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The largest country in North America, Canada is a vast nation of virgin landscapes and rich natural beauty, dotted with bustling, multicultural cities. Offering some of the continent's most breathtaking natural parks and wildlife reserves, Canada holidays offer the chance to enjoy nature in countless different ways. From ski trips and ice fishing excursions, to a simple weekend in a peaceful log cabin, Canada has options for every traveller to enjoy.

Many people opt to travel the country on organised Canada tours, as there are many tour operators offering fantastic holidays at competitive prices. Common trips include visits to the famous Niagara Falls and the Niagara on the Lake region, known for its sweet and pricy ice wines and beautiful position along Lake Ontario.

Others head to Quebec where they can visit multicultural Quebec City and gorgeous Montreal, a charming old city where French is the main language and the nightlife is fantastic. Every authoratitive Canada travel guide also makes sure to mention Vancouver, the heart of British Columbia. A modern city located on Canada's west coast, Vancouver is known for its liberal views and incredible natural beauty.

Canada's capital Ottawa shouldn't be overlooked. Although it is overshadowed by other more tourist-oriented cities, it features some excellent monuments such as Parliament Hill, important museums and beautiful architecture. Ottawa is also a common destination for international flights to land, handing you the perfect opportunity to plan a visit to the city. Other flights to Canada generally land in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver.

From cosmopolitan cities to spectacular countryside

Toronto is another of Canada's most interesting cities, not to mention the largest city in the country. Located close to Niagara Falls and the United States border, it makes a great city break or a base for a longer stay. Must-see attractions in Toronto include the Royal Ontario Museum, the enormous CN Tower and the quirky Bata Shoe Museum – one of the world's only museum spaces dedicated exclusively to shoes!

Apart from the fantastic city escapes that Canada offers, the country is unparalleled in natural beauty and nature lovers will rejoice at the many options for outdoor activities. Grab your skis and head to gorgeous Whistler, a mountain area located a short distance from Vancouver.

If you enjoy peace and quiet, head north to Canada's Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. Some of the most remote regions on Earth, you are sure to be able to observe wildlife such as moose, reindeer and bears in their natural habitat.

Whether you prefer visiting its bustling cities or marvelling at its untouched natural beauty, a trip to Canada offers more excitement than you can possibly imagine.