’s only ‘drive in’ volcano (really you drive up to the volcano, then walk in – but still, you get pretty close to the bubbling caldera and occasionally-spitting geysers. You can bathe in the sulphuric pools and mud baths believed to be good for the skin.

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Caribbean Quiz winner 3

Congrats Iain! We’ll be in touch to get your voucher out to you.

Don’t go yet – we have yet ANOTHER £50 travel voucher to give away, and this time we’re highlighting our brand new Caribbean campaign: Barbados. All you need to do to be in the chance to win £50 towards your travels is answer this question correctly by leaving your answer as a comment on this post:

According to our Barbados holidays page, in Barbados, you can holiday like a what?


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